Furies Ending, Explained: Why Did Jacqueline Kill Long?

furies 2023 ending explained

Furies Ending, Explained – Have you heard of “Furies” or “Thansoi,” an action-packed Vietnamese movie on Netflix? Directed and starring Veronica Ngo, this prequel to 2019’s hit action film “Furie” takes place in the 1990s and follows Bi, an orphan girl trained by Jacqueline (Ngo), also known as Aunt Lin (played by Ngo). Together with two other girls with similar backgrounds, Bi must navigate the criminal underworld of neon-lit fringes of city streets while trying to bring down a powerful mob boss. As they strive to uncover secrets from Jacqueline’s past, their journey continues apace.

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Synopsis of “Furies” Movie

“Furies” follows Bi, a young girl raised in an environment of violence in a remote village in Vietnam. Tragically, Bi is sexually assaulted by a man while her mother dies trying to protect her. Running away to Saigon as a homeless expat, Bi engages in petty theft to survive. Jacqueline rescues Bi from the group of thugs and provides food and shelter, plus training two other orphaned girls (Hong and Thanh) living with Jacqueline as they learn martial arts while teaching them how to stand up for what’s right. All three girls share similar experiences of being exploited and forced into prostitution before Jacqueline intervened.

Jacqueline gives Bi, Hong, and Thanh the mission to take down “Mad Dog” Hai – the local gangster boss responsible for drug trafficking and sex trafficking. Teo handles the latter, while Long handles the former. Jacqueline wants to bring down Hai’s empire so other young girls like them won’t endure such abuse. They successfully break into one of Hai’s facilities to save the girls, but unfortunately, Hong perished during the action. During Hong’s birthday party, they discover Long is working alongside Jacqueline on bringing down Hai’s empire alongside Jacqueline’s plan to bring down Hai’s empire.

Jacqueline sends her girls on a mission to eliminate Hai and retrieve a vital briefcase. However, Hai discovers that Jacqueline is still alive, ordering his men to eliminate her and her female assassins. Bi recognizes Jacqueline only wants revenge against Hai; she doesn’t care about fairness or justice. Despite this, Bi decides to stay with Thanh because they have made an agreement with Hong that they will always stick together. Meanwhile, Hai and Jacqueline’s past is revealed, setting up for a final showdown between themselves.

furies synopsis

Furies Ending, Explained: Does Jacqueline Kill Hai?

Bi’s mother had been murdered and left her to survive on her own, so when Bi first arrives in Saigon, she is taken in by Aunt Lin, who prepares her to become a vigilante and take revenge against those who abuse and traffic women.

As she progresses in her position, it appears that she may become the antagonist from the follow-up picture Furie; however, we’ll discuss that further down the line.

Bi is a street urchin in Saigon who has had an incredibly difficult life. Now she steals money and fights off gangs of guys trying to rape her. When Bi meets her Aunt Lin, however, she finally has somewhere safe to call home, food to eat, and clothing to wear.

Bi must train in self-defense alongside two other young girls named Hong and Thanh, who had experienced sexual abuse multiple times. They aim to eliminate a nationwide sex and drug trafficking operation from Saigon. Hong’s boyfriend, Long (Song Luan), is involved as an undercover agent working for Aunt Lin; the gang is headed by Hi cho ien (Thun Nguyn).

Bi is initially wary of her two female peers yet soon bonds with them despite their apparent differences. Together they enjoy 90s V-Pop music and consider themselves a family in between drills and massacres.

Bi murders a man during her initial mission, in which the crew must rescue kidnapped girls before they are sold into prostitution. As Bi looks down at her bleeding hands, memories of the moment she killed the man who had raped her come flooding back to her. Later, Thanh discovers Bi is struggling with feelings of overwhelming joy when killing.

Aunt Lin has been instructing their group to kill men at Aunt Lin’s direction, and Hai is beginning to doubt Jacqueline (Aunt Lin) despite Long’s assurances. Despite the increased risks, Aunt Lin still plans to send Bi, Hong, and Thanh to Hi’s club as part of a honey trap scheme.

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As Hi enters his private chamber, Bi and Hong devise a plan for the assassination of the drug lord. Unfortunately, Hi escapes, leaving Bi, Hong (and later Thanh) to face Hi’s legions of soldiers on their own. Thanks to their martial arts abilities, the girls manage to escape, with only Hong’s life being taken in front of her boyfriend, Long.

Disheartened and furious, Bi and Thanh return to Aunt Lin to question her about her desire to assassinate Hi. Aunt Lin insists she’s doing it for the girls but also reveals that Hi had murdered both her husband and son.

Bi is joined on the front lines by Aunt Lin and Thanh, who plan to open fire in Hi’s casino, killing everyone present – including gang leader Hi. Unfortunately, during this brawl, Hi’s aunt Lin disappears, and he later witnesses her being stabbed on surveillance footage.

Even though Thanh is injured and the girls don’t know where Aunt Lin is, they still plan to murder Hi. When they discover that Aunt Lin is still alive and well, some of Hi’s men working undercover for Aunt Lin pretend to stab her to distract him.

Bi and Thanh watched Aunt Lin (Jacqueline) violently murder Hi, showing that Jacqueline wasn’t interested in saving exploited girls. As the leader of a gang intent on revenge and expansion, Jacqueline has been employing homeless women to achieve her objectives. Thanh is shot in the head for disobeying Jacqueline’s order to kill Bi during an effort by Bi and Thanh to flee.

Jacqueline and Bi engage in a heated argument that escalates to the point that Bi shoots Aunt Lin multiple times. With her last words, Jacqueline declared there would be no turning back now – that Bi had been jailed not for his vigilante expedition but for his unconscious involvement in an intramural gang fight.

After 15 years in prison, Bi is finally released. As Mai emerges from her cell in Furie’s sequel, Thanh Soi–the gang boss responsible for child trafficking–is seen standing beside her.

Bi’s journey has seen her transform from being exploited to exploiting others over a few difficult years. As she said at the film’s start, “From birth, I have been destined for darkness,” and now Bi has come full circle and accepted this inevitable fate.

You can stream “Furies” film on Netflix.

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