Life After Lockup: Are Chance Pitt and Tayler George Still Together?

Are Chance Pitt and Tayler George Still Together

Are Chance Pitt and Tayler George Still Together? – In the fourth season of Life After Lockup, the connection between Tayler George and Chance Pitt after Love After Lockup is investigated. Chance, an ex-con who claims to be related to Brad Pitt, and Tayler met while serving time for auto theft and burglary. After seven years, he was free to move in with Tayler and her three young daughters. Chance is now free, but he and Tayler still confront formidable obstacles.

Chance and Tayler have had their fair share of disagreements over the years. Chance has lately requested that Tayler take a paternity test, as he doubts that he is the father of her unborn child. Chance distrusted their relationship due to Tayler’s constant communication with her exes, which raised his doubts. Chance’s admirers lamented in an online forum that he did not appear to trust the woman he had just proposed to. Many viewers of the reality tv series “Life After Lockup” thread on Reddit have advised Tayler to stop her relationship with Chance while she still has the opportunity, while others have cautioned that it may be too late.

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Chance and Tayler's in Life After Lockup

Chance and Tayler’s in “Life After Lockup”

Chance is one of the most polarising characters on the programme. Due to his behaviour, particularly his treatment of Tayler, fans have grown increasingly upset with him this season. Chance desires to make life better for his new family, but his decisions frequently put them in peril. This season, Chance has taken out multiple loans, which has made Tayler anxious. She now worries about their future together because he does not include her in any decision-making. Tayler, nervous about Chance and her pregnancy, thought purchasing a $30,000 truck for the family was excessive. Yet, Chance ignored Tayler’s concerns and opinions. Viewers of Life After Lockup believe Tayler should end her engagement due to multiple red flags, but she may be unable to do so due to her pregnancy.

Intimating that Chance is abusive, “fernandocrustacean” created a Reddit topic about him. Last week, a Reddit member initiated this conversation by stating, “‘You revealed yourself’ sounds close to ‘you made me beat you’.” Someone else on Reddit added that Chance is ready to assert his dominance over Tayler. After her sister Bobbie Lynn George departs for a new state, it is hypothesised that she feels constrained by Chance. In Love After Lockup, since Chance moved into Tayler’s apartment, contact between Bobbie and Tayler has been problematic. Many speculate that Bobbie’s choice to depart was influenced by Tayler’s plan to put her in the garage until she could return to sobriety. Fans of Lockup, who believe that Branwin is horrified by Chazz, have also pondered how, given his known criminal record, Chance could obtain so many loans and afford such extravagant items. Reddit users agreed overwhelmingly that Tayler should quit the relationship before it’s too late.

Are Tayler and Chance From Life After Lockup Still Together?

Chance and Tayler’s relationship may have been doomed, yet they were able to resolve their problems and remain together. Together, they compromised on their disagreements and attempted to fix their communication issues, resulting in a more cordial relationship. Chance would want to keep his private life secret for the time being, but Tayler enjoys publishing images of her family’s excursions on social media.

Evidently, Tayler’s children have accepted Chance as one of their own, and she often updates her admirers on her daily activities. Likewise, Tayler is not hesitant to demonstrate her support for her fiancé in front of others. We are pleased to announce that the couple is still together, and we wish them and their future children all the best.

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