Comedy Movie ‘Emergency’ (2022) Ending Explained

Comedy Movie 'Emergency' (2022) Ending Explained

Emergency (2022) Ending Explained – The Sundance Award-winning film “Emergency,” about three friends attempting to get an overdosed young woman to the hospital, never goes as planned. It begins as a politically charged campus buddy photo. Then it transforms into a real-world comedic thriller in the vein of “After Hours” or “Something Wild,” about decent but hapless people attempting to get out of a bad situation that keeps getting worse.

There are suggestions that it could end up becoming a straight-up horror or crime thriller. The further it goes into its series of events, the more its fascination with friendship comes to the forefront.

Carey Williams directs “Emergency,” which is based on a screenplay by K.D. Dávila, with whom he previously collaborated on a short movie of the same name. The short focused on the incident that drives the feature: at a Northeastern college, talented biology student Kunie (Donald Elise Watkins), his troublemaking companion Sean (RJ Cyler), both Black, and their sincere goofball roommate Carlos (Sebastian Chacon), a Latino, finds a beautiful white female teenager (Maddie Nichols’ Emma) passed out on the floor of the little house they share near campus.

Sean, Kunle, and Carlos are thrown into a tizzy of emotions after discovering an unconscious girl in their home one night. Fearing that they will be blamed for the girl’s injuries, the trio tries to get her to safety. However, a series of mishaps leads them down a disastrous path. Viewers will undoubtedly be interested to discover the trio’s destiny and whether or not they succeed in their noble yet hilarious quest.

If that’s the case, here’s everything you need to know about the ‘Emergency’ movie ending.

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Comedy Movie 'Emergency' (2022) synopsis

‘Emergency’ 2022 Movie Plot Synopsis

Sean and Kunle, two polar different African-American college students, are the protagonists of ‘Emergency.’ Sean is street smart and irresponsible, whereas Kunle is academically gifted and lovely. Prior to their approaching graduations, the couple is planning an incredible night of partying. Kunle forgets to lock his specimen in the fridge after concluding his thesis research.

As a result, the bacteria are at risk of dying, potentially jeopardising Kunle’s argument. Sean, on the other hand, is looking forward to visiting seven frat parties with Kunle in one night, making them the first black guys on campus to complete the “famous run.”

The trio chooses to stop by Kunle’s lab before proceeding to the festivities after considerable consideration. When they get to their residence, they discover that Carlos, their roommate, has failed to lock the door. Kunle and Sean search the house for their things, fearing they’ve been robbed.

They do, however, discover an unconscious little girl on their living room floor. Meanwhile, Carlos has been engrossed in video games, completely oblivious to the girl’s presence. The three lads eventually assemble around the unconscious female to consider their options.

Kunle suggests calling 911 for assistance, but Sean quickly dismisses the notion, claiming that the image of black guys reporting a white female will lead to police suspicion. Kunle decides not to inform the authorities after some thought.

The three of them decide to take the girl to the hospital. Meanwhile, Maddie, a college student attending a nearby frat party, discovers that her sister, Emma, has gone missing. Maddie and her friends Alice and Rafael use a smartphone app to look for Emma, who is with Sean, Kunle, and Carlos.

Maddie fears her sister is in danger after narrowly missing the trio’s car and calls 911. Meanwhile, the group inadvertently makes Emma even more inebriated, compounding their problems. With the cops and Maddie on their tail and limited options, the three mull over the best course of action, which leads to a fight. The plot revolves around how the buddies deal with the increasingly complicated and humorous scenario.

Emergency Ending Explained

Are Kunle and Carlos Arrested at the End of the ‘Emergency’ Movie?

Emma begins to sober up as the night progresses. Emma, on the other hand, attacks and flees into the woods when she finds herself with strange males. Just as Maddie, Alice, and Rafael arrive, Sean, Carlos, and Kunle discover her unconscious in the woods. Until Rafael discloses that he and Carlos are connected, the situation devolves into anarchy.

Emma is unconscious, and her heart has ceased pumping after the two groups have calmed down. So Sean wants to leave Maddie and her sister abandoned, and Kunle and Carlos quarrel with him. Sean goes to a party, while Kunle and Carlos drive Emma, Maddie, Alice, and Rafael to the hospital.

Kunle frantically attempts CPR on Emma in the hopes of resuscitating the unconscious teen. The police, on the other hand, track down the group and detain Kunle and Carlos. Maddie and Alice straighten out the misunderstanding after Emma is taken to the hospital, and Kunle and Carlos are freed with a warning.

The experience of cops putting a pistol at Kunle’s face, on the other hand, was traumatic for the young man. Despite this, Kunle is concerned about Emma’s health and inquires about her condition. Kunle returns to his lab after the police convince him that Emma will live.

Emma and Maddie visit Kunle’s residence a few days later to thank him and Carlos for their assistance. The girls also express regret for raising a ruckus. While Kunle accepts Emma’s apology, he closes Maddie’s door. Maddie had previously made snap judgments, assuming Kunle was abusing her sister only because of his racial origin.

Maddie’s actions reflect the broader public’s opinion of black men and their link to criminality. Nonetheless, Kunle returns to his normal life, but his encounter with the cops haunts him, and the sound of police sirens makes him nervous.

Do Kunle and Sean Reunite

Is it possible for Kunle and Sean to reunite at the End of ‘Emergency’ Movie?

From the outset, Kunle and Sean have had differences in how to deal with Emma. The two best friends have starkly opposed personalities and worldviews. As a result, in their efforts to avoid stepping on each other’s sentiments, they overlook various factors that contribute to repressed emotions. Finally, the two men have a disagreement regarding their worldviews and part ways.

While it appears like Kunle’s decision to assist Emma is the morally acceptable one, his ordeal with the cops reveals that Sean was correct all along. As a result, the situation’s complexity creates a strong sense of urgency, prompting the buddies to get together.

Finally, Kunle and Carlos arrive at Kunle’s lab to discover Sean asleep near the refrigerator. Sean decided to assist his pal after spending some time at the party. As a result, he ensures Kunle’s specimens are safe by keeping the fridge locked all night. Kunle and Sean have a heart-to-heart discussion while Kunle examines whether the germs are alive.

The buddies become emotionally open and reunite, forgiving each other for whatever they said the night before. Kunle’s thesis is rescued in the end, and his admission to Princeton is assured.

Sean also gives his blessing to Kunle’s move to New Jersey, and the two agree to stay in touch. Kunle, Carlos, and Sean share a close hug at the end of the chat. In the end, Sean and Carlos stay by Kunle’s side as the police sirens overwhelm him.

The ending hints that Kunle’s life has been forever impacted by the chaotic night, but with the assistance of his friends, the amazing young man will overcome the incident’s lasting uneasiness.

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