Steven McQuay Murder Case: Where is William Weston Moon Today?

Steven McQuay Murder

Steven McQuay Murder: Where is William Weston Moon Now? – The person who called 911 and reported seeing a body in the back of a truck gave an odd description of what they saw. Although Steven McQuay’s body was discovered slain, it is still unclear how it got there. “The Murder Tapes: The Body In The Truck on Investigation Discovery tells the tale of Steven’s murder and how a quarrel between two friends ended in tragedy. Let’s investigate what occurred, shall we?

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How Did Steven McQuay Die

Who Steven McQuay and How Did He Die?

In Jonesboro, Arkansas, Steven Alex McQuay was born on June 1963. According to reports, the 56-year-old was a devoted family man and a wonderful father to his kids. Steven appeared to lead a routine life in Jonesboro, spending time with friends and family. Fishing was one of his favourite pastimes before the horrible event. However, a 911 call made in the wee hours of one morning in September 2019 completely altered the situation.

On September 8, 2019, at around 4 AM, the police were notified about a person who was not breathing inside a pickup truck. When the Jonesboro police arrived, they discovered Steven’s badly beaten body. It was obvious he had been in a fight since he had bruises on his arm and had taken blows to the head and abdomen. According to the programme, the postmortem showed that Steven had amphetamine in his system and had a tumour on his liver that had ruptured during the fight.

Who Killed Steven McQuay
William Weston Moon

Who Killed Steven McQuay and Why?

The individual who dialed 911, Dan, was questioned by the authorities. According to the programme, he stated that he and his friend, William Weston Moon, were travelling when they saw a person lying in a ditch by the side of the road. The two then hurried home to dial 911 after loading the body into the back of the pickup vehicle. Dan admitted that he wasn’t carrying a phone at the time, so he couldn’t make the call from the crime scene.

Dan was spoken to by the authorities after William was taken in for questioning and refused to comply. After learning about the peculiar tale, the cops located William at a nearby convenience shop. He stated that Steven was his best buddy, and that he had found Steven in a ditch and driven him to the destination. They soon realised what actually transpired in the period preceding Steven’s death as a result of this.

Dan said he spent the entire afternoon with Steven and William the day before. They had made a stop at a residence in the remote Craighead County, Arkansas, in search of a meth pipe. Following their argument, Dan said that Steven had taken William’s bag and had chased him around with a screwdriver. William thought at the moment that Steven had lost it.

Dan claimed that William punched Steven, knocking him to the ground, and then continued to abuse him. Then William took something from the truck and hit his friend in the head. Following that, William continued to kick Steven in the face and torso, ultimately killing him by rupturing the liver tumour. The woman has also seen this whole incident. She asked them to leave when Dan requested her to dial 911. So, when William and Dan had transported Steven’s body to the other location, they called 911 for help.

Steven McQuay Murder Case

Detectives discovered Steven McQuay was assaulted in the county, the court complaint claims.

According to Justin Rolland, chief deputy for Craighead County, JPD quickly realised that Samantha Avenue wasn’t the only crime site.

According to him, the Jonesboro Police Department quickly recognized from witness accounts and other evidence that the crime may have occurred south of Jonesboro.

The two agencies, according to Rolland, collaborate closely and intend to continue doing so throughout the inquiry.

We’ve always had a good working relationship between the city of Jonesboro and the sheriff’s office, he added. That this was a smooth transition from their initial investigation into our probe doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Where is William Weston Moon Today
William Weston Moon

What Happened to William Weston Moon and Where Is He Now?

According to the programme, William eventually spoke with the police and admitted to attacking Steven. He claimed that Steven had previously followed him. William added that to wake Steven up after passing out, he had given him a methamphetamine injection.

Later, William accepted a plea agreement and admitted guilt to the lesser charge of manslaughter. He was given a ten-year prison term in March 2021 when he was 34 years old. Right now, it appears that William was granted parole in May 2022 and is required to visit the Faulkner County, Arkansas, probation office.

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