Knives Out 3 Release Date, Cast and Everything We Know

Knives Out 3 Release Date, Cast and Everything We Know

Knives Out 3 Release Date – Knives Out 3 will carry on the plot that Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc began in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. Knives Out (2019) by writer-director Rian Johnson has been transformed into a contemporary whodunit franchise, complete with a revolving cast of A-list celebrities. In the weekend murder mystery film Glass Onion, Craig was joined by stars like Janelle Monáe, Ed Norton, Dave Bautista, and Kate Hudson. However, everything goes horribly wrong.

Similar to Knives Out before it, Glass Onion is a mystery with numerous layers, each of which can be peeled back to reveal a brand-new surprise. It certainly lives up to the onion portion of its name with the passing of Bautista’s Duke Cody and the shock of Andi’s (Monáe) own death and her replacement by her twin sister. Knives Out 3 will have to come close to surpassing the previous Benoit Blanc cases now that there have been two in total. Here is what is currently known about the follow-up.

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Knives Out 3 Release Date

Knives Out 3 Predicted Release Date

There will be another case for Benoit Blanc to solve in Knives Out 3, although the release date is yet unknown. The sequel’s brief theatrical run began in November 2022 after the first film’s restricted release in November 2019. A gloomy prediction would be that the third film wouldn’t be released until November 2025.

However, since Netflix is already on board, that might speed up the process. But since November 2023 seems improbable, November 2024 is the earliest possible release date. Johnson indicated that Knives Out 3 would be his next film in a conversation with Deadline before the release of Glass Onion, even though he could legally shoot something else first because of the Netflix agreement.

“That third movie is currently the most creatively stimulating thing for me. Therefore, I believe I will start speaking right away. That’s the shiny object I find my nose directed toward at the moment, not because of contractual responsibility, he said.

“I always have a Moleskine notebook with me, and I scribble down ideas inside all the time. For me, outlining everything in notebooks takes up the first 80% of the process. I’m attempting to advance.

Even as I’m promoting this movie, I’m trying to develop a framework and an idea so that, ideally, when it comes time actually to start working after the new year, I won’t simply be gazing at that awful blank page.

Let’s hope the third movie’s scripting process goes without a hitch so that filming may start as soon as feasible. Expect the threequel to have a movie run before its Netflix release, just like the sequel did.

Knives Out 3 Cast: Who Will Reappear?

One actor has been confirmed for Knives Out 3’s cast, and his name is Daniel Craig. Since his participation was a requirement for Netflix to buy the Knives Out sequels, it would take a significant setback for him to decide against returning. Otherwise, most performers may be newcomers, much like the cast of Glass Onion is primarily made up of players who are just starting out in Johnson’s game. Hugh Grant is another potential returnee. He makes a startling cameo in Glass Onion as Blanc’s companion Phillip (though Johnson has stated Benoit Blanc is gay; the role could be developed in a sequel).

Knives Out 3 Cast and story

What will the Story of Knives Out 3 be About?

Like Knives Out didn’t explicitly set up Knives Out 2, Glass Onion doesn’t directly set up Knives Out 3. It would be a brand-new case for Benoit Blanc to solve because the entries are, in a typical whodunit manner, all designed to be solo movies. That will be an exciting challenge for the plot of Knives Out 3, which will need to create yet another mystery that is intriguing, deft, and unexpected for both the investigator and viewers—though it is likely to involve another murder.

If Grant makes a comeback, the plot of Knives Out 3 might potentially put more emphasis on Blanc’s family life, which was given a little more depth in Glass Onion and seems ready for more development. After Knives Out examined old money and class and Glass Onion’s new tech bro money, it will be intriguing to see how Knives Out 3 carries on the series’ exploration of wealth and position.

Knives Out 3 Trailer / Promo

Sadly, no, as Knives Out 3 filming hasn’t even started yet, so we’ll have to wait a while. Two months before the film’s theatrical debut, in September 2022, the first Glass Onion teaser was made available.

We would have to wait a very long time if the release date of November 2025 is accurate, so the film may debuts sooner.

“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” is available on Netflix with a subscription.

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