Why Was Tim Kono Murdered by Jan in Only Murders in the Building?

Why Was Tim Kono Murdered by Jan in Only Murders in the Building?

In the comedic series “Only Murders in the Building,” Charles, Mabel, and Oliver investigate grisly murders that take place in their Arconia apartment building. The trio’s investigation into their neighbor Tim Kono’s (Julian Cihi) death is the focus of the first season. As the story goes on, readers discover that Tim’s murderer is none other than the modest bassoonist Jan Bellows (Amy Ryan). We have everything you need to know if you need a reminder of Tim’s passing and Jan’s motivations for doing it. This is the reason Jan murdered Tim in season one of “Only Murders in the Building”

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How Did Tim Kono Pass Away?

The first episode of “Only Murders in the Building Season 1,” titled “True Crime,” features Tim Kono’s introduction. Oliver, Mabel, and Charles are informed of their neighbor Tim Kono’s passing. Tim is discovered shot to death in his flat, holding a revolver in his hand and suffering from a head wound. Tim’s death was ruled a suicide by the police when they examined the crime scene. Oliver, Charles, and Mabel, on the other hand, feel certain that Tim was killed. A ring that was recently sent to Tim’s apartment is the only lead to identifying the criminal. Viewers will discover that Tim was Mabel and Oscar’s childhood pal in later episodes. Tim decides to prove Oscar’s innocence after Oscar is detained following the death of their buddy Zoe. He finds the ring that vanished from Zoe’s corpse the night she passed away. However, Tim is assassinated inexplicably before he can reveal Teddy Dimas and his son as the true murderers of Zoe (Olivia Reis). Additionally, the group discovers that Tim was poisoned prior to being shot.

Why Did Tim Kono Get Killed By Jan?

Tim Kono appears to have been killed by the Dimases for the majority of season 1 in order to conceal their involvement in Zoe’s death and grave robbery operations. However, Mabel discovers a bassoon cleaner in Tim’s possessions in the previsions episode. She consequently discovers that Tim had a romantic relationship with Jan Bellows, who lived in apartment 6A. Charles and Jan are dating, and they become more intimate as the season goes on. Charles quickly realizes, though, that Jan is deceiving him and concealing something. Jan tries to murder Charles in the “Open and Shut” season 1 finale. He defeats Jan’s plan, nevertheless, and learns the truth about Tim Kono’s passing. Jan admits that she and Tim had a committed love affair. Tim started acting covertly and ignored her after a while, though. Tim was actually attempting to purchase Zoe’s ring from a black-market vendor.

Why Was Tim Kono Murdered by Jan in Only Murders in the Building?

Given Jan’s psychological state as a result of her former partners’ constant preference for something else over her, she becomes resentful of Tim, and they split up.  Jan, who simultaneously learns about the ring, speculates that Tim is dating someone else. So she makes the decision to murder Tim. What exactly happened on the night of Tim’s death is revealed in a flashback. Jan pretended to be returning some of Tim’s belongings when she invited him to her flat. Tim was poisoned when she persuaded him to share a drink with her. Later on, Jan set off the fire alarm and took advantage of the situation to shoot Tim inside his flat. Jan thus made Tim’s demise appear to be a suicide. In actuality, though, Tim was slain by Jan as a result of their failed romance. Jan attempts to kill Charles after feeling that he has treated her similarly to Tim, which is a clear indication that she is suffering from psychiatric problems. In the end, Charles documents Jan’s admission, and she is taken into custody for her crimes.