Recap and Ending Explained of Apple TV+ ‘WeCrashed’ Season 1 Episode 5

episode 5 of WeCrashed Recap and ending explained

In episode 5 of WeCrashed, Rebekah’s new friendship faces some difficulties. Following Adam’s success and WeWork’s growth on the rise, we saw Rebekah decide to pursue a new friendship after she begins to feel marginalised at home.

WeCrashed chronicles the rise and fall of WeWork, one of the world’s most valued businesses. The show’s focus is also on the characters whose tumultuous love made it all possible.

The core cast features Jared Leto, who plays Adam Neumann, WeWork’s co-founder, in the major role. Rebekah Neumann, Adam’s wife, is played by Anne Hathaway, who also co-stars with Leto.

Miguel McKelvey, the other co-founder of WeWork, is played by Kyle Marvin. Elishia Kennedy is played by America Ferrera, Cameron Lautner is played by O.T Fagbenle, Jacob is played by Theo Stockman, Bruce is played by Anthony Edwards, Matthew is played by Steven Boyer, Masayoshi Son is played by Kim Eui-sung, Chloe Morgan is played by Cricket Brown, Jamie Dimon is played by Campbell Scott, and Scott Galloway is played by Kelly AuCoin.

The Neumanns’ fortunes and the titular firm, WeWork, are once again in the black in WeCrashed‘ episode 5. Following the financial crisis of episode 4, the infusion of billions of dollars from SoftBank and Masayoshi Son sends Adam on yet another crazy growth spree, eliciting varied views from his Benchmark Capital colleagues.

Meanwhile, Rebekah strives to carve out a place for herself in her husband’s growing business, leaving a trail of victims in her wake. The core couple’s heinous excesses, as well as their fears, are on full show.

The fifth episode of ‘WeCrashed’ leaves a sour feeling, so let’s try to make sense of it all.

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episode 5 of WeCrashed Recap

Recap of WeCrashed Episode 5

The episode begins with Adam stepping into a JPMorgan Chase branch with his trademark swagger and asking for a $50 million line of credit from an incredulous official. Until he searches up Adam online, the bank staff thinks it’s a prank.

Shortly later, the WeWork CEO emerges with a $100 million line of credit, which he immediately begins to tap into. After purchasing a home and a stylish company plane, Adam decides to use SoftBank’s $4.4 billion to aggressively develop the company.

WeWork quickly expanded to 20 more locations and now has a presence in 13 cities across six nations.

When Adam returns to the WeWork headquarters, he finds himself surrounded by worried executives from competing shared workspace firms. He shrugs them aside and focuses on celebrating his inclusion in the Time 100 list.

While her spouse basks in the adoration, Rebekah finds herself on the sidelines at the ceremony. She confides in Elishia, who is creating waves at the company as the new Chief Brand Officer, since she is bitter and feels left out.

Meanwhile, Adam and Miguel travel to Japan to meet with Masayoshi Son, who is displeased with WeWork’s recent expansion. The SoftBank CEO tells Adam that he needs to be even more aggressive, which makes Benchmark Capital investors Bruce Dunlevie and Cameron Lautner even more nervous.

episode 5 of WeCrashed ending explained

WeCrashed Episode 5 Ending Explained

Even as Rebekah fires WeWork employees on the spur of the moment, Adam is unaware of his wife’s animosity. With a Vanity Fair profile on WeWork on the horizon, she is furious to learn that Elishia will be prominently featured in the piece.

Rebekah grabs Elishia’s title of Chief Brand Officer in order to gain attention for herself, leaving the latter unhappy and hurt.

Meanwhile, Miguel and Adam are having a tense journey back from Japan, and the latter has decided to take over the whole shared workspace business in the United States. With WeWork having a 40% market share, Adam goes on an acquisition binge, smashing competitors such as Jamie Hodari’s Industrious.

The episode concludes with a sparsely attended, booze-fueled celebration of Rebekah’s new Chief Branding Officer post in the darkened WeWork offices.

Adam leaves the office beer tap open in the closing scene of episode 5, allowing it to pour brew even as he walks away. The scene serves as a clear metaphor for how the corporation is losing money despite having relatively full coffers and excellent earnings.

Adam, on the other hand, appears to have a new aim, one that Miguel (incorrectly) estimated on the way to Japan to meet Masayoshi Son (affectionately called Masa). They calculate that Masa expects a 7500-fold return on his $4.4 billion investment, putting WeWork’s estimated valuation at $33 trillion.

Masa, of course, never mentions a figure, effectively ending the financial discussion before it even begins. Instead, he presents the co-founders of WeWork to a robot created by one of the other firms in which he has invested, encouraging Adam to be more “wild.” Masa’s scathing counsel, paired with Miguel’s exorbitant figure, appears to be all the motivation Adam needs to pursue his ludicrously ambitious aspirations.

Despite the fact that Masa never mentions the $33 trillion amount, it appears that Adam has chosen to utilise it to drive his workers. Of all, Adam wants his company to “transform the world,” which means the higher WeWork’s estimated price, the more freedom he will have to be “crazy.”

At the present, it appears that Adam is promoting the amount to his employees in order to get them on board with his aggressive expansion ambitions, but he hasn’t established a clear price objective of $33 trillion.

episode 5 of WeCrashed Explained

Is Elishia Kennedy Fired From ‘WeWork’ in Episode 5

When Rebekah takes over Elishia’s role as Chief Branding Officer without notice, Elishia finally sees Rebekah’s vengeful side. What’s worse, Rebekah is doing it primarily so that she can be featured more prominently in the impending Vanity Fair article.

This is a devastating betrayal for Elishia, who had previously considered Rebekah a friend. Also, because Rebekah is the CEO’s wife, Elishia won’t be able to reclaim the position Adam originally granted her.

The episode closes with no indication of Elishia’s next move. Given that she recently left her prior employer, it is unlikely that she will return. It also appears doubtful that she will stay. Rebekah gives her another position (or title) half-heartedly, which she dismisses. As a result, Elishia looks to be resigning from WeWork following her brief tenure.

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