In 1883, Why did Colton (Noah Le Gros) Kill Alina?

Why Did Colton Kill Alina in 1883

1883‘ has a penchant for putting its protagonists in perilous situations that lead to deep life and moral realisations.

Another comparable incident occurs in the penultimate episode of the first season when Colton is faced with a moral dilemma. The caravan is forced to confront a tribe of Native Americans in this episode.

Colton and Alina are pitted against one other in the subsequent combat. Colton is compelled to murder Alina, and some viewers may be perplexed by his decision.

If you’re interested in learning more about Colton’s choice to murder Alina, look no further!


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Why Did Colton Kill Alina

What Was Colton’s Motive for Killing Alina?

Colton, a young and gorgeous cowboy who joins the caravan in Doan’s Crossing, is played by Noah Le Gros in the first season of ‘1883’.

The group requires reinforcements after Ennis’ untimely death, so Shea hires Colton to help with the cattle.

Colton is brilliant and perceptive, making him an important member of the gang on their perilous voyage. Alina, a lovely and thoughtful immigrant woman travelling with the waggon camp, is played by Amanda Jaros.

In the 4th episode, viewers meet Alina as she sews some pants for Elsa. Alina, like the other immigrants, hopes for a prosperous life in Oregon, the caravan’s final destination.

Alina, on the other hand, will face tragedy in the season’s penultimate episode. The caravan is forced to take a detour in the 9th episode, ‘Racing Clouds,’ after Josef and Risa suffer serious injuries and must fight for their lives.

Furthermore, the group’s traces are jumbled up with those of several horse thieves who murdered Lakota tribe people. The Lakota people believe the caravan is to blame for the deaths of their relatives.

As a result, they attack the travellers, putting the immigrants at risk, especially Alina. A Lakota guy savagely rips Alina’s hair off during the skirmish, and the experience traumatises Alina.

In 1883, Why did Colton (Noah Le Gros) Kill Alina

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During the struggle, many immigrants are slain, but Alina survives. She, on the other hand, has fully lost her wits and is unable to perceive anything. The conflict has left an indelible impact on Alina’s mind.

After Elsa calls a halt to the fight, Colton checks to see whether anyone was injured. He comes across Alina, who is fleeing for her life and tries to assist her. However, due to her damaged state, Alina perceives Colton as a threat.

Colton realises Alina has reached a point of no return and kills her. Colton kills Alina out of mercy because he can’t handle seeing the poor woman suffer. Alina, who is insane, is destined to a place as violent as the American West.

As a result, Colton kills Alina to save her from a worse destiny. Colton feels bad about himself until Shea convinces him that he did the right thing. Colton kisses Alina and proceeds on his way, having learned a valuable lesson about making difficult decisions and accepting responsibility for them.

The entire episode exemplifies the fortitude required of a cowboy in the American West.

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