In The Umbrella Academy, what is Mothers of Agony?


What is Mothers of Agony? – The comic book series created by Gabriel Bá and written by Gerard Way is the inspiration for Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy.” The show finds inventive ways to incorporate crucial components of the comics despite taking many liberties and changing a lot of the plot to adapt it for the screen. Despite some significant alterations to the primary plot, the third season incorporates a few elements that will appeal to aficionados of comic books. It is inspired by the “Hotel Oblivion” plotline.

Mothers of Agony is one of the comic book elements that make an appearance in the episode. We first encounter it in the middle of the season. By not revealing too much information at once, the show maintains the mystery as usual. Here is everything you need to learn about Mothers of Agony, including how it relates to the Season 3 storyline.

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Mothers of Agony: What is it?

A biker gang named Mothers of Agony appears in “The Umbrella Academy.” Klaus, who remembers the tattoo on their skin from an earlier incarnation of Five, introduces it to Five. Klaus warns his brother to keep away from them, but this just piques Five’s interest, leading to his arrival to their bar. Pogo, who is still alive in this timeline and is no longer connected to Reginald Hargreeves, is there when he meets him.

Pogo initially shows no interest in speaking with Five, but eventually, he tells her that the tattoo has something to do with Project Oblivion, Hargreeves’ covert goal. Pogo and his biker gang go after Five and say goodbye to the loving chimpanzee. After being expelled from the Sparrow Academy, Pogo appears to have gone completely wayward and joined a random biker gang. You will, however, be aware if you are familiar with the comics that this is not just any gang.

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Klaus cautions Five about them, but he never really clarifies how he is related to the Mothers of Agony. Klaus had formerly been directly connected to them in the “Hotel Oblivion” comic book narrative, whereas Pogo had never been involved. Following the events of the 1960s chronology, the group split up after this. In order to get his next hit, Klaus, who had developed an addiction, performed odd jobs for the gang.


Mothers of Agony are referred to as “dirtball hoodlum scum” in the official synopsis of “The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #3.” Although their location is unattractive and in a bad area, it’s the results that count, and man did they provide! Their psychic seemed to have used drugs a lot, yet as fast as we sat in their secluded, admittedly frightful chamber, it felt like my deceased father was standing right alongside me once more! He was privy to information that only my father could have known, including information I needed to keep my sister out of the trust.

This summary, which reads like a Yelp review, makes it abundantly clear that Klaus had served as a psychic for the motorcycle gang, who are unwise to tangle with. Knowing Klaus, though, something had gone horribly wrong for him to leave their service and look for work elsewhere. Although they are just briefly mentioned in the third season, their storyline may be expanded in the following one. It would be intriguing to learn more about their relationship with Klaus as well as how Pogo came to live with them.

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