What Is Lot 6 in ‘Firestarter’ (2022) Movie? Who Created Lot 6?

What Is Lot 6 in Firestarter

What Is Lot 6 in ‘Firestarter’ (2022) Movie and Who created it. Let’s find out. ‘Firestarter‘ is based on Stephen King’s best-selling novel of the same name from 1980. Keith Thomas directs the science-fiction horror film, which is based on a script by Scott Teems. Charlie (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) is a young girl with pyrokinetic abilities who must elude a wicked government group bent on capturing and acquiring her abilities.

As the story progresses, viewers learn about Lot 6, a strange medicine. However, very nothing is revealed about Lot 6, its origins, or its relationship to Charlie. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for more information on those topics!

In ‘Firestarter,’ here’s all you need to know about Lot 6 and its inventor.

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What Is Lot 6 in 'Firestarter' (2022) Movie

What Is Lot 6 in ‘Firestarter’ (2022) Movie?

Lot 6 is an undercover experimental medication that plays a crucial role in Stephen King’s original novel and 2022 film version. Lot Six is made up of a chemical compound with hypnotic and hallucinogenic effects. Its specific chemical makeup, however, is unknown.

The drug was surreptitiously tested on multiple human subjects under the supervision of the Department of Scientific Intelligence, better known as The Shop, in the film. Prior to being tested on a group of college students, Lot 6 was tested on John Rainbird, who exhibited telekinetic abilities after being exposed to the drug.

Andrew “Andy” McGee (Zac Efron), Victoria “Vicky” Tomlinson (Sydney Lemmon), and numerous other college students later consented to participate in Lot 6 testing. Andy gained telepathy after the testing, while Vicky gained telekinetic powers. Their daughter, Charlene “Charlie” McGee, inherited their skills as well as pyrokinesis after they married. As a result, it’s safe to assume that Charlie’s abilities come from Lot 6.

While the movie does not go into detail regarding the other test subjects, King’s novel explains that not everyone survived the trials and obtained supernatural abilities. Furthermore, it is unknown whether more of the chemical substance exists or whether The Shop performed additional tests.

Who Created Lot 6
Dr. Joseph Wanless Created Lot 6. Dr. Joseph played by Kurtwood Smith.

Who Designed Lot 6 in ‘Firestarter’ (2022) Movie?

Dr. Joseph Wanless (Kurtwood Smith) is depicted as the creator of Lot 6 in the film, as he is in the novel. Wanless may have identified the original chemical composition and used it to create the medication. For unclear reasons, he named it Lot 6. However, nothing is known about Wanless and his study into developing the potent medicine that gives humans superhuman abilities.

The test subjects’ interviews in the film provide some insight into Wanless’ research. The participants are asked specific questions to confirm whether or not they have ever had a paranormal experience.

Captain Hollister visits Wanless later in the film, requesting his assistance in capturing Charlie. Wanless, on the other hand, dismisses the concept and advises Hollister not to pursue Charlie. He views his experiments’ creations to be abominations, believing that they will ruin humanity as a whole.

Wanless has clearly become dissatisfied with his findings and has abandoned his work on Lot 6. As a result, the current status of Lot 6 and any data associated with it are unknown.

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