Taylor Toller, Shawn Boshuck, and Alan Pennylegion Murder Case: Where is Dustin Duthie Today?

Taylor Toller, Shawn Boshuck, and Alan Pennylegion Murders
Dustin Duthie pleaded guilty to killing (from left) his girlfriend, Taylor Toller, his stepfather, Alan Pennylegion, and his mother, Shawn Boshuck. (From left: Toller family/Shawn Boshuck's Facebook page/Supplied)

Taylor Toller, Shawn Boshuck, and Alan Pennylegion Murders: Where is Dustin Duthie Now? – The 2018 summer saw the disappearance of a young Calgary lady. Her family hoped she would be discovered safe for almost a week. But, a remarkable 911 call directed the cops to two homes in Calgary, Canada. They found three dead bodies and horrifying crime scenes within.

A week later, Dustin Duthie admitted to killing his girlfriend, mother, and stepfather in the Investigation Discovery documentary Evil Lives Here: I Found His Confession.” So if you want to know how Taylor Toller, Shawn Boshuck, and Alan Pennylegion died and who killed them, keep reading below.

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How Did Taylor Toller, Shawn Boshuck, and Alan Pennylegion Die

How Did Alan Pennylegion, Shawn Boshuck, and Taylor Toller Pass Away?

24-year-old Taylor Toller resided in a condo in Applewood Park, Calgary. She had been dating Dustin Duthie for five years at that point. Alan was always said to be satisfied and able to support his family. The 51-year-old was then married to Shawn Boshuck, and the two of them together raised five children, including those from prior unions. Dustin’s mother, Shawn, was a nurse at the time and was 52 years old.

On July 31, 2018, a distressing 911 call prompted the police to visit Taylor’s condo and Alan and Shawn’s homes in Hidden Valley, Calgary. They discovered Taylor in her bed at home, her throat cut. According to the investigation, she passed away on July 26, 2018. After that, Shawn was discovered dead with six stab wounds and covered with a sheet. In the restroom, Alan was stabbed eight times and sustained defensive wounds as well. A household dog was also attacked but lived.

Who Killed Taylor Toller, Shawn Boshuck, and Alan Pennylegion
Dustin Duthie

Who Murdered Alan Pennylegion, Shawn Boshuck, and Taylor Toller?

On July 31, shortly before 11 a.m., Dustin Duthie dialed 911. At the time, he admitted to the killings, and the police eventually arrested him. According to the episode, Dustin was always manipulative and had trouble with his temper. He was sentenced to five years of probation for breaking into a school as a child. It was also made known that Dustin and Alan, the stepfather, had a tense relationship and that Dustin had previously threatened violence.

The police eventually discovered that Taylor was with Dustin the day before and the morning of her death. They were observed by the building’s surveillance cameras several times, walking in and out. But shortly after midnight, Dustin drew a knife on Taylor and snatched her phone. Security camera stills captured Taylor sobbing. On July 26, 2018, around 4:03 AM, she was last seen alive on video.

Dustin was seen leaving the flat with a black bag and a “bed in a box” a little more than an hour later. Taylor’s DNA was later discovered on a bloody towel that the police discovered in Dustin’s trunk. The police felt that Shawn was the victim of the initial assault in Shawn and Alan’s house, with Dustin stabbing her six times and dragging her across the room. Alan walked downstairs as he attempted to clean up the blood with a broom and a mop.

Then, there was a fight, during which Alan was stabbed eight times and led into the restroom. Once more, Dustin tried to clean up, but he used a vacuum and carpet cleaner this time. He then showered, changed into new clothing, and shaved his head.

According to the episode, Dustin attempted to enter Taylor’s apartment after stealing Alan’s credit cards, phone, and car. On July 31, 2018, the attack on Shawn and Alan was thought to have taken place between six and ten forty. Before dialing 911, Dustin also purchased wine close to Taylor’s residence.

where is Dustin Duthie now
Dustin Duthie, shown being detained by police, slit the throat of his girlfriend of five years, then tucked her into bed, then days later, killed stabbed his mother and stepfather to death. (Julie Debeljak/CBC)

What Happened to Dustin Duthie and Where Is He Now?

When the police showed up to take him into custody, the authorities thought Dustin intended to be killed by them. He was eventually taken in, though, after about 30 minutes. A torn-up note that explained why Dustin killed Taylor was also discovered in the car. According to the television show, he needed to pierce human flesh with cold steel. The knife in the backpack was stained with Alan’s blood.

Dustin, who was 27 at the time, entered a guilty plea to two counts of second-degree murder and one count of first-degree murder in March 2021. Although he expressed regret during the sentencing hearing, the maximum term was given to him. Dustin was given a life sentence with a 35-year parole window. He appears to be completing his sentence at a prison in Alberta, Canada, at the moment.

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