To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained – For the first time, viewers of Anime series To Your Eternity can see the citizens of Renril accept Fushi’s aid in episode 13 of season 2. To this point, he had to mask his true identity by pretending to be the Wise Man. In this episode, however, Fushi was apprehended by the locals and revealed himself, telling them he planned to defend the city from the Nokkers.

In the prior episode, Fushi learned about Hairo’s history and how he was born without the capacity to feel pain. Realizing he was imprisoned in the Church of Bennett, Hairo had escaped. However, Messar was successful in winning Princess Arume’s confidence. Afterward, Messar disclosed that Arume was actually his step-sister, whom he felt obligated to defend.

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 13 Recap

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 13 “The Wise Man’s Identity” Recap

Episode 13 of Season 2 of To Your Eternity is titled “The Wise Man’s Identity,” and it begins with Fushi rescuing Eko from a group of bullies. Even though she cooked a meal for Fushi, Fushi didn’t like it.

After that, Fushi tagged along with Bon and his “immortal friends” to investigate the city’s water system, which was riddled with holes. They had to be sealed off or fortified with metal walls because they posed a threat as potential entryways for the Nokkers. Accordingly, Bon organised the locals to get to work on the same, and progress quickly began.

Meanwhile, Fushi was working nonstop as Kahaku became increasingly concerned about his well-being. His request having been granted, the former settled in for the night. But Kahaku was fooled; Fushi was actually working late and had sent a double to pretend to be sleeping.

The next day, Eko did her best to pitch in with the rest of the crew and shoulder her fair share of the duties. This was when she discovered the city’s water supply was tainted and the cause of the problem. She informed the community, and the problem with the water supply was solved. Dinner with Eko and Fushi was planned for later. At this point, the latter group realised that the former’s food had only tasted bad because of the inferior water quality.

Time passed, and Fushi realised he needed to move on to the palace walls rather than continue working on the house reconstruction. But he could only do it covertly, so he enlisted Messar’s aid in convincing Princess Arume to make the Founding Day celebration last for a full week.

Kamu sought Fushi’s assistance during the week in an effort to woo a female acquaintance, and Fushi’s blundering revealed his healing abilities. Because of this, many locals began to suspect the Wise Man was actually Fushi. They decided to confront him, and they witnessed firsthand his abilities, such as his ability to create walls and buildings out of thin air.

After years of hiding, Fushi finally came clean about being the city’s immortal protector. At the moment when the populace was ready to rise up against him, Kamu recalled the many ways in which Fushi had helped them and their loved ones, and the ensuing consensus was unanimously positive.

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 13 Ending Explained

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 13 Ending Explained

On National Founding Day, Kamu approaches Fushi for assistance in a martial arts competition. He’s lost a fight to impress a girl and needs Fushi’s help to become a full-fledged citizen of Renril. One stroke is all it takes for Fushi, pretending to be Nando, to lose the fight. He feels someone pulling at his restraints and decides to teleport his consciousness to a different body to scare the man away—Nando’s inability to respond to questions or commands after landing raises serious concerns.

Fushi, upon coming to this conclusion, promptly re-implants his mind in Nando and acts as if nothing has happened. To wake Nando up, one of the men punched him in the nose, drawing blood. Nando runs away while assuring the crowd that he’s fine. His face wound heals in front of everyone’s eyes, increasing their suspicion of him. At dinner that night, the same people reflect on the bizarre occurrence, with Fushi’s immortality providing the only reasonable explanation.

Nando, a complete stranger to Renril, only adds to the peculiarity of the situation. That’s why they’re going to look into the matter themselves. A precursor to the Nando event, the rapid construction of massive walls in a single night raised suspicions. When the troops finally see Fushi construct the castle, they lose it. Camu is powerless to prevent it.

Camu is pushed, resulting in a minor injury, because he keeps trying to justify his behavior. In front of the other villagers, Fushi gives up and transforms to help his friend. When this occurs, people will remember him as the guy who provided support to a family member for several weeks.

Camu claims Fushi has always helped people in Renril, and he asks the troops to think back on the strange events of the past few days. Because they’ve all been here before, nobody disputes Camu’s authority. When Fushi returns to the downtown market the following day, he finds that people still recognize him but no longer treat him with suspicion. Fascinatingly, nobody seems to hold a grudge against him, and everyone looks up to the immortal hero he helped create. When asked why Renril looks up to him so much, Bon tells Fushi it’s because he is a savior.

In the thirteenth episode of season two of To Your Eternity, Fushi announced his status as the immortal because he was no longer afraid of the Bennett Cult and had no time to hide. Because of the situation’s urgency, he had to perform his work in the open. Princess Arume will likely make a great introduction to Fushi in the next episode.

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