‘I Came By’ Ending Explained: What Is The Motivation Behind Sir Hector Blake’s Killings?

Netflix’s ‘I Came By’ ending explained

‘I Came By’ Ending Explained: What Is The Motivation Behind Sir Hector Blake’s Killings? – Toby (George MacKay) and Jay (Percelle Ascott), two graffiti artists, are the main characters in “I Came By.” To prove to the wealthy that their wealth does not make them invincible, they go around their town, breaking into their homes and spray-painting the message on the walls.

Jay decides to make Sir Hector Blake’s (Hugh Bonneville) home their next target because he is an ex-judge with excessive wealth. However, Jay leaves the operation after discovering that he is expecting a child with his lover, Naz (Varada Sethu), leaving Toby to continue on his own. Toby follows his plan of action. But as he prepares to spray paint Hector’s walls, he discovers his sinister little secret. The conclusion provides a sense of closure for the viewer, yet specific questions remain. Here, we analyze the conclusion and examine what it implies for the main characters.

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Netflix’s ‘I Came By’ Plot Synopsis

‘I Came By’ (2022) Movie Plot Synopsis

I Came By centres on Toby, a budding graffiti artist who starts out by vandalizing the mansions of the rich and famous. He ultimately stumbles onto the residence of Sir Hector Blake, a respected and well-connected high court judge who specializes in major crimes.

As soon as Toby steps foot inside the enormous home, he realizes that the illustrious Hector Blake might be hiding some secrets. According to the synopsis, Toby discovers a “dark secret” that “leads him on a terrifying journey that jeopardizes himself and those closest to him.” Already enthralled.

The movie’s synopsis states, “Privilege hides the darkest secrets. After uncovering a sinister secret of a prestigious judge (Hugh Bonneville), a young graffiti artist (George Mackay) and his loved ones are dragged into a deadly game of cat and mouse.” The mansions of London’s rich elite are the target of a disobedient teenage graffiti artist.

He goes on a shocking adventure that puts him and those closest to him in peril after learning a disturbing fact about a renowned judge. In the core cast of this thriller, George Mackay plays Toby, Kelly Macdonald plays Kelly, and Hugh Bonneville plays Sir Hector Blake.

I Came By’ ending explained

‘I Came By’ Ending Explained: Does Jay Save Toby And Lizzie?

Omid temporarily succeeds in escaping with Lizzie’s assistance. However, Hector manages to seize him once more and forces him to return to the house by making threats about his citizenship. It appears that after killing Omid, he turns his attention to Lizzie. When he realizes Lizzie is already pursuing him; he successfully lures her into his home, where he then assaults her. She knocks him down a few times. He nonetheless outmuscles her and drags her to the cellar. He can be seen getting ready to burn Omid in the kiln there. He is asked about Toby by Lizzie.

Furthermore, he claims that he has already passed away and dumped his ashes down the toilet. Hector begins to slash at Omid while Lizzie screams in terror. A little while later, we notice Lizzie’s driver’s licence on fire, which indicates that she has also passed away.

When Jay breaks into Hector’s home, he discovers that it is absolutely vacant, which suggests that Hector has changed his base of operations. Years pass (this is an assumption based on the development of Jay and Naz’s son and the fact that they are currently an estranged couple). When Naz finally arrives, she tells him that Hector will read her dissertation during the school’s tercentenary celebration.

Jay follows Hector all the way from the school to his new house. Hector is dozing off when Jay breaks in, intending to assassinate him. Hector will get the opportunity to hurt him because he fails. They engage in a vicious fight, but it ends quickly. A little while later, Jay can be seen driving off after saving Hector’s victim. When Lloyd and the other officers arrive, they discover Hector taped up in a house corner with the words “I came by” scribbled on the wall.

I’m not sure if Hector will be found guilty of kidnapping and murdering individuals because a significant portion of “I Came By” demonstrates how affluent White guys with a fraction of a “good name” in society get away with murders or acts of violence towards minorities. Notably, since Lloyd had earlier arrested him in a rash manner, and now he has been discovered chained up in his own house.

Even though the incident may not be one where someone is “caught red-handed,” it is the conclusion the movie chooses to take. Additionally, there is a significant probability that Hector (or his attorney) will be able to demonstrate that the crime was committed by one of the edge-lord vigilantes and that he is the victim of a false accusation. That may be seen as Anvari’s way of demonstrating the fact that genuine evil never goes away.

However, Jay’s ability to get revenge on Hector for the deaths of Toby and Lizzie and save one of his victims can be seen as a victory. Based on his call to Naz, he’ll probably be able to give his wife and child the time and care they require now that the guilt that was gnawing at him has passed. And perhaps this will force Hector to remain vigilant and reconsider committing crimes in the future. Because he is aware that Jay and other justice-seekers will not be intimidated by his wealth or influence.

Why Does Sir Hector Blake Kill

Why Does Sir Hector Blake Kill?

Jay visits Hector’s home and grabs his mail after observing that Lizzie is quite concerned about Toby’s “disappearance” and the fact that Toby is nowhere to be located. He then places it in Toby’s hidden cabinet and nudges Lizzie to link Toby and Hector together and call the police. Why does Jay choose such a difficult path? Considering that Lizzie is a White woman with a spotless record and he is a Black man with numerous police complaints against him.

DS Ella Lloyd (Franc Ashman), who receives Lizzie’s report on Hector’s letter, compares it to Toby’s last known address and conducts a check of Hector’s home. They locate the hidden room, but nothing is there. He is taken into custody for obstructing Lloyd’s inquiry. However, he has fired shortly after because he is close friends with the commissioner.

He gets a massage because the day’s events have left him feeling stressed. He offers to help with his citizenship application and invites his Iranian masseur, Omid (Yazdan Qafouri), who also seems to be an illegal immigrant, to his home. After drugging him, Hector reveals why he is essentially a homophobic and racist murderer. He claims that his father had a relationship with Ravi, an Indian Parsi assistant.

This led to his mother’s suicide. Instead of consoling him, his father enrolled him in a boarding school. But when he returned, he blamed Ravi for displacing his mother and himself in the household. He claims not to have killed the man. He beat him so severely that he felt free and in control. So, in a nutshell, it is the reason behind Hector’s actions. He has a blood hunger and is a classist, a racist, and a homophobe.

Babak Anvari is the director of the 2022 drama thriller “I Came By.” You can stream on Netflix with subscription.

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