What Happened to James Addie? Is He Inside Prison?

Where is James Addie Now

The discovery of Molly Watson’s death late one night in April 2018 sparked an inquiry with James Addie at the centre.

James was Molly’s long-term boyfriend and soon-to-be husband to her and her family. However, the investigation found that James was secretly married to someone else and was living a double life.

20/20: Murder of Molly Watson,’ an ABC News documentary, tells the disturbing account of Molly Watson’s death. So, if you’re wondering what happened to James following the incident, you’re in luck.

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Who is James Addie

Who Is James Addie, And What Did he Do?

James Addie was a lieutenant in Missouri’s Moberly Correctional Center. Molly had worked in the prison in some way when he met her.

After that, the two began dating and were set to marry in April 2018 after seven years together. Molly’s family, on the other hand, was unfamiliar with him.

“I’d only met him three times in the seven years they were together,” her brother, Tim, explained. It was simply a few quick exchanges like, ‘Hi. Bye.’ He was evasive and never looked you in the eyes.”

Authorities looked into James, who was roughly 51 years old at the time after Molly was found killed on a rural county road just days before the planned wedding.

They were shocked to find that James had already been married for 22 years to someone else.

“I got myself engaged in something I shouldn’t have,” he told the police when asked about his involvement with Molly.

Molly Watson

Soon after, he acknowledged to leading different lives, and his then-wife, Melanie, had no idea about the long-running affair.

Melanie had no idea that the cops had discovered a second cell phone that he used to connect with Molly.

Sandi, Molly’s mother, indicated that her daughter was unaware of James’ other life and questioned why she stayed with him.

“He would never look you in the eye,” Sandi continued. I’m not sure why Molly, of all people, would put up with such treatment. Sometimes I wonder if she was simply afraid to go away.”

According to the prosecution, James had Molly drive the twenty minutes to the country road, where he shot and killed her in an execution-style manner.

The defence, on the other hand, argued that the police did not perform a comprehensive enough investigation and that James was only guilty of having an affair rather than murdering someone.

According to James’ lawyer, his marriage to Melanie was troubled, and he adored Molly.

James Addie With Molly

What happened to James Addie?

A jury found James guilty of first-degree murder and armed criminal action in April 2021.

His trial was postponed twice in 2018 owing to a venue change, and a mistrial was declared in 2020 when the county was unable to assemble a jury due to the pandemic.

James was sentenced to life in jail with no chance of release, as well as ten years for murder and twenty years for armed criminal action.

“Molly was my greatest friend, my sister, who I will never see again,” Tim stated in court after his conviction.

This monster took her not only from [me] but from her entire family. My mother’s mental health deteriorated as a result of this tragedy, and she died this year.” James appears to be serving his time in a Missouri jail prison.