Alyssa Kenny and Anastasia Alley Murder Case: Where is Richard Denny Nofsinger Today?

Alyssa Kenny and Anastasia Alley Murders

Alyssa Kenny and Anastasia Alley Murders: Where is Richard Denny Nofsinger Now? – Police were informed that Alyssa Kenny’s front door was opened in March 2016 by a neighbor. Police entered and discovered Alyssa, 28, and her 21-month-old daughter dead. They had many suspects, but this crime would reveal far more information about the murderer than these killings.

Murder Comes to Town: Friendly Foes,’ an episode on Investigation Discovery delves deeply into the horrific and devastating case, aiding viewers in comprehending the difficulties and the investigative techniques involved. We have all the information you need if you’re curious and want to know everything, including how Alley and Alyssa Kenny died, who killed them, and where the killer is right now. So, let’s just get started, shall we?

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How Did Alyssa Kenny and Anastasia Alley Die

How Did Anastasia Alley and Alyssa Kenny Pass Away?

A neighbor called the Galax Police Department to report an open door on March 10, 2016. Officer Chris Hines of the Galax Police Department was sent to deal with the situation and showed up at Kenny’s house. When he came across Kenny’s body, he was shocked. Investigators believe that when they heard someone breaking into the house, Kenny woke up and turned to confront the invader. She struggled with him until she died, and the violence that followed and the strangling wounds were visible on her corpse. The burglar then entered Alley’s room, sexually assaulted the child, and strangled her.

Given that one of the victims, Alley, was only 21 months old, the crime’s extreme savagery was horrifying. The investigation went cold for two months, with no arrests being made since the police could not identify any suspects or leads.

The family of Kenny and Alley established the Ally and Ana Foundation to provide scholarships to help with daycare costs and the pursuit of goals, whether they be in higher school or a trade. Just outside the Galax Police Station, a park bench that honors the mother and daughter has also been put in place.

Who Killed Alyssa Kenny and Anastasia Alley
Richard Denny Nofsinger

Who Killed Anastasia Alley and Alyssa Kenny and Why?

The Virginia Bureau of Forensic Science reported that a match had been made on May 17, 2016, more than two months after the DNA samples were taken from Alley. The 37-year-old Richard Denny Nofsinger’s DNA matched the crime scene sample. Nathan Lyons, the Carroll County Commonwealth Attorney, was consulted before arrest warrants were issued, and Richard was promptly taken into custody.

Investigators discovered numerous pornographic photographs of young children on his phone after his arrest. Richard was believed by the authorities to be a pedophile who intended to have sex with Alley, but her mother got in the way and was slain. Both the first-degree murder of Kenney and the capital murder of Alley were brought against him. He was being held in the New River Valley Regional Jail without bond before his trial. A special agent of the U.S. Secret Service had also filed a federal criminal complaint against him for the pornographic content found on his phone.

Where Is Richard Denny Nofsinger Today
Richard Denny Nofsinger received a life sentence without the possibility of release.

What Happened to Richard Denny Nofsinger and Where Is He Now?

Richard accepted a plea agreement and pled guilty to the double killing at the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia in Abingdon. He was then found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. One of the few family members of the victims who spoke with Richard before his sentence was Kenny’s mother, Stacy Ludy. According to Stacy, we essentially told him how much we loved Ally and Ana and how lovely they were as people and that he had no right to take them from us.

Richard Denny Nofsinger received a life sentence without the possibility of release in October 2017. Additionally, he admitted guilt to possessing pornographic pictures and videos of children that the authorities found on his phone. The investigators identified at least two children with whom Richard had sex in the films. On September 7, 2017, Judge James P. Jones of the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia sentenced him to 60 years in federal prison (Washington County).

US Attorney Mountcastle said that, “This defendant is a serial predator, repeatedly targeting the most vulnerable in our community, single mothers and their young children. On repeated occasions, he gained the trust of single mothers to gain access to their toddlers so he could film himself engaging in sexual acts with those children. The court’s sentence takes a dangerous, serial predator out of our community and probably saved other single mothers and their children from future despicable acts by this defendant. I ask parents to be extra cautious about who you trust to care for your children.”

According to official court records, Richard is currently jailed at the State Prison in Sussex.

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