Christina Ann Thompson-Harris Murder Case: Where Is Jason Harris Today?

Christina Ann Thompson-Harris Murder

Christina Ann Thompson-Harris Murder: Where Is Jason Harris Now? – In September 2014, Christina Ann Thompson Harris, 36, passed away. According to officials, Harris made his wife a bowl of cereal and added a fatal quantity of heroin to it. Her sisters persisted in their pursuit of justice. Sisters Katrina Sharon and Patricia Hutchinson of the victim looked into their sister’s death. Before the sisters began their investigation, Davison police did not regard the death as a murder.

The grisly murder is detailed in “Fatal Flaw: Secrets in the Freezer” on Investigation Discovery, which also demonstrates how the items in Christina’s freezer contributed to the case’s resolution. If you’re curious about this case and want to know where Christina is right now, we can help.

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who is Christina Ann Thompson-Harris

How was Christina Ann Thompson-Harris and How Did She Die?

In their home in Davison, Michigan, Christina Ann Thompson, a 36-year-old mother of two, lived with her husband, Jason Harris. Although Christina’s marriage had difficulties, neighbors and loved ones stated that she never gave up and remained a devoted mother to her children. She was also characterized as a down-to-earth and generous person who always had a helping hand to offer and welcomed everyone with a smile.

Christina was adored by both her family and friends, and she is still dearly mourned. When Christina was discovered unconscious in her home on September 29, 2014, her sisters, Katrina Sharon and Patricia Hutchinson, immediately started to worry. When police arrived on the scene, they pronounced her dead and noticed a light-colored fluid around her mouth, which led them to believe foul play had taken place. As a result, Christina’s body was examined right away, and the results revealed that the victim had overdosed on drugs.

Jason had access to both his home and my sister’s body as soon as it left the house, and the officer departed when she did, according to Katrina Sharon.

Christy’s family insisted that authorities examine Christy’s breast milk because it would demonstrate that she was not using drugs. No tests were conducted. Within the first 48 hours, they disregarded information that was right in front of them, according to Katrina Sharon.

In spite of more than six years, the cops accomplished nothing. The sisters again assisted with some of the investigations for the family’s civil lawsuit. The police launched their homicide investigation after characterizing the killing as intentional homicide. The official investigation states that Christina had a significant number of drugs inside her at the time of her death, which proved fatal. Close friends, though, were adamant that Christina was not the kind to take drugs.

Because the police kept stating that they were unsure. Where did he acquire the heroin if he did? As a result, I was sucked into a drug world that I knew nothing about and did not participate in at all“, according to Katrina Sharon.

In search of any scrap of information, the sisters searched for friends and former coworkers of their sister’s spouse. The turning moment came when they discovered their sister’s frozen breast milk. It passed the test and was found to be drug-free.

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Jason Harris, 47, (Christina Ann Thompson-Harris’ Husband) of Davison, was found guilty on Nov. 17 of first-degree premeditated murder,

Who Killed Christina Ann Thompson-Harris and Why?

Due to a lack of leads, the original investigation into Christina’s murder moved somewhat slowly. However, after speaking with the victim’s relatives, detectives discovered that Christina and her husband, Jason Harris, had a tumultuous marriage. Even though Jason swore his innocence and that he had nothing to do with his wife’s murder, suspicions were raised when he was spotted courting a new girl a week after Christina passed away. This information immediately made Jason a person of interest.

On the other hand, the episode depicted how several people who knew Jason came forward and stated that he was in touch with many women, even before the passing of his wife, and was known to flirt with them occasionally. The contents of Christina’s refrigerator helped the authorities rule out the notion that she was using drugs alone, though.

When Christina had a baby, she used to keep frozen breast milk in her refrigerator. The lab discovered that Christina was drug-free up to the day of her murder since the police sent these samples in for testing right away. Approximately at this time, a coworker of Jason’s approached the police and stated that he had given Xanax to Jason Harris in the days preceding the murder. Even more of Jason’s coworkers alleged that he frequently discussed killing his wife and spoke about her in a demeaning manner.

In fact, a few witnesses stated that Jason had broached the subject of poisoning his wife’s cereal bowl in order to kill her. Jason’s sister went to the police at the same time and said that her brother had discussed ways to kill Christina. As a result, after gathering a large amount of circumstantial evidence and witness accounts, investigators managed to apprehend Jason Harris and accuse him of murder.

Where Is Jason Harris Now
Jason Harris was sentenced to a life term of imprisonment without any parole.

What Happened to Jason Harris and Where Is He Now?

Jason Harris maintained his innocence when he was accused and entered a not guilty plea. On November 17, 2021, a jury found Jason Harris, 47, of Davison, guilty of first-degree premeditated murder, soliciting murder, and providing a controlled substance with the intent to cause death. Jason Harris was sentenced to a life term of imprisonment without any parole. Jason is still imprisoned at the Saginaw Correctional Facility in Tittabawassee Township, Michigan, until this day.

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