What Is ‘The Red Bunker’ and Who Created It in “Luther The Fallen Sun”?

What Is The Red Bunker in Luther The Fallen Sun

What Is The Red Bunker and Who Created It in “Luther The Fallen Sun”? – Luther: The Fallen Sun,” a Netflix film directed by Jamie Payne and written by Neil Cross, is a crime thriller. After the events of the BBC series Luther, Luther: The Fallen Sun takes place. Luther’s Detective Chief Inspector John Luther (Idris Elba) will go to any extent to arrest a criminal. Luther is incarcerated in the Netflix feature after the conclusion of the TV series. Yet when a serial killer from Luther’s past resurfaces, the discredited detective escapes prison to end the threat.

John Luther discovers ‘The Red Bunker’ as he confronts the vicious serial killer David Robey. People want to know more about Red Bunker; if you are one of them, continue to read.

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What Is The Red Bunker

What Is The Red Bunker in ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ Film?

“Luther: The Fallen Sun” follows DCI John Luther as he investigates David Robey, a notorious serial killer. Robey is an internet billionaire who secretly collects surveillance footage on different people. During Luther’s investigation, he uncovers “The Red Bunker,” a website featuring footage of Robey’s victims. When Luther describes it to his senior Martin Schenk as a Red Room, Schenk dismisses them as urban legends. 

However, Red Rooms are an urban legend that refers to rooms where people are tortured and killed. The footage of these horrible deaths is broadcast over the Dark Web to viewers who can even vote in on who gets murdered. The Red Bunker appears to follow these same principles, functioning essentially like a Red Room. In the movie, Robey works with one of his associates to create a teaser trailer for their website. Towards the climactic moment, viewers watch as Luther and DCI Odette Raine are executed via The Red Bunker, as seen through social media watching all around.

Who Created The Red Bunker

Who Created The Red Bunker?

The Netflix film “Luther: The Fallen Sun” concludes that David Robey (Andy Serkis) has been kidnapping people to torture and execute them livestream-style, with viewers voting on the death techniques. The fact that Robey dubbed his webcast “the Red Bunker” demonstrates that his concept is inspired by the urban legend of a “red room” Robey is an evil performer who delights in hurting his victims. Due to the Red Bunker, Robey feels better about himself because he has the same types of secrets he blackmails others for possessing. This is why Luther’s ridicule of Robey ultimately leads to the enemy’s defeat. So Robey is the creator of The Red Bunker.

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