House of the Dragon Episode 8 Ending Explained: Is King Viserys Dead?

House of the Dragon Episode 8 Ending Explained

House of the Dragon Episode 8 Ending Explained – The eighth part of the House of the Dragon prequel to Game of Thrones has finally been revealed. It was eagerly anticipated for a very long time since it marks a crucial turning point in the story where several things happen that would worryingly affect the following seasons. The nation is in ruins when the honorable King Viserys (Paddy Considine) dies in episode 8 after a protracted illness.

The narrative then makes another dramatic jump forward in time, this time six years, meaning that the quarreling Targaryen kids are at least a little older. This time, the Velaryon dynasty is experiencing a succession problem, and the royals at Kings Landing, Driftmark, and other locations are coping with it. This leads to a famous argument in front of the Iron Throne and a heated family dinner when King Viserys, who is getting sicker and sicker, takes center stage. Paddy Considine makes the best of this tormented ruler’s final days. The last Super of King Viserys Targaryen.

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The Last Words of King Viserys

House of the Dragon Episode 8 Ending Explained

We must go back to the situation just before Viserys made his spectacular entrance into the throne room to understand the cause of this uncertainty. Rhaenyra arrives at her father’s quarters late at night, troubled and worried about her status as the heir and her sons’ legitimacy being questioned once more. Once more, Viserys first does not recognize her. He addresses her as Alicent. Rhaenyra corrects him and inquires about the integrity of the Song of Ice and Fire, a prophecy that belonged to Aegon, the Conqueror. She claims, “You said it was our responsibility to keep the realm unified in the face of a common enemy. You divided the realm by designating me as heir. The load is heavy, although I believed I wanted it. It weighs too much.”

In these sequences, it appears that Rhaenyra is only the successor by virtue of her father’s wishes, even though she doesn’t want the responsibility. When he responds, Viserys underlines this by referring to her as his sole child. Then Rhaenyra begs him to stand up for her if he wants to give her the responsibility of being the heir. Even though he is worn out and drained, he appears to have heard Rhaenyra’s advice since the next day, he shows up in the throne room to support Lucerys’ claim to the Driftwood seat.

Viserys Confirms That He Wants Rhaenyra as Heir

Viserys Affirms his Desire to have Rhaenyra Succeed Him

After their meal later that evening, Viserys is once more in discomfort. Alicent shows up this time to give him milk of the poppy. He misidentifies her as Rhaenyra and says to her, “I apologise. I apologise. But you were curious as to whether I thought it to be true.” He mentions Aegon, but Alicent thinks he’s referring to their kid rather than their ancestor.

Her confusion is increased when he says, “His slumber. According to The Song of Ice and Fi, what he witnessed in the North is real. A prince who had been promised.” It is a heartbreaking scene because he confesses to the person he believes to be Rhaenyra that, “To unite the realm in opposition to the cold and the night, the prince. Your name is. You are that person. This has to be done. This has to be done.” In many respects, this would have been a strong affirmation that even in his final moments, Viserys did not regret designating Rhaenyra as his heir for Rhaenyra, who has always felt the strain of the realm choosing her younger half-brother above her.

However, Alicent misunderstands him, and since she is unaware of the prophesy, she now believes that Viserys is designating her son Aegon as the heir and the prince who would unify the realm as he draws his last breath. The episode closes with Alicent moving away, the camera panning over the Catspaw Dagger that we saw Viserys use earlier in the episode, and the king eventually passing away. He reaches out one more time and utters the words “My love” as he appears to be calling to his deceased wife, Aemma.

Does Miscommunication Lead to a Civil War

Can Misunderstandings Cause a Civil War?

With Viserys’ final comments, it appears that the civil war between the two branches of the House of the Dragon is now imminent. According to George R. R. Martin’s Fire & Blood, the book on which HBO’s House of the Dragon is based, Viserys’ passing is the turning point that plunges the kingdom into all-out conflict. In the book, Alicent doesn’t announce his passing to the general public until he passes away.

Instead, she sends for Criston Cole to assemble the small council. The two of them eliminate any supporters of Rhaenyra’s ascension to the throne. Viserys’ body starts to rot in the meantime, but Alicent refuses to have the septons and silent sisters attend to him until her son’s succession is established. After a week, his passing is acknowledged, and Aegon II Targaryen ascends to the throne. Rhaenyra gathers her supporters and declares war after refusing to accept her half-brother’s claim.

The Last Words of King Viserys

Late that night, while the king is screaming in pain, Alicent is attending to him. The queen is confused when he starts babbling about Aegon’s dream, and the Prince That Was Promised. She does, however, seem to have a realization. Then Viserys reaches into the darkness to find something or someone that only he can see. He blinks, and one of his other eyes cries. As he takes it, he seems a little relieved.

In the eighth episode of House of the Dragon, Viserys says, “My love.” After her horrific murder in the first episode of House of the Dragon, the King never stopped loving his first wife, which led Viserys to rename Alicent “Aemma.” Viserys’s “my love” indicates that he has passed on and is now with Aemma, free from the burden of their duty. In House of Dragon, Alicent thought Viserys’ parting words were odd. As the scene dims, he turns to face the dead Queen Aemma and says, “My love.”

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