Do Revenge Ending Explained: Why Does Eleanor Decide To Help Drea?

Do Revenge ending explained

Do Revenge Ending Explained – Do Revenge,” an adolescent drama on Netflix, tells the tale of two girls who wish to exact revenge on those who have wronged them. A straightforward tale about the good folks wanting to make the evil ones pay for their transgressions quickly becomes a more complicated situation. The distinction between the story’s heroes and villains becomes hazier as earlier behaviours come to light. To examine other people’s acts, perspective becomes crucial, and the protagonists ultimately have to decide. They either hold on to their retaliation, or they let it go. Here is what the “Do Revenge” characters’ ending signifies.

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Do Revenge Plot Synopsis

Why Does Drea’s Attempt To Destroy Max Backfire?

Drea and Eleanor devise a scheme to expose Carissa and Max all at once. The soup that will be served at the Senior Ring Ceremony is spiked with some of the mushrooms and marijuana plants that Carissa is growing in her green room. Except for Drea and Eleanor, this drives everyone insane. As a result, the girls have the chance to grab Max’s phone and look up all the women he is having extramarital affairs with.

Drea anonymously informs the headmistress (Sarah Michelle Gellar) about the greenhouse while Eleanor (Maya Hawke) breaks into the phone. Obviously, Carissa is kicked out as a result. Later, Eleanor releases the information that Max has been cheating on Tara with every other female in the school while advertising the Valentine’s Self-Love Palooza. His feminist reputation is destroyed, and Drea’s retaliation is successful.

But hold on! To convince others that Max isn’t really cheating on her, Tara devises a strategy. It appears their partnership is not monogamous in ethical terms, which is another way of saying that people have multiple sexual orientations. They begin to blame the students for their overly aggressive responses, claiming that antiquated notions of heteronormative relationships control them.

They even go so far as to advise people not to limit themselves to just one partner because America is a free nation and to instead go out with everyone who will consent to have sex with them. Because of this, the story eventually shifts from “Max is a cheating piece of trash” to “Max is in an open relationship, so everyone has a chance of becoming intimate with him.” Drea’s situation is further complicated by the fact that Yale also rejects her application.

How do Drea and Eleanor Get Revenge on Max

How Does Drea Learn that Eleanor is Seeking Retribution Against Her?

Eleanor devises a countermeasure to target not just Max but all of them. Drea concurs because, especially after mucking up her Yale application, she believes that everyone should bear the costs of their actions. Yes, she believes that Max and his crew delivered the magazine to Yale that detailed Drea’s assault on him. Anyway, returning to the storyline, Drea informs Eleanor that there is an event called the Admissions Party every year. Students enter there without any cell phones because it’s “a night of pure debauchery.”

This means that whatever happens at the admissions party stays there. A student can only enrol if they have received an acceptance letter from an Ivy League school. Eleanor is lucky because it seems that she has two. Therefore, she must enter, reveal what is happening, and bring out Max. Then, Drea will force Max to confess to leaking her obscene film.

But things proceed pretty differently. Drea forgets to remind Max and the others to throw Eleanor a large birthday celebration. Drea, who is irrationally furious, attends Eleanor’s party and confronts her about mixing with Max and his crew. Eleanor claims that since Drea didn’t even remember her birthday, she is now on Max’s side and believes that the only reason Drea is friends with her is because she is helpful. They part ways. Drea learns that her car isn’t working later that evening. Just like last, it stopped operating; the mechanic claims someone must have removed her spark plug.

She visits Carissa based on a hunch. She reminds Drea that when Eleanor came out to her when they were both thirteen, she was the one who started the notion that Eleanor (then known as Nora) was a predator. She then adopted a new name, met Drea at a tennis camp, stole her car’s spark plug to drive her there, and then started ruining Drea again.

Why Does Eleanor Decide To Help Drea At The Last Moment

‘Do Revenge’ Ending Explained: Why Does Eleanor Decide To Help Drea?

Eleanor reveals that she wanted to abandon her plan to remind Drea that she was the one who caused all of the hardships she had to endure. She claims that for a brief period of time, she believed Drea had changed and no longer wanted to injure her. However, Drea discovered that she was still the same old Drea Torres when she broke into her birthday celebration. Eleanor actually visits Drea to explain everything and what would happen after she gets home.

She claims that due to Drea’s small rumour, she essentially experienced a severe depressive episode. The worst aspect of it all is that Drea doesn’t even recall harming Eleanor to this extent. Eleanor gives her the directive to attend the Admissions Party and have everyone do the wildest things imaginable to guarantee that Drea will live with her anguish forever. Eleanor will then leak the video using an IP that can be linked to Drea’s computer, which will bring down the entire school.

At first, Drea baulks at doing it. Eleanor threatens her by claiming that if she doesn’t stop, she’ll accuse her mother of using drugs and destroy her job. Additionally, she claims that she notified Drea’s current boyfriend Russ (Rish Shah), about what she did to Carissa. Eleanor totals Drea’s car and transports her to the hospital when she rushes to tell Russ the truth. Russ admits that Eleanor didn’t provide him with any information regarding Carissa.

This indicates that Eleanor made up the information for Drea to come forward on her own. She acts in this manner. Eleanor appears to inform Drea that the accident she caused has a purpose after Russ has left, clearly disappointed by the realization that she is a devil. She is aware that Tara and the others will invite her to the Admissions Party out of consideration for her injury, which is, I think, easier than fabricating an Ivy League college admittance letter. Eleanor was right; that is exactly what occurs, and Drea joins the celebration.

Eleanor attaches a brooch with a secret camera to Drea’s clothing at the party to film everything that happens there. Eleanor persuades Drea to use cocaine when Max and his pals start doing it, even though she doesn’t want to. However, Drea flips the script by bringing up her Nosy Nora days and the fact that she is in love with Max’s sister, Gabbi (Talia Ryder). Eleanor appears to take notice because she leaves the room.

Drea pursues her and retracts her statement. She also acknowledges that she believes Eleanor is her sole friend and doesn’t want to get even with her. And she would have undone what she did to Eleanor if she could return in time. After hearing everything, Max admits to having accessed Drea’s and Eleanor’s phones (that they had submitted before entering the party). Therefore, he is aware that they are working together and aims to ruin both of their futures.

Then Max makes the error of reminding Drea of her entire past while also telling Eleanor about it to justify why he leaked the video. According to Max, he did it because Drea never expressed gratitude for him granting her access to everything that assisted her ascent up the social ladder at school. However, the justification doesn’t really matter at this point because Eleanor reveals that she had a concealed camera on her dress the entire time and that she had captured Max’s confession after he departed the scene.

After exchanging hugs, they watch the footage of Max confessing that he was responsible for the video leak. Everyone at the party begins to boo him one by one. He exits the building, kneels, and essentially admits defeat. Eleanor and Drea then go out for drinks together on a beach. The headmaster informs Drea that Yale has a spot available due to Max’s application being turned down. Drea claims she no longer wants to go there since she has changed and doesn’t recognize herself there.

Drea and Eleanor simulate driving into the sunset before the titles roll. While Eleanor reunites with Gabbi during the credits, Drea reunites with Russ. Max is next seen attending a group therapy session called “Masculinity Examined: How to Untangle the Toxic Roots of Patriarchy.” Now, if you were considering learning anything from “Do Revenge,” I beg you not to. In this movie, which asserts that “teenage girls are psychopaths,” adult actors play teenagers solely to sexualize them grossly.

Enjoy the squabbling and the performances by the outstanding cast, and then criticize it for sexualizing teenagers—I say this at the risk of repeating myself. Nobody expects teenage dramas to be realistic. However, no one is requesting that filmmakers create a world in which 17-year-olds behave recklessly as well. So let’s end it right away and go back to discussing patriarchy, femininity, and 90s movie stereotypes from an adult perspective.

The 2022 drama comedy “Do Revenge” was directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson.

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