‘Captain Nova’ (2021) Movie Review and Ending Explained

captain nova 2021 movie review and ending explained

‘Captain Nova’ (2021) Movie Review – Earth has become a parched and barren planet by 2050. Nova, a fighter pilot, is compelled to travel back in time to prevent a catastrophic environmental disaster. Still, an unintended consequence of time travel renders Nova a twelve-year-old, and she crashes lands in 2025 as a twelve-year-old.

Except for Nas, a neglected teen who wants to keep this mystery girl and her little flying robot ADD out of the hands of the secret agency, no one seems to take her and her goal seriously. Will Nova and Nas be able to save the world of the future?

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The film begins with a thrilling tone. Nova (Kika van de Vijver) is on a top-secret assignment, but she and her A.I. ADD get a little off track, crash land, and have no choice but to trust the first youngster they meet Nas. This entire introduction was pretty cool from a sci-fi standpoint.

The time trip is beautifully shot, and Nova is de-aged to her 12-year-old self from 2025 when she emerges. ADD is a serviceable sidekick, offering a few amusing one-liners here and there without being irritating, but never quite reaching the level of endearment.

captain nova 2021 movie review and ending

Captain Nova,’ directed by Maurice Trouwborst (‘Dames 4‘), weaves a sombre mood into his climate-conscious sci-fi film. The film is about a massive man-made tragedy that arises from the fear that characterises the global worry about climate change. Drilling on the north pole has wreaked havoc on the environment, making life on the planet excruciatingly difficult.

At this point, a future citizen travels back in time, vowing to stop the catastrophe that has led civilization astray. Things, however, do not go as planned. You must be eager to figure out the ending, and you can count on us.

‘Captain Nova’ (2021) Movie Plot Synopsis

An ecological disaster in the future has practically wiped out the majority of the world’s living species, including all birds. Humans are housed in dome-shaped shelters. Nova Kester boards a Chrono shuttle at the behest of Simon Valk, an ex-businessman, and sets out on a mission into the past to save the collapse.

Nova’s only companion on the journey is ADD, an intelligent robot who, due to its difficulty in programming, can not appreciate comedy.

Nova and ADD return to 2025 successfully, but Nova misses the drop-zone and crashes in the woods 67 kilometres from their target. Nova is introduced to Nas by Destiny, and despite ADD’s hatred, Nas is willing to assist Nova.

Detective Luchtmeijer and her crew attempt to break the case of the mystery spaceship from their restricted cognitive capacity while Nova and Nas head to see Simon Valk Jr.’s previous self. Nova’s age is reduced to 12 due to a time travel anomaly, and no one notices her. Will they be able to avert the inevitable?

captain nova 2021 movie review

What Would Happen After the Drilling in ‘Captain Nova’ Movie?

The drilling of the North Pole, according to Nova’s estimations, would release a massive amount of Methane into the atmosphere. After the drilling, climate change becomes irreversible, and the temperature continues to rise. The foretold flood occurred 20 years after 2025, in the year 2045.

People are unable to live near the coasts due to the frequency of sea-storms as the weather becomes more variable, resulting in regular floods. Most living animals will eventually perish, while humans will struggle to live with the bleak future terrain.

Nova’s “secret mission” comprises travelling to the past in order to alter the course of events in the future. First, she must meet Simon Valk Jr.’s previous self, who is eager to drill on the north pole in order to prove his worth to his father.

Nova enters Simon’s conference with zeal, but the entrepreneurs treat her as if she were a child because of time travel. Nova connects ADD to the back end of Simon’s automobile, undeterred by the setback. A message from future Simon to previous Simon is contained in ADD, but past Simon dismisses the message as a forgery.

Meanwhile, Nova and Nas arrive at Simon Valk Jr.’s house, stunning a soldier in the process. Luchtmeijer arrives at Simon’s workplace after receiving a call from security, where he discovers the duo implanting a device (well, that’s ADD, but Luchtmeijer is very much in the dark) at the back of Simon’s car, as shown on security camera.

Armed soldiers shoot the bot down as ADD is reading the message, injuring Nova and sending her to the hospital. ADD insists to Nas just before he goes defunct that they must get Nova back on the spaceship. Nas uses the stun gun to save Nova, who is about to embark on a voyage back in time.

Nova agrees to return to the past after some revelations because the fate of humanity is at stake. Nova picks up Nas from the army base this time and travels to the North Pole in person. Nova succeeds to pull Simon on board after stunning everyone on the premises and jamming the drilling machine.

Simon sobs as he apologises for the mistake, and we hope he will stop the project after all. However, as additional future Chrono-shuttles arrive in locations like the Amazon rainforest, Russia, and Africa, we have the impression that the mission will not be complete until they are able to save the sites of human nature pillage.

captain nova 2021 ADD

Is ADD Dead or Alive in the End of the Movie ‘Captain Nova’?

Because it is a bot, ADD is technically neither dead nor living. The small robot, on the other hand, becomes one of the story’s most endearing characters. Luchtmeijer’s helper does some experiments on the bot after the military personnel shoot him down.

Following the experiments, he comes to the conclusion that the bot will be built by humans in the future, as the chip structure is similar to that of current models, albeit more advanced.

When the assistant is distracted, ADD seizes the chance to flee the army commanders and attend Altan’s residence to meet Nas. ADD collapses on the ground after giving Nas the message about rescuing Nova. For the next fifteen minutes or so, we don’t know where he is, but the film’s concluding moments resurrect him.

Altan passes ADD over to Nova as she prepares to return to the future for good. He not only fixed the robot, but he also changed the code, allowing ADD to convey comedy for the first time. We deduce that ADD is alive because he makes a joke about his “steel nerves.”

captain nova 2021 movie explained

Is there a chance that Nova and Nas will End up Together?

Nova and Nas, it appears, end up together. Nova greets her spouse and her little kid upon her return from the first excursion into the past. Nova is disappointed because she was unable to complete the task. Simon, on the other hand, believes the operation was not a complete failure.

Nova recognises right away that the mission is how she will meet her son’s father. With the discovery, we learn that Nova and Nas are destined to be together. Luchtmeijer finally gives Nas his bike and the keys. In a car with her parents, Nas discovers the Nova of his timeline. While some of you may be hoping for a sequel, the film closes with Nas pursuing Nova’s automobile.

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