Brandi Peters Murder Case: Where Is Henry Segura Today?

Brandi Peters Murder Case

When Brandi Peters and her three children were found brutally slain in their Saddle Creek Run home, authorities in Tallahassee, Florida, were terrified.

Even the most hardened of police officers were rattled by the crime of unspeakable savagery, as the community struggled to understand why anyone would harm a loving mother and three innocent children.

Where Murder Lies: Monster of Deception,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, examines the horrible murder and demonstrates how an efficient police investigation unravelled a devious conspiracy motivated by hatred.

Let’s get into the circumstances of this case and figure out where the criminal is right now.

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Brandi Peters Photo
Brandi Peters

What Caused Brandi Peters’ Death?

Brandi Peters was a devoted mother of three who cherished her family. Her three children, 6-year-old twins Tamiyah and Taniyah Peters and 3-year-old JaVonte Segura, were the apple of her eye, and she was willing to put their needs and wants ahead of everything else.

Brandi was adored by her community and is still missed today. She was described as someone who was kindhearted, generous, and vibrant.

On November 20, 2010, one of Brandi’s neighbours contacted her, but was alarmed when the mother of three did not answer.

As a result, the neighbour requested a welfare check, and when police arrived, they reported the sight resembled something out of a horror film.

There were blood splatters everywhere, and it appeared as if someone had gone on a rage-fueled murder spree.

From Left – Taniyah Peters, 6 | Tamiyah Peters, 6 | Javante Segura, 3

Taniyah and JaVonte were drowned while Brandi and Tamiyah were shot. The bodies of all three children, however, were discovered in a bathtub, with their mother nearby.

Brandi was hit on the head with a large, blunt object, resulting in a skull fracture, according to an autopsy.

Henry Segura
Henry Segura

Who Killed Brandi Peters And Her Three Children?

Although a study of the murder site revealed that Brandi fought for her life and wrestled with her assailant, there was no trace of forced entrance, implying a personal attack.

Instead, officers quickly discovered Henry Segura, a married man who was having an extramarital connection with the victim, while searching through Brandi’s contacts. Brandi and Henry had a kid together, JaVonte Segura.

He, on the other hand, refused to have anything to do with JaVonte, and despite the fact that he was proven to be his father, Henry had frequent spats with Brandi as she tried to collect child support.

According to the show, Henry had received many letters in the days preceding up to the murder requesting that he be put in the child support system because he owed Brandi about $20,000.

Despite this, when questioned by authorities, he claimed he was elsewhere and not involved in the murder.

Nonetheless, the unpaid child support presented a compelling motive for murder, so the cops decided to put Henry’s alibi to the test.

They obtained Henry’s phone records in the process and discovered that he was present in Brandi’s home at the time of her murder.

Brandi’s blood, on the other hand, was too powerful to allow the extraction of alien DNA from the crime scene, according to the episode. The forensic lab, however, was unable to rule out Henry’s involvement in the murder after analysing the samples collected.

A DNA sample from the bathtub was also obtained, and it turned out to be a partial match to Henry.

As a result, the police confronted Henry a second time, this time equipped with enough evidence to convict him.

He stated this time that he lied about not meeting Brandi on the day of her murder because he was afraid his wife would find out about his romance. Despite this, he maintained his innocence, claiming that he had left the residence before the murders.

As a result, Henry was arrested and charged with murder after confessing to being there at the crime scene, and the police had enough forensic evidence to link him to the slaying.

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Henry Segura
Henry Segura

What Has Happened to Henry Segura?

Henry Segura entered a not guilty plea after being brought before the court. His first trial, in 2017, ended in a stalemate and was declared a mistrial.

Although there were rumours that the quadruple murder was the work of a drug cartel before Henry’s second trial, he was found guilty of four first-degree murder charges.

He was condemned to four life terms without the possibility of release as a result of his actions.

As a result, Henry remains incarcerated at the Hardee Correctional Institution in Hardee County, Florida, despite the fact that he has no possibility of being released.