Couples Therapy Season 3: Where Are the Star Cast Now? Who Are Still Together?

Couples Therapy Season 3 Where Are They Now

Couples Therapy Season 3: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together? Let’s find out. “Couples Therapy” is a documentary series that follows four couples as they seek therapy from psychoanalyst Dr. Orna Guralnik to work through their problems. Executive producers Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg are partnering on an unscripted series that will profile real couples from New York City and its surrounding areas, following their previous success with the award-winning documentary “Weiner.”

As viewers follow the couples’ development with Dr. Guralnik through each episode, the show aims to convey the individuals and the therapy process with empathy rather than sensationalism.┬áSo now that we know how it emphasizes the need for communication and trust in every relationship. Let’s have a look at how the four couples from season 3 are doing today, are they still together, let’s check out.

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Where Are Molly and Josh Now

What Has Happened to Molly and Josh?

Molly and Josh had been together for 19 years and had encountered just about every problem imaginable, including a loss of spark, adultery (on both sides), and bitterness. However, despite their glaring differences, such as her desire to talk things out and his yearning for the long-standing issues to be forgotten for good, they always decided to stand by one another. Despite other doubts, this component of togetherness did not waver during their counseling, which is why they were able to work through their challenges separately and as a pair.

Molly and Josh had a lot of ups and downs, tears, conflicts, and inconsistent behaviors, but they managed to make it work. “This is our narrative,” says the narrator. So, what am I going to say? “I love our tale,” he said at one point, adding that he would never change anything about them. As a result, we’re pleased to inform you that the New York residents appear to have maintained their progress in order to sustain their romance for as long as possible.

Where Are Ping and Will Now

What Has Happened to Ping and Will?

Ping and Will committed to an open relationship when they first started dating. However, both parties’ boundaries were breached, and the now-married pair ended up on the third season of Showtime’s docudrama Couples Therapy. It doesn’t seem likely when Ping and Will begin their sessions in Couples Therapy Season 3, Episode 1. Will tries to explain how he feels about things to Ping at one point, and Ping says that all she heard was a lot of complaining.

Will and Ping want to keep their relationship open. Will, on the other hand, Ping believes, applies standards to her that he is unwilling to apply to himself. Will, for example, doesn’t want her to do certain things with other men she’s seeing, such as snuggling or going on walks with them, but he’s fine with him not talking with Ping when he’s out seeing someone.

Ping is eager to learn that she is Will’s number one priority. Will believes he tried to communicate this to Ping, but he was never convinced. Will feels like he’s always trying to come up with new methods to keep Ping happy, but he never succeeds. That’s when Ping observes that Will appears to be whining. Ping’s reaction, according to Dr. Guralnik, is concerning. She needs to know that both Ping and Will are concerned about each other; else, the sessions will be a waste of time.

As a result, by the end of the episode, Ping and Will had reached an agreement for the first and last time in months: their marriage couldn’t be restored, implying that they were no longer together.

Where Are Cyn and Yaya Now

What Has Happened to Cyn and Yaya?

After 18 years, time had taken its toll on Cyn and Yaya’s relationship, resulting in a loss of spark and attraction between them, particularly on the former’s side. “I’m not attracted to you right now,” Cyn told her wife at one point, before it was revealed that she’d started seeing her as a mother figure due to her nice demeanour. Yet, despite her past sexual trauma and their numerous disputes, she and Yaya stayed committed to one another.

As they entered counseling, Cyn and Yaya were questioning their decision to live a monogamous life, but as time passed, they were able to rekindle their relationship. The key is having open dialogues, fighting for their relationship, being empathic, and offering trust without judgment. As a result, yes, the loved-up pair is still together and pursuing their recovery process in New York, as far as we can tell.

Where Are India and Dale Now

What Has Happened to India and Dale?

India and Dale appeared to be an ideal pair on the surface, given that they’d been together for eight years and had an 11-month-old child, but they had issues as well. Their inability to spend meaningful time together after the birth of their child, as well as her outbursts of rage and insecurity, were all factors in their decision to seek counseling. They were both mentally and physically exhausted, but they were determined to get through it.

We were fighting,” Dale recounted during a session, “and India told me, ‘That’s why I didn’t want to have a baby with you,'” harsh comments to put an end to any argument. However, with that stated, they both progressively learnt to control their tongues while still expressing their true feelings, resulting in the rapid growth they maintained. In other words, it appears that the clearly in-love couple is still happily married, with their attention currently concentrated on establishing a secure home for their family in New York.

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