How Many Videos Did Conrad Roy III Make? What Was in it?

What Was in Conrad Roy III’s Videos

Conrad Roy III’s Videos – ‘The Girl from Plainville‘ is a series that tells the narrative of Conrad Roy III’s death and the events that led up to it. The Hulu miniseries explores the story across different timeframes, focusing on Conrad and Michelle Carter’s relationship as well as the court processes brought against the latter for her role in the former’s death.

When Conrad records short monologues on his computer, it’s one of the rare times we get to see him genuinely be himself. The adolescent expresses candid ideas on his anxiety difficulties and how he is actually better off than many others. A scene in episode 6 where Lynn, Conrad’s mother, examines the films after her son’s death is particularly moving.

Here’s everything you need to know about Conrad Roy III’s real-life videos if you want to learn more about the story.

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What Did Conrad Roy’s Videos Contain?

Conrad is repeatedly shown making movies of himself, as though keeping a video journal. He expresses a range of conflicting feelings and thoughts in each of them, providing spectators with a glimpse into his inner anguish. Conrad Roy III filmed additional sad recordings of himself in real life. He made these just a few weeks before he died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Conrad was discovered in his pickup in a KMart parking lot in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, on July 13, 2014. The tapes were also revealed during Michelle Carter’s 2017 trial after they were discovered on his computer after his death.

Conrad talks about his struggles with poor mental health in one of the videos, and how he is trying but failing to do things that will help him get better. “What I am doing is looking at myself so adversely,” he says, introspectively and critically of himself. That’s no good, looking at myself as a microscopic, tiny particle on the face of the earth.” “It’s no good, rubbish, never be successful,” Conrad remarks, ostensibly about himself. Never marry, never have children, and never learn.”

Throughout the films, Conrad maintains a rather neutral expression as he peers into his computer’s camera. His words, on the other hand, convey a sense of anguish and mental struggle. “I’ve built a monster out of myself the past few years because of my sadness, racing thoughts, suicidal thoughts,” he says clearly at one point.

How Many Videos Did Conrad Roy Make

Conrad Roy III Made How Many Videos?

Conrad’s computer appears to have two self-recorded videos on it, which were discovered after his death. The first one lasted around two minutes. The second one was slightly longer, clocking in at about six minutes. The Hulu series appears to take a lot of inspiration from the second video, notably in the material Lynn sees in episode 6. Conrad discusses how he is better off than many others on his recording on the show.

In actuality, Conrad says in the second recording, “I have a lot going for me.” Conrad Roy’s tapes are a brief yet enlightening and heartbreaking reminder of his mental conflict. They detail the difficulties he had as a result of his anxiety and despair, as well as how he was able to objectively understand how his negative beliefs about himself exacerbated the situation. In the end, the fact that the tapes were discovered after his death only adds to the tragedy.

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