Power Book III: Raising Kanan – Who Shot Malcolm Howard?

Who Shot Howard in Power Book III Raising Kanan

Power Book III: Raising Kanan – Who Shot Malcolm Howard? – Power Book III is a sequel to the television series ‘Power‘. An American crime drama called Raising Kanan made its television debut on Starz. The show’s creators quickly renewed it for a second season, which is scheduled to debut on August 14, 2022. The showrunners were able to announce an early Season 3 release on August 11, 2022, even before Season 2 could begin airing, due to the show’s success.

The 1990s-set crime thriller TV show is based on Kanan, a character played by 50 Cent, a well-known rapper. The series explains how the gifted rapper became entangled in the drug and criminal industries. After striving to prove himself to his mother, Raquel, who has built a criminal empire and will stop at nothing to keep it from collapsing, Kanan nearly killed Detective Howard as the first season came to a close.

Raq’s influence on crime and power will increase in Season 2. She has been attempting to increase her authority and coerces Kanan into doing whatever it takes to turn a trusting Kanan Stark into a ruthless individual, even if that means having him commit murder.

One of the pivotal characters in “Power Book III: Raising Kanan,” the prequel and second spin-off to “Power,” is Malcolm Howard (Omar Epps).

Based on what we’ve seen in the first season of “Raising Kanan,” Howard will most certainly be essential to that shift. Howard is shot in the “Paid in Full” season 1 finale. He is struggling in the aftermath of the season 2 premiere, “Back in the Day.” We can answer your question about who shot Howard.

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Who Shot Howard

Who Shot Malcolm Howard?

Three months have passed since the shooting at the start of the second season, and Howard has spent the entire time in the hospital getting better from his wounds. He claims to have amnesia and cannot recall who or why he was shot. His behavior in the first episode, though, suggests otherwise. While Howard’s memory loss is unexpected, one of his doctors tells Shannon Burke that it is not entirely unexpected. He says that the brain is a mysterious, intriguing device that buries painful memories and suppresses trauma. In fact, he claims that what occurred to Howard was as miraculous as it gets.

Howard’s cancer diagnosis was revealed in season 1. Howard has reportedly undergone a bone marrow transplant during the past three months, and his cancer is currently in remission. Even though Howard claims to have no recall of what happened to him, his behavior after being released from the hospital suggests otherwise.

The first season’s climax included Howard being shot by Kanan. Raquel, his mother, made sure that Unique, her fiercest adversary, would be held accountable. While Kanan was sent to Virginia Beach by Raquel, Unique was detained. In the season 2 debut, after learning that Howard has amnesia, she invites him back to New York City.

Unique is released from police custody in the interim since numerous eyewitnesses have identified him as being somewhere else than where Howard was shot at the time of the occurrence. We witness Howard watching Kanan from his automobile, despite his denials. He did, it seemed, recall something.

Why Was Howard Shot

Why Was Malcolm Howard Shot?

On his mother’s advice, Kanan shot Howard; he was unaware that the man was actually his biological father. In episode 9, “Loyal to the End,” Howard and Raq appeared to have agreed. Kanan would be given to Howard as a donor after she informed him that he was his biological father. In exchange, Unique and his crew would encounter difficulties conducting business, and Howard would guarantee that the Thomas siblings and Kanan would receive compassionate treatment from the police.

Raq, as we discover later, had no intention of keeping her end of the arrangement. In fact, it appears that she sent their son to kill Howard so that she could let him know how bitter she was about him as he passed away. It makes sense why Kanan develops the way he does in the first season of the show. From his mother, he has learned everything he knows.

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