‘How I Became A Gangster’ Ending Explained: Why Does Walden Kill Himself?

How I Became A Gangster ending explained

‘How I Became A Gangster’ Ending Explained: Why Does Walden Kill Himself? – The immensely entertaining and action-packed Polish mafia film, How I Became a Gangster debuted exclusively on Netflix on January 4, 2023. The thrilling gangster film was directed by Maciej Kawulski, while Krzysztof Gureczny served as the writer.

Tomasz Wardyn, who produced the Netflix movie, hired Bartek Cierlica as cinematographer. How I Became a Gangster was co-produced by Rafal Biernacik, Marcin Ciolek, Adam Gudell, Maciej Kawulski, Sebastian Kwiatkowski, and Robert Kijak.

The film has garnered a lot of interest from viewers ever since it was made available on Netflix because of its dramatic and intricate plotlines, as well as its excellent direction, cinematography, and performance by the primary cast.

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How I Became A Gangster Plot story

What Is The Story Of The Movie “How I Became A Gangster”?

The protagonist laughed at the gangster world. He would frequently travel to the hotels that gangsters and sex workers frequented at night while riding in his father’s taxi with his friends. When he was a young child, he was frantic to grow up and become one of those wealthy men from the hotel because he wanted to be a part of the world that operated at night. He looked for commercial chances as he was growing up to help him establish himself in the mafia world.

As a handler, he initially worked for Saudi Arabian males who were yearning to have sex with Polish women. He started building a reputation for his service by roughing up individuals who dared to hurt the sex workers. He began working with Magi in 1996, and by then, he was managing a staff of thirty people. He and his squad mainly concentrated on armed robberies that they carried out with the assistance of those who decided to tip off police in exchange for a cut of the money they stole. Even though their robbery was successful, his team members’ carelessness eventually resulted in their arrests. While serving a sentence for assaulting a guy, our protagonist was also jailed, although not for robbing anyone.

After eighteen months, he was freed from prison when he decided that he would never again work for another person. He wouldn’t follow the other Polish gangsters’ example; instead, he would set his own rules and trust his gut. Walden was the first person he took under his wing. Before being taken into custody, he reconnected with Walden, whom he had first met when they were both young. Walden respected him and his way of life. Because Walden would always appreciate him for bringing him to the underworld, he knew he would be devoted to him. Only a few of his team’s trustworthy members were in person with him at any given time, and they were the only ones.

Along with Golum, the muscle man, the team also featured Crater, the group’s techie. He chose to operate in solitude because he wanted to remain undetectable to the world. His guidelines were straightforward: he strictly prohibited injuring women and children and was not in the business of stealing from the wealthy or seeking glory. He quickly grew hostile at Crowbar Jr., an ex-teammate who had humiliated not just him but also the rest of the group. By exacting retribution on each of Crowbar Jr.’s squad members, his group made a name for themselves as the upcoming Polish gang to watch out for.

He could not take his eyes off Magdalena when he first saw her. When he ran into her again at a nearby bar, he was able to introduce himself because he knew he wanted to become close to her. He didn’t tell her the reality and led her to believe that he ran a business that catered to investors. Magda was strongly drawn to the stranger despite her suspicions about him. He bought a home with a garden specifically to wow her when she agreed to meet him there.

His parents thought he worked in a vehicle repair shop while he was rising to the top of the gangster world. Now that he was in a relationship, his father granted him the use of his taxi to assist him in making a better livelihood. He conducted business in the taxi without drawing attention to himself. By this point, Magdalena was aware that her spouse was engaged in questionable activity, but she decided to remain in denial her entire life.

What Had Walden Changed

What Had Walden Changed?

The main character’s right-hand man was Walden. Young and aggressive, he was prepared to confront anyone who dared to criticize his master. The protagonist turned down Marian’s offer of a sizable quantity of money in exchange for the abduction of a child, but Walden thought the arrangement was worthwhile. Although the protagonist always attempted to teach him the importance of laws, even in the type of industry they were in, there was a fundamental difference in the way they saw the world. Crowbar Jr. was kidnapped by Walden and given to his master as a wedding gift.

The protagonist understood that Walden would do anything to express his love. He provided since he was aware that his master was urgently trying to find a method to avenge Crowbar Jr. He killed Crowbar Jr. on the day of his wedding and afterward recited his wedding vows. He was thrilled by the love and compassion his gang mates and wife showed him on their wedding day. After meeting Violetta during the wedding reception, Walden and Violetta fell in love while high on cocaine and alcohol.

As the group gained notoriety, Walden developed a cocaine addiction and constantly hyperventilated. He was determined to exact vengeance for even the most minor slights, and his mentor always restrained him from acting foolishly. The Proszkow gang’s final surviving gang member, Daniel, was immediately introduced to the main character. Daniel’s appearance was incredibly misleading. Before the protagonist could join his squad, Daniel needed him to rid the streets of gangsters who were causing trouble for their company because of their loudmouths.

Walden assisted his master in carrying out Daniel’s directive, but in the process, he grew fond of murder. No matter how many people he killed, he thought he would be sentenced to life in prison the day he was discovered, so he wanted to savour the rush of killing until that time. Daniel had a history of being a police informant so that Walden couldn’t trust him. He thought they could easily damage Daniel and succeed without his assistance. Walden had no regard for limitations or regulations, and the main character feared the monster he had made.

How I Became A Gangster ending

‘How I Became A Gangster’ Ending Explained: Why Does Walden Kill Himself?

The CBI police persuaded him to divulge information about the notorious gangsters he was aware of in exchange for a safety net, even though Daniel wanted him to clean the streets. The main character could not fathom giving the police information because he could not bear the thought of ratting them out. Daniel assured the main character that he would be given the distribution responsibility if he could manage to clean the streets and handle a 500-kg cargo of coke. Before he could assume the position, he was arrested—not because he was a gang boss, but rather because the elderly couple had left an old statue behind before leaving the residence.

Walden thought Daniel had a hand in the detention of his mentor. He just needed his mentor to be there for him as he desperately wanted to rule the world. The main character suggests he avoid Daniel and take a trip outside the nation. Walden, though, was now out of his hands. Once it was shown that the statue did not belong to him and that he was not the perpetrator of the crime, the protagonist was allowed to leave prison.

Daniel offered him a 10% cut of his profits in exchange for being his right-hand man and assembling his security squad after he was released from prison. But before that, he had to get Walden out of there. He was able to locate Walden, and he started shooting everybody who got in his way. He demonstrated that he had killed Walden with a couple of rounds. Now that he had Daniel’s trust, he went with him to the location where the 500 kilograms of cocaine were delivered.

The main character stated his misgivings about the location when they got there and told Daniel to go. The police arrived shortly to remove the drugs from the site. Although we later discover that the protagonist recruited guys to pose as police and steal the cocaine to avenge Daniel. After forcing Daniel to kill Walden, he could no longer trust him. We learn that the main character did not actually kill Walden; instead, he gave Daniel a false sense of death by injecting a tranquilizer. He boarded a ship with his wife, Walden, and Violetta and took a cut of the cocaine his men could obtain.

Walden could not comprehend that they were fleeing Poland when he came to his senses. He always thought that one day, or another, he would pay for his transgressions. He didn’t want to start over; he wanted to end the life he was leading and pay for his transgressions. He had murdered a child while performing his duties, and he would never be able to forgive himself. Walden killed himself aboard the ship by shooting himself in the face because he couldn’t live with his conscience.

The main character returned to Poland with his family to complete his prison term for his crime. He was eventually released from prison after serving several years. Daniel wrote a book on the protagonist’s life that was released in the meantime. He tried to present himself as the good man who purposefully destroyed narcotics to safeguard the next generation. Daniel had always been a self-centered individual who could inform on others and even write a book to save his own life. Daniel discovered a means to liberate himself and put the entire blame for the operation on the protagonist because he was not in jail and had been able to publish a book.

He devastated the Polish mafia’s business by making their lives public, and the protagonist’s release suggests that he may find a means to avenge Daniel. According to reports, “How I Became a Gangster” is based on actual occurrences that took place within the Polish mafia. Although the protagonist is an unidentified character, who may be a composite of numerous mafia figures who attempted to discover humanity despite leading a life of crime, the people and events are said to be based on real-world occurrences.

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