HBO’s ‘Tokyo Vice’ Episode 6 and 7 Recap and Ending Explained

Tokyo Vice Episode 6 and 7 Recap and Ending, Explained1

‘Tokyo Vice’ Episode 6 and 7 Recap – Every action has repercussions. Every narrative has an impact on the world. Jake Adelstein may have had to learn the hard way that the news isn’t just a tale for the paper. In truth, it is a weapon of war that has the potential to affect the lives of many people, and in the Yakuza’s world, it has the potential to take some as well. As a result, he must be more aware of what he communicates through his words. In Episodes 6 and 7 of “Tokyo Vice,” Adelstein makes some rash decisions in order to acquire a good story, which jeopardises his job and undermines his connection with the police department, particularly with his father figure, Hiroto Katagiri.

  • ‘Tokyo Vice’ Episode 6 titled ‘The Information Business’
  • ‘Tokyo Vice’ Episode 7 titled ‘Sometimes They Disappear’

Jake Adelstein (Ansel Elgort), Hiroto Katagiri (Ken Watanabe), Samantha Porter (Rachel Keller), and Sato (Show Kasamatsu) are four main cast of the ‘Tokyo Vice‘ tv show. They represent the Kabukich district’s four facets: journalists, police, yakuza, and nightlife. Chihara-Kai discovers that Tozawa is bringing in a shipment of meth and informs Jake about it in episode 6, titled ‘The Information Business.’ Jake, in turn, calls his police contacts.

Samantha informs Sato of Matsuo’s whereabouts, forcing the yakuza member to act. Samantha grows concerned when Polina goes missing in episode 7, titled ‘Sometimes They Disappear.’ Jake assists Eimi (Rinko Kikuchi) with a story of a sequence of crimes in which female victims were murdered by their male partners.

In the meantime, Katagiri creates a trap for a dishonest police officer. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Tokyo Vice’ episode 7’s ending.

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Tokyo Vice Episode 6 and 7 Ending, Explained1

Recap of Episodes 6 and 7 of Tokyo Vice

In the sixth episode, Following the failed attack on Ishida, Chairman Nakahara, the head of the yakuza’s western division, travels to Tokyo for a peace meeting with Chihara-high-ranking Kai’s members. He makes Tozawa bow and apologise to Ishida, as well as pay a large sum of money to the de-facto leader of Chihara-Kai.

After Ishida and the others have vanished, it is revealed that Nakahara dispatched Tozawa to Tokyo to conquer the east for them. He was aware of Ishida’s murder plots. He cautions Tozawa not to fail again before departing.

Ishida gives Jake information regarding Tozawa’s meth cargo. When he brings it to Katagiri, the latter informs him that they will have to wait, much to Jake’s dismay. Jake speaks to Maruyama and appears to persuade him to launch a raid after chatting with Eimi, who reminds him that he does not work for Katagiri.

However, nothing appears to have been discovered, and Jake’s carefully cultivated relationships with the Japanese police are ruined in the process.

In episode 7, Eimi instructs Jake to investigate a case involving a woman who was murdered by her partner. She believes it is part of a pattern in which homicides have occurred as a result of police failure to respond to women’s pleas for assistance against their abusive relationships.

Despite Eimi and her team’s efforts and the significance of the topic, the article is eventually published on one of the inside pages and receives no attention. Jake tries to use Misaki, Tozawa’s mistress, as a source in addition to assisting Eimi with her piece. Meanwhile, Tozawa passes out during a function, unwittingly revealing that something is wrong with him.

Tokyo Vice Episode 6 and 7 Recap1

Which Police Officer Is Corrupt in Tokyo Vice Episode 7?

Miyamoto has been providing information to Tozawa; it is revealed near the end of episode 6. Jake was told the truth by Ishida. That airliner did have meth on it. However, Miyamoto, who was in charge of the search, ensured that the narcotics would not be discovered.

As a result, despite the fact that the drug route is always near to Tozawa, the gang members are never apprehended by the authorities. Katagiri decides to put up a trap after the body of the engineer who recovered the medications for the Tozawa washed up.

He informs other agencies that Organized Crime is on the verge of apprehending Tozawa, prompting Miyamoto to come snooping. Katagiri explains that they had been working on a case against Tozawa for months and that the engineer was their informant. He also informs the other officer that all evidence against the yakuza boss is being kept in a basement room.

Miyamoto then speaks with Tozawa, who instructs him to find out what kind of proof Katagiri has. He also swears that this will be Miyamoto’s last act of kindness to him. When Miyamoto enters the room, however, all he discovers are empty crates. A camera is mounted on the wall. Katagiri, on the other hand, is keeping an eye on him. Miyamoto understands he’s been caught in the act.

Tokyo Vice Episode 6 and 7 Explained1

Is Matsuo Dead or Alive in ‘Tokyo Vice’ Episode 7?

Samantha hears a voicemail from a concerned Polina questioning why she hasn’t been returning her calls in the sixth episode. Matsuo is later introduced to her, and she discovers that her father has employed him. Samantha agrees to undergo ten sessions with Matsuo instead of returning home and confronting her father.

Sato, however, learns of this and attempts to intimidate Matsuo, but learns that the other man has ties to high-ranking members of Chihara-Kai. He then kneels in front of Matsuo and asks him to leave Samantha alone. Sato beats Matsuo to death after he reacts with obscenities.

Where Is Polina

Tokyo Vice Episode 7 Ending Explained: Where is Polina Gone?

Polina is an East European who has moved to the United States. She gets abducted by a black automobile at the opening of episode 7 and has not been seen or heard from since. The situation shifts 180 degrees, and Samantha is suddenly concerned about Polina. She seeks Sato’s assistance in determining what happened to her companion.

Sato threatens Polina’s boyfriend, who admits that she owes a big sum of money to a local nightclub. Sato speaks with the owner and discovers that Polina has been transported to Yoshino to repay her debt through sex services. After Sato and Samantha’s relationship appears to be over, Samantha seeks Jake’s assistance in locating Polina.

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