Where is “Luther: The Fallen Sun” Filmed? All Filming Locations

where was Luther The Fallen Sun Filmed

Luther: The Fallen Sun Filming Locations – Luther: The Fallen Sun” is a Netflix-exclusive crime thriller that picks up where the fifth season of the BBC show Luther left off. It was written by Neil Cross and directed by Jamie Payne.

Detective Chief Inspector John Luther, played by Idris Elba, is a determined detective determined to solve the serial of grisly crimes plaguing London. In Luther: The Fallen Sun, Cynthia Erivo and Andy Serkis will join him. In the sequel, Serkis’ serial killer character escapes prison while Luther pursues him while dodging detectives on his trail (Erivo).

Idris Elba noted that while the original series was primarily shot in London, for this film, they were able to “escape out of the harsh streets of London.” We have entered a new chapter in Luther’s life.

Though Luther will likely not take a vacation anytime soon, his upcoming film will give viewers their first look at him in an unfamiliar locale. If not London, where did filming for Luther take place? Here is all the information we have about the Luther: The Fallen Sun’s filming locations.

“Luther: The Fallen Sun” Filming Locations

Shooting took place in several London locations, just as it had for the television series; however, due to additional funding that came with transferring it onto the big screen, crews could film additional scenes in different locales.


Filming locations included Iceland (where cast and crew reportedly saw the Northern Lights) and Lite Studios in Brussels, Belgium – home to Europe’s most prominent and deepest shooting tank.

The production was staged in 37 locations throughout London, including iconic landmarks like Chinatown, Fleet Street, and Piccadilly Circus – without which Luther would not have been possible.

In 2014, HM Prison Dorchester–the site of Luther’s initial imprisonment–closed and underwent substantial repairs for the film production.

Jon Gary Steele’s production crew transformed three levels, replicating the old Victorian locks and procuring doors from Gloucester Prison nearby.

The abandoned Aldwych Tube Station opened in 1907 and closed since 1994, it served as the setting for an early battle scene between Luther (Andy Serkis) and villain David Robey (Robin Wright).

World War II saw the station serve as a bomb bunker, with both the National Gallery and British Museum burying their most precious artifacts there to safeguard them against German bombing raids.

Luther: The Fallen Sun spent more hours filming at Piccadilly Circus than any other production in history, boasting an unprecedented total of hours shot on location.

You can stream Luther: The Fallen Sun film on Netflix with a subscription.

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