Who is Waffles? Was Shoresy Adopted in ‘Letterkenny’?

was Shoresy Adopted in 'Letterkenny'

Who is Waffles? Was Shoresy Adopted? – ‘Shoresy‘ follows our favourite foul-mouthed chirping character from ‘Letterkenny‘ as he tries to save a faltering hockey team. When Shoresy promises that the Sudbury Bulldogs will never lose again, the team is on the verge of folding. Of course, he’ll have to make some unusual team decisions, like as recruiting prison guards to play defence.

Shoresy’s character is explored in greater depth in the spinoff series than in Crave’s  ‘Letterkenny,’ and he is given a wider range of interactions than the lockerroom banter that made him famous in the first place. Shoresy’s family is also shown, and they are appropriately eccentric. There are many intriguing aspects regarding the titular character’s past that are revealed. Let’s look at it more closely.

Was Shoresy Adopted

Was Shoresy Adopted in ‘Letterkenny’?

Shoresy unexpectedly attends the Shore family reunion in Episode 4. Surprisingly, the majority of the people in the room are black, implying that Shoresy is adopted. Shoresy’s adoptive father then gives a speech about the family, and his past is ultimately exposed. Shoresy, it turns out, was adopted by a family who was used to taking in children.

Shoresy was followed by the adoption of two more children, one Black and the other Asian. As a result, Shoresy hails from a multi-cultural family. Shoresy’s family really adopted more children later on, and two of his sisters are currently planning to marry each other. The father blesses the union because they are both adopted.

Despite the fact that we know nothing about Shoresy’s biological family or when he was adopted, one component of the series narrative is disclosed. We discover why Shoresy despises losing so much and what motivates him to embark on seemingly unachievable challenges, such as never losing another hockey game.

Shoresy was not sporty as a child, and his brother, Morris, used to beat him in sports. Shoresy eventually became a hockey player after being continually challenged by his athletic sibling. He did, however, instill in him an aversion to losing, having spent much of his boyhood losing to Morris.

Who is Waffles

Who is Waffles in ‘Letterkenny’?

Shoresy’s liking for all kinds of sugary snacks as a kid is revealed during the family reunion. Shoresy’s father recalls how the young titular character would consume entire cartons of waffles as a child as chants of “Waffles” erupt across the room. Shoresy gained a lot of weight as a kid, which is why he continued to lose to Morris in sports.

Shoresy’s nick name is Waffles, which his family appears to still use. It’s a far cry from the foul-mouthed, hockey brawling Shoresy we’ve seen so far, and it symbolises a different, more innocent side of the eponymous character.

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