The Anarchists: Where Are Juan Galt and Erika Harris Today?

Where is Erika Harris Now

Where Are Juan Galt and Erika Harris Now? – HBO’sThe Anarchists” is unlike any other documentary because it focuses on a diverse array of idealists, fugitives, and crypto-enthusiasts as they advance the anti-government movement. Even if they all desired to live peacefully as stateless people, things didn’t turn out that way because of differences and conflicts from every conceivable viewpoint.

However, Juan Galt and Erika Harris were two of those people; hence, if you’re interested in knowing more about them and their current situation, we’ve got the information for you.

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Where is Juan Galt Now

Who Is Juan Galt and Where Is He Now?

Juan undoubtedly spent the majority of his 20s in Acapulco, Mexico, among anarchists who shared his views, but by the time the year 2020 rolled around, he had had enough of the drama and the fatalities.

Thus, he packed his bags and seemingly abandoned the entire movement, abandoning the city, the Anarchapulco conference, and his close friendships along the way. In the original production, he confessed, “I started traveling; did a little tour of the world. I was such a hard anarchist that the only way I could possibly become de-radicalized was by… experiencing it.”

Because of this, even if we don’t know Juan’s current whereabouts, we do know he has subsequently succeeded in building a different but satisfying existence for himself as a Street Philosopher and a Bitcoin Evangelist. In fact, he maintains a website under his own name, where he just introduced the WTF Newsletter to cover ongoing financial trends worldwide and his comments on the same. He does everything from maintaining his status as a minimalist to writing thorough blogs to be a “frog connoisseur,” and you can follow his attempts through his social media sites.

Who Is Erika Harris and Where Is She Now?

Erika Harris originally worked a traditional 9–5 corporate job, but the “encouragement to dilute yourself” and the utter futility of everything in her head caused her to enter a condition of self-rule. She even stated, “Anarchy, I really feel, is our natural state. The desire to be and to express yourself. I think that that is just, you know, any child shows…[this is] the natural urge.” To join such a society, the then mid-40-year-old decided to go to Acapulco. However, she soon realized there was a complete lack of purpose and togetherness.

Erika did her best to help others, but when the income gap, social problems, and inherent split became too great, she relocated to Belize on Central America’s east coast to start again. You just didn’t get it after a while, she said. “When there’s emergency, when there’s need, when there’s pain, and there’s no one around to have your back, I would question whether you’re in a community.”

While it’s unknown if Erika is currently stationed in Belize, she seems to have made the best of her opportunities to move on through thoughtful and resourceful experiences. Her absence on Facebook and Instagram appears to be intentional, although she does have a YouTube channel and maintains a blog called Empathetic Writer.

She describes herself as a biophilic (lover of life); therefore, as stated in her bio, her calming films and words essentially blend mindfulness (inner liberation) with sovereignty (outside liberty).

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