Billions Season 7 Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

Billions Season 7 Episode 4 recap and ending explained

Billions Season 7 Episode 4 Ending, Explained – Welcome to the recap and ending explanation of Showtime’s Billions Season 7 Episode 4, entitled “Hurricane Rosie!” The Showtime drama created by Brian Koppelman, David Levien and Andrew Ross Sorkin delivers high-stakes drama with power struggles and intricate financial and political maneuvering at its core. In this particular episode, we go deep into power plays, manipulation tactics, and nature’s fury as Hurricane Rosie causes havoc in the “Billions‘” universe both literally and symbolically.

Billions Season 7 Episode 4 “Hurricane Rosie” Recap

Hey Billions fans! Have you been as addicted as I am to this show? “Hurricane Rosie” has arrived and has us on edge once again! In this episode, the pieces start moving on the board as tension between Chuck and Mike Prince increases further.

Let’s not dally; let’s dive right in.

Chuck Vs. Mike Prince

This week’s episode shows Chuck and Mike Prince clashing again, which promises to be quite dramatic. Chuck is on a mission to indict Prince, using evidence against him, like Prince’s involvement with an NFT scammer, the son of a Taiwanese mogul. Chuck senses blood in the water and plans on going for the kill!

But wait a second – wasn’t there an investigation into fake Super PACs last week? Well, it looks like we put that on hold to go on an unpredictable rollercoaster ride with Chuck and Prince! Hold onto your seat folks!

Wags Goes Rogue Once again, our favorite finance rebel, Wags, decides to go off-script. He concocts a plan to derail hurricane categorizations, making Prince look like an insurance fraudster in the process – however, this scheme leaves too many fingerprints of Wags’ handprint. Wendy realizes this could lead to his defection and gives him an appropriate punishment;

But Billions Season 7 Episode 4 reveals a different side, showing us what lies beneath these dramatic tales – there’s definitely more going on than meets the eye!


Scooter’s Sacrifice

A subplot that deeply moved me was Scooter’s attempt at conducting the New York Philharmonic under Leonard Bernstein, only for it all to fall through because Mike Prince always comes first for Scooter. Why does Scooter keep giving up his dreams for Mike Prince instead of realizing them himself? I can only feel sorry for Scooter.

Dr. Mayer’s Intentions

Dr. Mayer, Wendy’s new psychiatrist, unloads all her Prince Cap clients to assist Wendy in her fight against Mike Prince – surely that shows her dedication? But is Dr. Mayer too good to be true? My suspicions arise when she starts asking Wendy which MPC people she plans on hurting; surely someone must be reporting back?

Chuck and Prince both Have Round Shapes

Chuck-Prince storylines continue their familiar patterns in this episode: Chuck believes he has Prince cornered, while Prince thinks he has outwitted Chuck; in reality, though, both find themselves right back where they started; Chuck discovers an NFT scammer is aboard one of Prince’s jets heading for Taiwan, forcing Chuck to pull strings to bring it back into U.S. airspace again; Prince agrees to Chuck’s terms, though clearly not without some resistance from within himself.

Wags’ Hurricane Mischief

Now, let’s discuss the hurricane storyline. I love any chance for Wags-ian mischief, and this episode definitely delivers. The MPC crew watches Hurricane Rosie wreak havoc across the American South with devastating effect. Taylor and Philip step in to end Hurricane Betting because Mike Prince holds billions in catastrophe bonds from an insurance company there.

Wags’ clever maneuver of manipulating hurricane ratings to save everyone’s investments is successful – though its optics for Prince are disastrous, who now appears as a “Wall Street scammer” profiting from climate change disasters – creating an embarrassment and public relations nightmare; Wags is now in serious legal straits.

Wendy’s Dilemma in Billions Season 7 Episode 4

As Prince tightens his ranks, Wendy turns to Grosse Pointe Blank screenings for guidance. She knows it won’t be easy – much like in the film – as a “clean kill can quickly turn very messy.” As Wags is also involved, Wendy will need all her skills to survive this ordeal.

“Hurricane Rosie” certainly delivered some deja vu moments for Billions of viewers while at the same time leaving us with plenty of questions and suspense. As Chuck and Prince play their high-stakes game and Wags dances around its edges, Wendy’s chessboard becomes more intricate with each passing episode.


Billions Season 7 Episode 4 Ending Explained

“Hurricane Rosie” finds the characters embroiled in an intricate web of intrigue, personal vendettas, and high-stakes decisions that could impact their futures. The episode centers around two key storylines involving Wags and Kai Huang Liu, which will have profound ramifications both personally and for the series overall.

Wags (real name Michael Wagner), one of the key figures in this episode, plays an integral part in Hurricane Rosie and its potential financial repercussions. Hurricane Rosie’s classification becomes critical; its impact on MPC insurance bonds held by Mike Prince could cause irreparable financial harm if Rosie becomes a Category 5 hurricane.

Wags takes a risky and aggressive step in his attempt to influence Hurricane Rosie’s classification by reaching out to Al Roker, an influential weatherman and television personality known for his extensive weather forecasts and television show appearances. After successfully garnering vital information from Al Roker, Wags employs this knowledge to prevent Rosie from being classified as Category 5, thus saving MPC from significant financial losses.

Wags’ actions carry consequences beyond financial considerations. Mike Prince, an individual running for president, becomes concerned over public perception of Wags’ participation in altering the hurricane classification process and fears it could paint him as a “Wall Street scammer,” harming his political ambitions and placing him and Wags in an uncertain situation. This puts both individuals in an extremely precarious situation.

Wendy plays a pivotal role in resolving this conflict and supporting Wags by intervening to ensure he takes responsibility for his actions and taking full responsibility for them. Prince also benefits greatly from Wendy’s intervention by being assured that things will resolve. Consequently, Wags continues working at MPC, showing his invaluable role as an ally to Wendy and Prince in successfully navigating high finance and politics.

Billions Season 7 Episode 4 features another major plot arc centered around Kai Huang Liu, the son of a Taiwanese millionaire with connections to Mike Prince. Kai is thrust into legal investigations by Chuck Rhoades due to his involvement with NFT and cryptocurrency scams.

Chuck initially plans to arrest Kai for his part in these scams; however, Kai manages to escape capture, prompting Chuck to launch a manhunt in pursuit of him. Chuck recognizes that arresting Kai could have severe repercussions for Mike Prince’s political campaign as Kai’s father is influential in Taiwanese business and politics and could become an invaluable ally.

As the episode progresses, Mike Prince realizes he faces a difficult decision with Kai’s escape: his close ties with Liu Sr. (Kai’s father) could be damaged if he surrenders Kai to police authorities, so Prince must carefully negotiate this delicate situation.

Prince takes an aggressive middle-ground approach to finding a resolution. He contacts Liu Sr. and proposes a compromise: in exchange for handing Kai over to American authorities, Prince would strengthen Taiwan-US relations and offer Liu Sr. trade protections worth billions – both promises were accepted by Liu Sr., who handed Kai over to Chuck and his team.

Mike Prince successfully negotiates the tangled web of politics and business while protecting his key alliances in an otherwise dangerous situation.

Wags’ Sabotage Attempt?

Yes, Wags attempted to derail Mike Prince’s presidential bid with an elaborate scheme involving manipulating hurricane classification; such an action would have caused a significant financial loss for MPC and his campaign. Unfortunately for him, though, his plans almost succeeded, leading directly to Mike Prince being arrested as president-elect.

Wags is motivated by capitalistic greed; she effectively bribes an individual responsible for classifying hurricanes to hide her manipulation, knowing that if this information became public, it could devastate Prince’s campaign. But Prince and his trusted advisors remain unaware of her true intentions, believing it’s simply financial gain for their side.

Wendy quickly recognizes Wags’ actions and intervenes to cover for him. Wendy plays an essential role in protecting him from the fallout of his dangerous endeavors; through this action, she saves Wags and maintains balance within “Billions.”

Stay tuned for our next episode in this thrilling world of Billions; who knows which way the wind may blow?

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