Is Ruth Wilson in Luther The Fallen Sun?

Is Ruth Wilson in Luther The Fallen Sun

Is Ruth Wilson in Luther The Fallen Sun? – The Neil Cross-created British television series “Luther” is continued in ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun,’ which is accessible on Netflix. The film is a crime thriller directed by Jamie Payne from a screenplay written by Neil Cross. In this crime drama, Idris Elba portrays DI John Luther, a London police investigator who investigates a succession of murders.

Throughout the BBC’s Luther, Alice Morgan functioned as the show’s unifying element. Alice Morgan, portrayed by Ruth Wilson, was introduced in the pilot episode, and by the end of the series, she had become Luther’s killer, a genius, a psychopath, an ally, and a lover, among other things.

It was disappointing that they attempted to eliminate her in Season 4, but she redeemed herself in the fifth season by blackmailing and kidnapping Luther on George Cornelius’s behalf.

Although her storyline appeared to be resolved in the series’ conclusion, some viewers may question if Alice Morgan will resurface in Luther: The Fallen Sun.

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What Was Alice Morgan's (Ruth Wilson) Role the luther

What Was Alice Morgan’s (Ruth Wilson) Role in “Luther”?

Alice Morgan, played by Ruth Wilson, was a major character in the British television crime drama series “Luther.” She first appeared in the show’s pilot episode and continued to be featured throughout its run. Alice was an expert psychologist and skilled criminal who formed an intricate bond with DCI John Luther (Idris Elba), playing the show’s protagonist.

Alice’s role in “Luther” was pivotal, serving as both Luther’s intellectual match and occasional antagonist. Initially introduced as a suspect in a murder investigation, it soon became clear that Alice was an expert manipulator capable of outwitting Luther and the police. Over time, Luther and Alice formed an intimate friendship rooted in mutual respect despite their differing opinions on morality and justice.

For much of the series, Alice assisted Luther with solving high-profile cases; however, she wasn’t without her own agendas and motivations. Alice was an intriguing figure who managed to blend charm and danger, adding an intriguing layer of tension and mystery to every episode.

Overall, Ruth Wilson’s portrayal of Alice Morgan was a standout performance in “Luther”, playing an integral part in its critical and popular success.

Has Alice Morgan Appeared in Luther 2

Has Alice Morgan Appeared in Luther: The Setting Sun?

In the last season of Luther, we saw Alice Morgan (played by Ruth Wilson) fall to her death after plummeting through scaffolding. However, in the new Luther movie, Alice’s character is not mentioned on-screen during the story’s events. This could be because Wilson had a scheduling conflict or because the movie’s makers wanted to create a standalone movie for new viewers who have yet to see the show. 

Since Alice is so closely tied to Luther’s past, they may have decided to give him a fresh start by excluding Wilson’s character from the story. Nonetheless, the show’s creator, Neil Cross, hinted that Alice’s return is not completely out of the question. He said that the team behind Luther is like a family, and he cares about Wilson’s involvement in the show. The new movie only features one returning character, DSU Martin Schenk, played by Dermot Crowley. 

According to Cross, it was a challenge to make a movie that respects both old and new audiences. He wanted to ensure new viewers were aware of the returning characters from the show. In an interview, Ruth Wilson expressed interest in returning to the Luther universe, and Neil Cross considered possibly bringing her character back. He even hinted that Alice might not be dead.

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