ID’s ‘Married to Evil 1×05 Stranger Comes to Town: Mandy Lemay Murder

Mandy Lemay Murder

Mandy Lemay Murder – Investigation Discovery’s show “Married to Evil,” Season 1 Episode 5, “Stranger Comes to Town,” delves into the murder of Mandy Lemay, 27, of Oil Springs, Kentucky, in December 2018. Her family and loved ones were left shocked at its extreme brutality; the episode seeks to provide viewers with a better understanding of this crime by featuring interviews with law enforcement personnel and individuals close to Mandy Lemay’s loved ones.

As the investigation unfolds, viewers gain valuable insights into the circumstances surrounding Mandy Lemay’s murder. While authorities swiftly apprehended those responsible, their motive and unexpected details shocked everyone involved – as firsthand accounts from those involved shed light on the context and background leading up to the tragic event.

At this stage, all information available here is drawn from what was seen on TV episodes. This show offers viewers a glimpse into the investigation surrounding Mandy Lemay’s murder by providing insight from law enforcement officials and loved ones of her victim – providing viewers with an in-depth knowledge of both this case and the effect it had on society as a whole.

Mandy Lemay Murder Story

Mandy Lemay Murder Story

Mandy Ann King Lemay was born October 16, 1991, in Martin, Floyd County, Kentucky, to John and Juanita Jones King, who passed away earlier that year. According to Juanita Howell, Mandy had an eccentric and quirky personality; often making others laugh through humorous or comedic acts that she would perform around them – sometimes bordering on silly. Her charismatic character connected well with others, and she had the innate talent for making others smile!

Juanita shared that their grandfather served as pastor at Living Water Ministries, where Mandy and her sisters dedicated much of their time volunteering. Their family had strong ties to this church and engaged in numerous community activities. Homer King fondly remembered her for her infectious smile that could brighten anyone’s day; he even fondly recalled teaching her how to ride a bicycle before introducing her to quad biking.

Mandy Lemay married Paul Lemay in mid-2016 and settled down on Route 825 in Oil Springs, Kentucky. However, concerns began arising within her family when Mandy didn’t show up to Thanksgiving on November 22, 2018, as planned; weeks later, when she posted alarming content to Facebook, it escalated further their worries.

Homer was alarmed to learn from Paul that Mandy had also been missing for some time. Concerned for Mandy’s welfare, Homer called 911 at 10:30 a.m. reporting her missing sister; Kentucky State Police immediately conducted a welfare check at Lemay’s residence, where they identified a putrid smell coming from one bedroom and pulled back covers only to discover human feet protruding beneath bedding in that bedroom–mandy had died due to gunshot wounds to her back of the head.

Mandy’s death had an enormously tragic and distressful effect on both her family and the community at large. Investigation of this crime would soon expose the events leading up to it and expose any motive or those responsible.

Who Killed Mandy Lemay

Investigation and Arrest

Juanita remembers feeling that her family was restricted, prohibiting dating or spending time with boys outside of church activities such as dating. Mandy’s niece Denise Slone told Juanita how Mandy served as an inspiration and taught her how to ride a bicycle – noting their family rules regarding friendships between opposite sexes as an impediment to this relationship development, forbidding any prospective partners from approaching Mandy at any point during her adolescence; Juanita mentioned how religious families and societies prohibited relationships until marriage;

Paul Lemay traveled from Massachusetts to eastern Kentucky after connecting with Mandy through Facebook in November 2015. According to Deputy Prosecutor Matt Runyon, Paul was immediately attracted to Mandy, motivated by their shared long-distance desire. They dated for approximately seven months before tying the knot at a church nearby. The wedding ceremony included immediate family.

Juanita found it strange that Paul had no relatives attending his wedding, finding this outrageous. Paul appeared introverted and reserved throughout, keeping to himself, as shown in this episode. Homer expressed uncertainty about what may have occurred behind closed doors despite Paul appearing as a decent person. Paul ultimately secured employment at a nursing home that provided financial support to Mandy for household duties while providing some much-needed respite from Mandy herself.

Juanita moved back in with Mrs. Lemay and her children shortly after divorcing Paul in early 2018. Juanita described his controlling nature – not allowing Mandy to leave without permission – and instances when Paul displayed anger or disciplined Mandy for disobedience, according to Juanita and Dr. Chriscelyn Tussey (a forensic psychologist). This likely contributed to Paul and Mandy having such a large age difference, making control issues likely.

Dr. Tussey believed Paul, being close in age to Mandy’s father, became insecure and violent whenever he felt out of control. Juanita left in 2018 following an incident where Paul violently responded to spilled glass water during dinner, taking Mandy away but calling back crying, asking her sister Homer to come to take her back; Homer noted their frequent arguments often brought on by Paul’s alcohol consumption.

Homer admitted that they had repeatedly tried to convince Mandy to break off her relationship with Paul throughout their relationship. Juanita learned of Mandy’s separation when, on November 28th, 2018, Mandy revealed to Juanita over the phone that she had separated and was staying with a mutual acquaintance; Juanita became concerned when Mandy didn’t attend the Thanksgiving 2018 gathering or could not be reached; three weeks later on December 17, Mandy posted on Facebook her need for time away, prompting Juanita’s assurances to her family that this post did not originate with her given its spelling and writing style – Juanita assured her family of this fact.

As soon as troopers arrived at the Lemay home, troopers spotted Paul carrying a gun inside and decided to detain him. While detaining Paul under false pretenses for murder and abuse of a corpse charge. Once discovered, Mandy had died, and police charged Paul under false pretenses for her decomposition-based death estimate while Jonathon King expressed his shock that someone could do such harm to a loved one he knew so dearly.

Where is Paul Lemay Now

Prosecution of Paul Lemay in Mandy Lemay Murder

Homer suggested Paul was motivated by jealous rage when he killed Mandy; however, Paul himself has offered another explanation. According to Homer’s account of Paul’s message sent via his niece’s Facebook messenger account, Paul claimed Mandy attempted to use drugs near him; Paul asserted she was under the influence of methamphetamine during their brief interaction. At his initial court appearance on December 20, 2018, Paul pleaded not guilty to these charges against him.

On September 22nd, 2020, Paul had an abrupt change of heart and confessed his guilt. That same month he began serving his 45-year prison sentence at Luther Luckett Correctional Complex, where he is currently housed; according to prison records, he will become eligible for release in 2038 and may shave five years off his sentence before eligibility is met for release.

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