The Resident Season 5 Episode 22 Recap – “The Proof Is in The Pudding”

The Resident Season 5 Episode 22 recap

The Resident Season 5 Episode 22 Recap – Cade’s father, Ian, assists in the surgery of a small child who has a rare illness that causes his bones to be extremely weak, leaving Cade to heal on her own. Devon must make some major professional options now that his clinical experiment has been officially pronounced a success. In the meantime, Billie is dealing with some new emotions.

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The Resident Season 5 Episode 22 ‘The Proof Is in The Pudding’ Recap

The Resident Season 5 Episode 22 episode opens with Ian entering his daughter’s room, where Conrad is examining her. She claims she is aware that the man who attempted to kill her has been apprehended, but she refuses to leave. Conrad informs Cade that he wants her to leave the room and stroll around with a walker.

Marco Anza, a 14-year-old boy, enters the emergency room, and Irving examines him. Marco tumbled off his bike, which he wasn’t supposed to be on. As they begin to lose him, AJ enters the room and does chest compressions.

Devon is investigating Albert, a teacher who has recently returned to work. Devon gives him a picture of his lungs, where the tumours had vanished, and he enrolled in their clinical study, which proved successful. Devon claims that the trial was rough yet effective. Devon instructs him to contact Grace and inform her of the good news.

Randolph advises Kit to elope because they have four marriages between them. Devon enters, and Kit inquires if he is being courted by other hospitals, to which he responds affirmatively. She assures him that they will match any reasonable offer. Devon says there are problems here, but it’s nothing personal, and he congratulates them on their engagement if he decides to leave.

Devon’s career is accelerating like a Ferarri, and there is no one in the passenger seat; Randolph feels for him. Marco’s x-rays are not looking good, according to AJ. They must operate because if he does not, he will revert to a fatal rhythm and die. Billie concurs. They inform his mother, but she refuses; Marco, on the other hand, is determined to live.

Marco tells her he loves her, but that being safe is no longer enough. He’s done a lot of research and is eager to improve his skills and attend college. His mother says it’s a serious decision that she needs to consider. AJ describes himself as a bold young man.

Conrad informs Devon that he has a job interview, and Devon confirms that he will be flying business class. Conrad reassures him that he can sort things out, that she is worth it, and that all of his friends and coworkers are present.

Ian rushes in to see Cade since he promised her a stroll, but when he finds Kit in the hallway, he claims he only wants to say hello, leaving Cade alone. She struggles to get out of bed and falls to the floor, blood all over her face.

Marco’s mother informs AJ and Billie that the surgery will not be performed. AJ is taken aback because Marco appears to be all in. She claims to be his mother and that she makes all of the choices. She warns them that if anything occurs, they can return home, but her little boy would be gone, and she will be alone. Billie says it’s all about control, and there’s nothing they can do as she walks away.

Conrad is at the nurse’s station when he goes in to visit Cade, who is on the floor with blood all over her, and her father has never returned to see her. Conrad patches her back together, and she tells him that she is used to her father not being there for her, but that he did give blood, so he did his bit. Devon is on his tour and is quite impressed; they want him, but he would not respond immediately away. They expect a response within the next week.

Marco’s condition is deteriorating, with fluid backing up from his heart into his lungs. Billie convinces his mother that they need to operate. Ian is still with Kit, and she tells him that Chastain’s staff is the finest thing about her. She receives a message regarding Marco’s surgery and invites Ian to scrub in. Conrad informs Ian that Cade has fallen and gives him a lecture, telling him to start acting like her father.

When Ian gives Marco some advice, he is in surgery, and AJ is working on him. Marco is experiencing tachycardia, so AJ thinks it’s a great idea. AJ requests bypass and request Ian’s assistance. Randolph and Kit are looking in, and they notice Ian’s talent. She sends him home to rest since he is fatigued.

Leela is in the office and inquires about Devon’s return to the hospital. He informs her that he has been given a position as the director of a disease centre. She thinks that’s fantastic and asks if he’ll take it. He inquires about whether he should, but she states that she will not make that decision. He inquires if there is still anything between them.

She says he has the final say. He tells her that she chose not to have children and that she didn’t tell him, and she claims that he is blaming her because he wants to leave. Ian returns to see his daughter, who tells him not to, that she is over it, that it doesn’t bother her, and that she understands. He informs her that Kit has offered him a position.

The Resident Season 5 Episode 22 explained

He says he’s thinking about taking the job to be closer to her. He denies leaving his wife, but she believes he did. Conrad enters, and Ian announces that he is leaving. When Billie and AJ speak, she reveals that she has fallen in love with someone and that there are issues. She is terrified that he will say yes, or that he will say no.

Padma gets all loosy goosy when he tells her that he is frightened of being a father. He is concerned that his child will not adore him. Conrad and Gigi will be fortunate to have her, he says. She wonders if it’s really so evident. Conrad informs Gigi that someone needs to be hugged before they leave. They enter Cade’s bedroom. Billie passes by and notices Gigi kissing Cade on the head of his bed.

The kit has returned home, but Randolph is still unwell. She informs him that the wedding party may be put aside, and he says he can’t see. She puts him down on the bed and informs him that his MAS is flaring up as a result of his excessive exertion.

Ian is shutting his duffel bag when he has a stomach ache and collapses on the hotel room floor.

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