Stranger Things: Do Eleven and Mike End Up Together?

Do Eleven and Mike End Up Together in Stranger Things

Do Eleven and Mike End Up Together in Stranger Things? Let’s find out. – ‘Stranger Things,’ a Netflix original series, is a big spoonful of nostalgia on a platter of coming-of-age sci-fi. The overall development of the characters is astonishingly grounded, despite the show’s ambition and scope.

The bond between Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is one of the most crucial and consistent components of the primary story. We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering if they’ll end up together.

Are Eleven and Mike Going to be Together in the End?

Eleven and Mike’s relationship is an excellent illustration of a maturely developed teen romance. Mike, Lucas, and Dustin come across Eleven in the woods in 1983. She hides at Mike’s house for the next few days. They form a friendship that lasts through a breakup and two apocalyptic disasters throughout this time. Mike teaches Eleven about ‘Dungeons & Dragons‘ and friendship with the help of Dustin and Lucas, while Eleven assists them in their search for their missing friend, Will.

Mike is impressed by Eleven’s abilities, but he sees her for what she is—a teenage girl. Eleven overcomes the Demogorgon, disintegrating it, but ends up in the Upside Down herself in the season 1 conclusion, named ‘The Upside Down.’ Mike calls her every day for the next 353 days, using his Supercom. Eleven tells him that she heard all those calls when they ultimately reconcile.

Do Eleven and Mike End Up Together

Mike and Eleven’s connection makes Eleven’s adoptive father, Hopper, uncomfortable in season 3, as they rapidly reach maturity. He threatens Mike, prompting the terrified adolescent to strive to keep his distance from his girlfriend. Eleven is perplexed by his abrupt change in conduct, so she breaks up with him on the advise of her buddy Max.

However, after Mike informs Eleven about Hopper’s threat, the two reconcile. Eleven resides in California with Joyce, Jonathan, and Will at the start of Season 4, while Mike remains in Hawkins. They have agreed that Mike will spend his spring vacation in California. Eleven, on the other hand, keeps quiet about her academic difficulties. She lost her powers after her fight with the Mind Flayer, and she’s now dealing with an identity problem.

Eleven is also tormented at school by a cruel bully and her buddies. The bully humiliates her in front of Mike after he arrives. Eleven, enraged, slams a roller-skating shoe into the bully. She is then arrested, but Dr. Owens appears shortly after and claims that the world requires her once more. He transports her to a top-secret facility in order to assist her in regaining her abilities. In the meantime, Mike and the others start looking for her.

As previously said, Mike and Eleven’s friendship is one of the most consistent components of ‘Stranger Things.’ Although it endures various alterations, given that the lovers are teenagers, this is to be anticipated. They’ve only recently started high school.

In the future, they will have a lot of adulting to do. As a result, the relationship is likely to continue to develop. Regardless, they are the only couple on the show who will almost certainly stay together after it ends.

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