Is Beauty a Real Story? Is it Based on Whitney Houston?

Is Beauty a Real Story? Is it Based on Whitney Houston?

In the Netflix original film “Beauty, the titular girl attempts to build a career in music while dealing with her family and a covert relationship. The story is an intimate representation of relationships and how they are influenced by the pressure of popularity, written by Lena Waithe and directed by Andrew Dosunmu. The emphasis on extremely intimate problems, particularly that of identity, is mentioned in a very subdued but significant way. It causes us to consider the cost of fame and the things that can be abandoned in the quest for success. Gracie Marie Bradley, Aleyse Shannon, Niecy Nash, Giancarlo Esposito, Kyle Bary, Michael Ward, Sharon Stone, Sarah Stavrou, and James Urbaniak are just a few of the outstanding actors in the cast. Joey Bada$$, an American rapper, also makes an appearance.

You will lose track of time as the movie transitions smoothly from one scene to the next. It never overdoes anything, which is one of the reasons viewers are likely to become utterly immersed in it. Because it is based on truth, it feels more personal to you than something that just happens to other people. This connection makes us ponder whether the narrative is based on actual events. Does it have a basis in reality? Was Beauty a genuine individual? What you need to know about the movie is as follows.

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Is it true Beauty – Based on Whitney Houston?

Although the movie officially denies that any real-life artist served as its inspiration, it’s impossible to miss the many similarities between the tale of “Beauty” and the life of one of the greatest singers of all time, Whitney Houston. The events of “Beauty” take place in New Jersey in the 1980s. Houston started her career in the 1980s and is also a native of New Jersey. Houston came from a typical household, just like Beauty, and her mother Cissy was also a performer. Whitney received early singing instruction from Cissy. Abel and Cain are the two brothers of Beauty. They find out that Cain is their half-brother. Houston had two brothers as well. Her half-brother Gary Garland was one of them. Houston was signed by a prominent label at a very young age, much like the movie’s main character. She had actually been courted by two additional labels before signing the deal, but her mother was adamant that her daughter spend some more time away from the spotlight.

Is Beauty a Real Story? Is it Based on Whitney Houston?

In the movie as well, Beauty’s mother advises her to wait a few more years before preparing for her future in the music business. Her love story is another significant component of Beauty’s life that parallels Houston’s. Jasmine’s parents, who strongly disapprove of Jasmine, are not happy with Beauty and Jasmine’s relationship. Jasmine and Beauty begin living together when she relocates to New York, but they are forced to keep it a secret lest it harms Beauty’s profession. Jasmine in Houston was Robyn Crawford. They first connected when they were teenagers, and as Houston began her ascent to fame, Crawford was there. Although they denied it in the late 1980s, there were whispers of their relationship. However, Crawford claimed that they had romantic relationships towards the beginning of her career a few years after Houston’s passing. Their bond was “intimate on all levels,” as she put it. But Houston put a halt to it when she needed to maintain her public image and things started to go better for her.

When she informs her agency that she is unable to sing in either black or white, it further confirms our belief that Beauty is Whitney. She simply has vocal talent. This is a clear allusion to the period when Whitney Houston faced backlash for being either too white or not black enough in her singing.

The response from Houston was the same as Beauty’s. It is safe to conclude that Whitney Houston’s life served as some inspiration for Netflix’s “Beauty” given the many ways in which the plot and its many similarities. The movie does use some artistic license; for instance, Beauty is signed by Sharon Stone’s character, although Houston was signed by Clive Davis. However, the narrative’s heart and soul are strikingly comparable to those of the late, great singer.