Mammoth Double Murder Mystery of Mark Reynoso & Maria Desantiago: Who Do You Think Killed Them?

Mark Reynoso and Maria Desantiago Murders

In January 2017, a loving couple who had made Mammoth, Arizona, their home was found slain outside their home.

However, any hopes of a swift investigation were dashed when investigators discovered a lack of evidence at the crime scene.

One of the two incidents addressed in Investigation Discovery‘s Still A Mystery: Guns and Secrets‘ is the death of Mary Reynoso and Maria Desantiago.

So, shall we investigate what transpired?

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Mark Reynoso & Maria Desantiago Murder Case

What Happened to Mark Reynoso and Maria Desantiago?

Mark Reynoso, 34, was engaged to Maria Desantiago, 27, and they were planning to marry. Maria frequently assisted Mark at the family restaurant where he worked with his father.

At the time, the couple was living on a Mammoth property. Mark’s two sons and Maria’s three sons from prior relationships gave them a total of five children.

Maria was regarded by close ones as a good mother who worked extremely hard & enjoyed dancing.

A 911 call witness reported six gunshots and then a woman crying in the vicinity about 11 a.m. on January 31, 2017.

However, when the police came to investigate, they found nothing strange; there was a firing range nearby.

But that began to alter at 12 p.m. When Mark’s father, Joe, dropped by to get some tools, he discovered Mark and Maria’s bodies under a tree outside the house.

Later, his wife contacted 911, claiming they had committed suicide. However, it was later determined that it was a murder.

The same gun was used to shoot Mark and Maria many times.

Who Was The Killer Of Mark Reynoso and Maria Desantiago

Authorities ruled out robbery as a motive after inspecting the crime scene. The remains were discovered outdoors, indicating that the assailant or assailants did not enter the residence.

As a result, the police assumed it was most likely a personal matter. However, they hit a brick wall right away because there wasn’t much evidence at the house.

While some leads surfaced, none of them turned out to be viable. The couple’s killer was believed to have arrived at their home in a midsize sedan or pickup truck, according to the police.

Accident By Mark Reynoso

Mark was involved in a catastrophic traffic accident two years before to the killings, which resulted in the deaths of three persons.

Mark was suspected of being the perpetrator, and he was charged with manslaughter as a result of his reckless driving.

When the murders occurred, he was awaiting trial. Since the tragedy, the father of one of the victims has been loud on social media, expressing his desire for a speedy conviction and claiming Mark was high on meth at the time of the accident.

Authorities claimed they investigated the accident as a possible motive for the murders and that nothing was ruled out as a possibility.

However, the case has remained unsolved throughout time, and progress has been slowed by a lack of clues.

Mark Reynoso and Maria Desantiago Double Murders Case

“It’s my gut sense that it’s someone known to the family,” a detective working on the homicides stated. It’s quite aggravating. I’ve spent a lot of time with both sides of the family.

I despise having unsolved cases on my books, and I especially despise not being able to fight for them.”

The family has expressed hope that the couple’s murder will be solved, but they have also expressed how tough it has been to live their lives since then.

“Every day, I drive past the spot where it happened,” Joe added. I make the cross sign twice in my brain (on his forehead). It’s difficult, and it’s complicated. I’m pretty optimistic about an arrest.

Mark Reynoso and Maria Desantiago Double Murders Rewards

I’m in the same boat as last time. We’re not going down without a fight. “We’re not going to give up.”

According to a 2018 report, a prize of $5000 had been offered for any information that led to a conviction.