The Summer I Turned Pretty: Does Susannah Fisher Die?

Does Susannah Die in The Summer I Turned Pretty

Does Susannah Fisher Die in The Summer I Turned Pretty? – Susannah “Beck” Fisher was the mother of Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher, as well as the wife of Adam Fisher, their estranged father. Even after her death, she remains a supporting character in the series due to her significant relevance and important role in the main characters’ lives.

She proves to be life’s rock for everyone, providing a strong emotional basis for her children, a close maternal figure for Belly (much more so than her own mother), and Laurel’s childhood closest friend.

Susannah wants her next summer with her family to be the finest yet, because it will be her final one with them. Her breast cancer has returned, and this time it is unquestionably deadly. Is Susannah Fisher going to die? This is what we know so far. You should be prepared for spoilers if you haven’t read the book series on which the TV show is based.

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Will Susannah Fisher Die in the End

Will Susannah Fisher Die in the End?

Susannah has been diagnosed with cancer, which is disclosed in the first season. It’s also revealed that this isn’t the first time she’s dealt with anything similar. She had previously had chemotherapy and had been able to keep cancer at bay. Susannah resolved to spend the rest of her life with her family and friends, having as much fun as possible rather than going through another round of chemo. She knows this could be her last summer, so she tries everything possible to make it the best it can be.

Jeremiah discovers that she has been keeping it hidden from them in the last episode. He’s also surprised to learn that Conrad was aware of it but didn’t notify him. When Susannah insists she will not undergo the treatment, her sons beg her to do so, if not for herself, then for them.

Despite her previous denial and adamant stand on the matter, she finally caves down and offers to test the new experimental treatment. While this gives others around her hope, Susannah’s fate has already been decided. Susannah will most certainly die in the next season if the production decides to follow the novels‘ storyline.

The first season is based on ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty,’ while the second season will be based on ‘It’s Not Summer Without You,’ the second book in the series. It all starts with Susannah’s death in May, just as Belly and her family are about to arrive at the beach house. This does not, however, imply that she is no longer a part of the plot. Various characters remember her, and she appears in flashbacks frequently.

Even if the second season sticks to the second novel in the series, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of seeing Susannah. We might discover her undergoing therapy, and if the writers choose to go a different path, she might survive. Therefore, Belly’s relationship with Conrad and Jeremiah is significantly influenced by the loss and sadness they experience following Susannah’s death. Her prospects of survival are slim. So, even if the show extends her stay, she will eventually succumb to cancer.

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