Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 22 Release Date & Spoiler

Love Island USA season 3

In the third season of ‘Love Island USA,’ episode 21, Cashay ploughed through the fallout from Cinco’s departure and Charlie’s consequent lack of interest in her.

Finally, Olivia couldn’t stand it any longer when she saw her buddy in pain, so she invited Charlie in to chat about his harsh attitude toward Cashay.

You can read the recap at the end for a thorough summary of episode 21. Now, here’s everything we know about episode 22 of season 3 of “Love Island USA”!

Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 22 Release Date

Release Date for Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 22

Season 3 Episode 22 of ‘Love Island USA’ will air on CBS on August 5, 2021, at 9 p.m. ET. The network airs new episodes on Tuesdays through Fridays and Sundays.

Olivia may have to choose between Korey and Andre in the next episode. Because viewers are unsure how genuine her feelings for Korey are, this unforeseen situation may reveal the Alaska native’s true colours.

Cashay will also have the chance to make a new connection, although she appears to be content with Charlie at the time.

Recap of Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 21

Cashay suffered a nervous breakdown in the most recent episode of season 3 of ‘Love Island USA’ due to Cinco‘s absence and her deteriorating relationship with Charlie.

When Charlie eventually agreed to speak with her, he revealed feelings for Alana, one of the villa’s newcomers. Olivia decided to step in and remind him that he owed Cashay an explanation for abruptly pulling away and that making a woman weep is the worst thing he could ever do.

Charlie eventually realised what Cashay meant when she told her that she had the right to cope with her feelings for Cinco or any other man in the episode’s second conversation.

Shannon and Josh embarked on their first date, during which he expressed his desire to continue their relationship and pursue her relentlessly. His admission overjoyed shannon.

On the other hand, Korey understood that while he has a deep love for Bailey, he is still attached to Olivia and would never want to damage her feelings.

Jeremy hoped to team up with Alana, who Charlie was pursuing until he reconciled with Cashay. She approached Alana, thinking that despite their shared affections for Charlie, their friendship would be undamaged.

In the end, two new men strolled in: “K-Ci Maultsby and Andre Brunelli”, the latter of whom immediately set his eyes on Olivia.