Is Lifetime’s ‘Deadly Girls Night Out’ (2021) Movie Based On A True Story?

Deadly Girls Night Out Movie 2021

Lifetime presents a wide range of films, from romantic holiday romances to family dramas to gripping thrillers and mysteries. ‘Deadly Girls Night Out,’ directed by Ben Meyerson, is a suspense picture that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Willa is the protagonist of the novel, who returns to her hometown for the holidays after a long absence.

When she goes out with her high school pals Naomi and Tia for a girls’ night out, things go wrong when Naomi is found dead.

Willa and Tia don’t believe Naomi committed suicide, despite the clues, and resolve to explore and seek vengeance for their friend’s death.

However, the lack of evidence and leads suggests that someone is attempting to stifle their investigation and is now focusing on Willa.

She now has to race against the clock to uncover her friend’s killer while also preserving her own life.

The film’s dark and gloomy setting gives the cat and mouse encounter between Willa and the killer an extra edge.

Apart from the killer’s identity, we’ve got you covered if you want to know where Lifetime Deadly Girls Night Out‘ was shot.

Filming Locations for ‘Deadly Girls Night Out’

The majority of ‘Deadly Girls Night Out’ was shot in California, often known as “The Golden State.”

Principal photography began on October 16, 2021, and ended on October 28, 2021, after a two-week schedule.

With its stunning scenery, historic landmarks, and large-scale film studios, California is the epicentre of film and television production.

Let’s take a closer look at the particular locations where ‘Deadly Girls Night Out’ was filmed.

Santa Clarita (California)

The majority of the filming for “Deadly Girls Night Out” took place in Santa Clarita, California.

The city is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, with various canyons made by the Santa Clara River, which runs through it.

Santa Clarita has a long history and is known for its several movie ranches, which contribute significantly to the local economy.

Some of the city’s most well-known filming locations include Castaic Lake, Vasquez Rocks, Placerita Canyon State Park, and Melody Ranch.

Several films, including ‘Django Unchained,’ ‘Captain Marvel,’ and ‘Bridesmaids,’ as well as TV shows such as ‘NCIS‘ and ‘Santa Clarita Diet,’ have been filmed in Santa Clarita.

The Cast of ‘Deadly Girls Night Out’

Willa, played by Gina Vitori, is an unassuming young woman who becomes engaged in the mystery of her best friend Naomi’s tragic death and finds herself in mortal danger when she tries to seek the truth.

‘Frenzy,’ ‘Crazy, Rich, and Deadly,’ and ‘Tomb Invader’ are just a few of the mystery thrillers in which Vitori has starred.

Willa’s second-best friend, Tia, is played by Margo Parker, and she assists her in locating Naomi’s killer. Parker is most known for his role in the film ‘Retrograde Los Angeles.’

Naomi, Willa and Tia’s friend, is played by Emma Jessop, and she dies unexpectedly on their night out.

Jessop is also a talented singer and music producer. James Hyde (Emmett), Josh Murray (Trent), Annika Foster (Officer Danielle Katz), Preston Geer (Joe), and René Ashton round out the cast.

Is “Deadly Girls Night Out” (2021) Movie A True Story?

‘Deadly Girls Night Out’ is not a factual storey. The film depicts the death of a girl while out on a date with her friends and how they become eager to discover her killer before becoming the next victims.

Despite the fact that the plot is heavily fabricated, it is based on real crime incidents of women being murdered or assaulted on a night out.

The suspenseful thriller is propelled by a script written by Justin D James, who has crafted an excellent and compelling storey.

The film addresses classic themes in mystery films, such as misunderstandings among friends, a person attempting to investigate and avenge the loss of a loved one, and survival against a stalking killer.

The idea of the renowned film ‘Memento,’ about a man with a lost memory trying to discover the murderer and avenge his wife’s death, is somewhat similar.

Another film like this is ‘Scream,’ in which a masked murderer targets a group of teens, and they must figure out who he is before they die.

Even though ‘Deadly Girls Night Out’ isn’t a true storey, it is chock-full of tense moments that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

It joins a long history of Lifetime films that make everyone’s heart race for real, despite the fact that they are works of fiction.