Lloyd Tobin Murder Case: Where is Billy Wallace Today?

Lloyd Tobin’s Murder

Lloyd Tobin Murder Cas: Where is Billy Wallace Now? – In July 1986, while waiting for his sister in Palm Beach, a Texas man named Lloyd Tobin was killed. Only after the offender willingly confessed to his crime more than twenty years later were the detectives able to identify him. The case is meticulously followed in “Swamp Murders: Mystery at Palm Beach” on Investigation Discovery, which lays out the details of the incident, the subsequent investigation, and the fallout in a straightforward manner. We can provide you with information about the case, the perpetrator’s identification, and where they are right now. Let’s start now!

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How Did Lloyd Tobin Die

How Did Lloyd Tobin Die?

Robert T. Tobin and Rachael Garcia Tobin, who both passed away, were the parents of Lloyd Lee Tobin, who was born on May 11, 1956, in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. Lloyd, 30, was a stocky man who worked as a bouncer at a nearby club. Despite being kind and amiable, he was guarded when necessary and worked hard. At Palm Beach, Lloyd relaxed with his buddies, including 28-year-old Ali Marshall, when he wasn’t working. Rachael Juarez, his younger sister, and his parents resided in the same home as him.

On July 27, 1986, Lloyd was down at Palm Beach on the Texas lakeshore known as Lake Worth. He was holding out for his sister, who was expected to join him later after doing her laundry at home. Around sunset, picnickers at the exact location heard a gunshot and found Lloyd dead on the ground. He had been shot with a shotgun, the officers who arrived at the scene reported.

Who Killed Lloyd Tobin

Who Killed Lloyd Tobin?

At the scene of the incident, the detectives discovered a very inebriated Ali who was acting strangely. He was transported to the police station on suspicion of public intoxication, and after failing the polygraph, he was named the main suspect. According to the drama, witnesses at the scene of the crime recognized him as the man they had seen escaping. However, the police had to let him go because he had a solid alibi.

As part of their inquiry, Lloyd’s relatives walked the beach asking people whether they had seen anything on the day of the murder. When a witness claimed to have seen an orange hatchback leaving the scene, they may have found a lead. Without delay, Rachael went to the police with the information. On August 7, the authorities designated Timmy Duncan, a nearby drug dealer, as a suspect. He had a comparable car and prior criminal history but was acquitted when his alibi was held up.

According to the program, the Fort Worth police investigated several additional leads, including those people Lloyd may have had problems with and any other purportedly anonymous letters alleging a cult’s participation in the murder. However, the case swiftly went cold because there were no fresh suspects or leads.

Eventually, even Lloyd’s family had to give up since they understood that the case might never be solved. However, on May 11, 2009, Dallas resident Billy Wayne Wallace sent a letter to the cold case section claiming to be the person who killed Lloyd, nearly 23 years after the crime.

Where is Billy Wallace Now?

Billy Wallace, who was being held at Sugar Land Jester Unit, Texas, for 30 years on a separate conviction of indecency with a juvenile, was soon located by the detectives. He attacked and stabbed a doctor in the neck in 2001 while serving a life sentence plus 20 years in jail for the crime mentioned above.

He was frequently admitted to the mental hospital and was already incarcerated when the police went to meet him for his confession. He admitted killing a man in 1986 to Detective Manny Reyes of the Fort Worth cold case section, saying, “I simply want to confess to that.”

The police finally identified him as the one who killed Lloyd after verifying all the specifics of his version of events. He later admitted to many other offenses and is currently serving a mid-seventies sentence in a Texas prison cell. Even after all these years, the police were still baffled as to why he had admitted to Lloyd’s murder.

Rachael speculates, “There’s always that ‘why,’ maybe he confessed because he knows one day he will meet his maker,” contrary to the detectives’ hypothesis that he may have wanted to speak to someone after having already served a life sentence.

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