In [Netflix] Beauty, is Beauty’s father dead?

In [Netflix] Beauty, is Beauty's father dead?

“Beauty,” a Netflix original movie written, produced, and directed by Andrew Dosunmu, examines the 1980s music industry. Beauty (played by Gracie Marie Bradley) has skills from birth, which she develops with the aid of her mother. She has a lovely voice and exudes confidence in her ability to live the life she desires. Beauty’s father pushes her toward greatness while her mother is apprehensive to let her daughter out and about in a world that doesn’t show mercy to anyone.

There is no question that Beauty’s father (played by Giancarlo Esposito) is a rapacious and violent person. He is pressuring his daughter because he wants something in return for himself. Although Beauty is aware of this, she still loves him. After a while, they start to drift apart, but when she learns that he is ill, she doesn’t waste any time coming to be by his side. Even though their relationship is somewhat complex, Beauty and her father have a bond. Therefore, it raises questions when he skips her first significant performance. What went wrong with him? Is he dead? What you need to know about him is as follows.

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Is the father of Beauty dead?

In [Netflix] Beauty, is Beauty's father dead?

Yes, towards the movie’s end, Beauty’s father had passed away. When Beauty learns he’s suffered a heart attack, she realizes he’s getting close to the end of his life. He is hospitalized and doesn’t seem to be doing well. He explains to his daughter that he needs to have surgery since his heart isn’t receiving enough blood. This demonstrates that Father’s health is really poor, and heart surgery could make him considerably weaker. Just as Beauty is about to take the stage for her first significant live performance, the news that he has passed away is made official. Her mother is present to support and encourage her, but her father is nowhere in sight. We only understand dad is truly gone when Mother says, “Your father would be very proud.”

In [Netflix] Beauty, is Beauty's father dead?

It turned out that he was unable to recover from the illness and passed very shortly after the operation. Father is shown in “Netflix’s Beauty” as a rapacious individual who is constantly trying to increase his personal wealth. Despite Mother’s plea that Beauty shouldn’t be exposed to the brutality of the music business for a few more years, he actively works to have his daughter leave the house because doing so will bring in money. But once they’ve signed, Beauty leaves and doesn’t give him the cut he was hoping for. Even though he is in the hospital, he asks Beauty to make good on the money he should have earned. Whitney Houston experienced a similar situation when her father, John Russell, sued her for $100 million on the grounds that she owed him money for helping to negotiate the extension of her recording contract with Arista Records. The pressure to pay up came at different stages in their career in actual life compared to the movie.

Whitney Houston's Dad

Houston was a well-known singer and actress while Beauty was just starting her career. In addition to this, the passing of Houston’s father John Russell Houston, and the passing of Beauty’s father are comparable. Houston had a similar role in securing a contract for his daughter as did Beauty’s father. He had diabetes and cardiac difficulties, which contributed to his death in 2003. He had spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital before then, and Whitney took care of him despite their differences.