Heels Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date, Promos & Spoiler

Heels Season 1

In Heels Season 1 Episode 3, Jack gets into a heated confrontation. We know Jack still wants to thrill and dazzle the audience, but his obsession with the plot may be harming his personal relationships outside of the ring.

Before we get to that topic, there are a few other matters to address. Alison kept her college friends in the dark about her family, but they loved wrestling and Alison’s beautiful husband’s bad guy persona.

It seemed like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. I’m hoping that as the season progresses, more of them will come after her.

Ace Spade has sworn allegiance to the evil side. In episode 3, he realised and turned heel on his own.

Ace now realises that being a jerk is the only way for him to progress in the DWL and his own career; otherwise, he’ll be humiliated and degraded at every turn.

To watch what happens in the following episode, we’ll have to move on as well.

Heels Season 1 Episode 4

So, you’re excited to see the new episode 4 titled “Cutting Promos,” but you’ll have to wait until next week to see it. You can see the trailer for Heels Episode 4 until then. Watch Heels Season 1 Episode 4 Click here.

Let’s view the trailer, which Heels supporters are eagerly anticipating. As we prepare for the fourth episode of the Heels Series, a few things become clear.

There will surely be tension in the ring as time passes, but after a house fire destroys Jack’s home, there will also be strain outside it.

Now that he has a fresh financial excuse, he thinks of new ways to promote the league.

The cries of nepotism will undoubtedly become louder as he continues to push his brother as the star.

Release Date for Season 1 Episode 4 of Heels

The fourth episode of the Heels series will premiere on Starz on Sunday, September 5, at 9:00-9:59 p.m. ET.

The show will be repeated at 11:02 p.m. ET. Streaming is also available through the Starz app.

So what is the best way to watch Heels Episode 2 online? On Starz.com and the Starz app, the Heels series will be available.

It’s also available for download on iTunes, Google Play, FUBOTV, Amazon Prime Video, and Philo. The following day, the series will not be accessible for streaming on Hulu.

However, for $8.99 a month, you can add Starz to your Hulu subscription.

Heels Season 1 Episode 4 Promo

Heels Season 1 Episode 4 Official Press Release

9:02 PM ON STARZ • TV-MA • STEREO • CCAfter a house fire forces Jack and his family to move in with Carol and Ace, the two brothers put their differences aside and their heads together to generate a DWL promo to further grow the league’s fan base.

Heels Season 1 Episode 4 Cast Details

  • Stephen Amell as Jack Spade
  • Alexander Ludwig as Ace Spade
  • Alison Luff as Staci Spade
  • Mary McCormack as Willie Day
  • Kelli Berglund as Crystal Tyler
  • Allen Maldonado as Rooster Robbins
  • James Harrison as Apocalypse
  • Chris Bauer as Wild Bill Hancock


  • Michael Waldron (creator/executive producer)
  • Mike O’Malley (showrunner/executive producer)
  • Peter Segal (director/executive producer)
    Julie Yorn (executive producer)
  • Chris Donnelly (executive producer)
  • Patrick Walmsley (executive producer)

Recap of Heels Season 1 Episode 3

After that, Tom Spade cleans up around the house, including hanging a sign for Carol’s Garden. He appears to be a manly man.

He gets a gun, flees the house, and detonates a bomb on the stoop. Ace has been discovered. Bobby works as a bouncer in a strip joint.

Ace is wrestling, and he’s so excited that he calls his parents. Ricky Rabies is referred to as Ricky Rabies by Jack (Stephen Amell).

Rick has gone to the bathroom. In front of a mirror, Ace is practicing his speech. Jack argues with Crystal, who thinks he’s too cheery.

Heels Season 1

After a pleasant conversation, Jack apologises to Ace. Willie tells Jack that Eddie Earl is on his way. Willie and he disagree about how the audience will perceive Ace after the ring.

Eddie suggests that Jack make a commercial like Tom did in order to strengthen their business relationship. The show is nearly finished.

Bobby wrestling Ace is not something Rooster approves of (Alexander Ludwig). He appears to want to fight Ace in the ring. Ricky Rabies is the main attraction, which Ace despises.

He is still a villain to her. After dinner, the waiter and Staci’s out-of-town guests discuss wrestling.

Only Staci (Alison Luff) is aware of Jack’s involvement, but the rest of the gang is ecstatic. Bobby’s ruse with Smirnoff Ice on Rooster backfires.

Rooster has to speak with Jack, but he doesn’t think he’ll listen. Crystals is pointed by Ricky’s valet. Just before Ace enters the ring, Rooster (Allen Maldonado) asks Jack to speak, but Jack refuses.

In the mirror, Ace sounded better. Crybaby conduct allows the audience to communicate with him when it is most required.

Jack recognises that he made a mistake, but he is confident that Ace will make amends. Ace, on the other hand, leaves the ring. Bobby is dispatched far too late.

Jack and Ace scream at each other through their heels and faces, and Jack claims Tom was aware that Ace was at home.

Ace is in a bad mood. The door is closed and locked by Crystal (Kelli Berglund). They have sex. She gets up and walks out of the room, leaving him alone. It’s finally finished.

Jack claims that he requires Bobby since he is no one and can be anyone. Rooster is a character with a great deal of potential. He’s the greatest shot they have.

With an opossum-shaped drone, Ricky Rabies and his family enter the dome. It’s bloody and splatters all over Jack’s face, giving Ricky the upper hand.

It’s a hit with the crowd. His dick is flapping, Wild Bill is on TMZ. It’s amusing to Rooster. Ace is informed by Rooster. He was moved to tears by it. In their fight, Jack triumphs over Ricky. Outside the ring, Jack searches for Ace.

Bobby is sent into the ring to fight Jack. However, Ace appears. Everyone is gathered inside to watch the game. Bobby is told to quiet up and follow Ace’s lead. Ace becomes the villain, allowing Bobby to take centre stage.

Yes, it did. A new heel appeared. Everyone backstage sees the magic. Bobby is hugged by Poc.

The problem is that outside of the ring, Ace is a heel. I stubbed my toe on Willie’s face. He laments to Jack, “I’m a heel now.” It was a fantastic night for sales.

Willie has his concerns about Jack’s ruse for Ace, but he feels Ace will notice it. Ricky’s valet’s spouse She feels some partnerships are strange.

Staci’s friends are enamoured with her. Bobby presented Rooster with a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. The smoky Rooster They’re maturing. Willie is greeted by Wild Bill at her door.

He completely blew it. From the water tower, Daddy calls. He’s overjoyed with his performance and thanks his parents for their support.

And Staci is in the driver’s seat. Staci spits. Machu Pichu has always been a dream of hers. Then. Jack is perplexed by Staci’s dissatisfaction.

Her friends are allowed to accompany her. On the grave of his father. Jack is either attempting to comprehend or getting insight into his father’s conduct.