The Anarchists: Where is ‘Jessica Kill’ Today?

Where is Jessica Kill Now

The Anarchists: Where is ‘Jessica Kill’ Now? – HBO docuseries “The Anarchists,” the reality of lawlessness, which examines how a group’s quest for a stateless community was disrupted by a string of bizarre and fatal incidents. Along with income inequality and individual goals, the lives of those dreamers who were merely promoting full self-ownership also included drug use, murder, and suicide.

But if we’re being completely honest, one of the most fascinating characters addressed in this docuseries isn’t even a full anarchist per se. So if you want to know more about Jessica Kill and her current whereabouts, keep reading.

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Who is Jessica Kill

Jessica Kill: Who is She?

Jessica Kill is supposedly quite well-known within the corporate entertainment sector across North America, despite being originally from the wonderful city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. Fast advancement through the ranks began when she was offered the positions of Creative Executive at Voyageur Film Capital and Production Assistant at BTV Productions in the middle of the 1990s.

She studied economics at Simon Fraser University from 1993 to 1995, even though her unwavering devotion outweighed the requirement that her educational background is comparable. After that, Jessica worked in senior capacities for several motion picture and television studios before starting her own company, Popular Press Media Group (PPMG), in 2011.

By this time, she had moved to Hollywood to use her distinctive skillset, a creative fusion of marketing, branding, and publicity, in every conceivable industry, including the public sector. Thus, Jeff Berwick finally became interested in her apparent success and hired her to work as the executive producer of Anarchapulco (replacing Nathan T. Freeman on short notice) in 2019.

According to the HBO original, Jessica ran this anarcho-capitalist conference for two years. Still, due to her strong opinions and outsider status, no one in the community really took to her. At one point, an anarchist observed, “She very clearly came in with her own mindset and agenda of how things should be done. She didn’t just come in and go, ‘Okay, Jeff, what do you want? Speakers, what do you need? I’m gonna facilitate this’.” Yet, on the flip side, Jeff not only backed her at every step of the way, but he also went as far as to insist that “most people hated her for no reason.”

What Happened to Jessica Kill and Where Is She Now?

According to what we can gather, Jessica is living a comfortable life in Beverly Hills, California, where she works as a Public Relations and Production specialist focusing on NFTs, cryptocurrency, and entertainment. She appears to have lost all ties to Anarchapulco and the local anarchist community, but she is more than okay with this as she already has a full plate of other endeavors.

After all, the 1993 graduate of Langley Secondary School holds the positions of President at 49Global Media, Producer at 2KILL4 Entertainment, and Senior Advisor on Blockchain at UMusic Hotels.

Jessica has ostensibly worked behind the scenes to support all of them financially, whether it is through music management, special events, or short or feature films. Veritas (2007), Cinco de Mayo (2008), For Christ’s Sake (2010), June (2015), and ‘Hoosier Detectives?’ (2017) are just a few examples of the latter.

Because the Canadian native likes to keep this element of her life out of the public eye, all we can infer about her personal status from her social media accounts is that she is a proud daughter, sister, and aunt who is happy with her life as it is right now.

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