Where are Chad, Joseph Rosebrook, and Carl Rosebrook now in the case of the murder of Daniel Ott?

Carl Rosebrook, 57 Chad South, 45, and Joseph Rosebrook, 59,

On May 26, 2006, residents of Geauga County, Ohio, witnessed a horrible scene when Daniel Ott was murdered in his own home. Daniel was a nice person with really no known adversaries, therefore his untimely death perplexed his loved ones. ‘The Perfect Murder: Garden of Evil,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, takes viewers through Daniel’s murder and reveals how the police investigation found a strange case of mistaken identity. If you’re curious about the case and would like to know where Daniel’s assailants are right now, we’ve got you covered.

Who Was Daniel Edward Ott?

Daniel Edward Ott

Daniel Edward Ott 31, led a peaceful life in Burton Township, Geauga County, Ohio, with his girlfriend. Daniel was just days away from relocating to Michigan to work as a Greenhouse Manager, and the pair had big aspirations for their future. He was described as a generous and compassionate person and was well-liked in his neighborhood. Furthermore, he maintained friendly ties with the majority of people and had no known opponents who wanted to harm him. As a result, his unexpected demise came as a shock to his loved ones, who continue to grieve him to this day.

What Caused Daniel Ott’s Death?

Dan and his girlfriend were enjoying themselves at home on May 26, 2006. He was sleeping on a mattress with his girlfriend when a masked man dressed in camouflage broke into his home on Claridon-Troy Road. The attacker brandished a gun and threatened to kill the couple. They had taped Dan’s hands together. According to the show, Daniel was able to break free from his bindings and engage in a fight with the gunman in order to save the lady he loved.

The masked intruder shot Dan in the chest with a shotgun and fled the scene when Dan sought to protect himself. When first responders arrived at the crime site, they discovered Daniel laying on the floor, bleeding to death, and rushed him to a local hospital. He was unable to endure the encounter due to his terrible wounds. When Daniel died, an autopsy revealed that he died as a result of bullet wounds to the chest. Daniel’s girlfriend, on the other hand, was not gravely hurt and was able to describe the perpetrator as precisely as possible.

Who murdered Daniel Ott?

Sadly, the scene of the crime did not yield many leads, making the first investigation difficult for officials. Investigators, on the other side, were left scratching their heads after conducting many interviews because Daniel had no known opponents. He was a pleasant man, and no one could understand why anyone would wish to harm him in such a cruel way. Despite this, the cops refused to give up, and in addition to looking for witnesses, they started investigating Daniel’s past in the hopes of a surprise breakthrough.

For years, the crime went unresolved and confirmed the long-suspected theory of a murder-for-hire gone wrong due to mistaken identity. After a very thorough investigation, detectives determined that Joe Rosebrook had hired Chad South (45) to carry out a hit on Daniel Ott of Akron. Chad, on the other hand, misinterpreted the identification and killed someone unrelated to the incident. They hired the wrong team for the job, and the innocent man’s life was sadly cut short.

The killers were looking for a different nearly 80-year-old man named Dan Ott from near Akron who had a long and colorful criminal career. Ott (the Akron guy) once assisted detectives in apprehending Joe Rosebrook, 59, a man Ott used to work with, who was charged with attempted murder. In retribution, Rosebrook allegedly sought a hit on Ott with the help of his brother Carl,57.  From his jail cell, where he was serving time for conspiracy to commit aggravated murder, Joseph Rosebrook orchestrated the murder. According to records, his brother was ordered to deliver money to the hitman. Chad South, Joe Rosebrook, and  Jeff Rosebrook were identified and arrested in June 2015 after a nine-year investigation into the slaying.

Chad South, Joseph Rosebrook, and Carl Rosebrook: Where Are They Now?

Carl Jeffrey Rosebrook, once in court, admitted guilt to the first-degree misdemeanor of obstructing justice and was only penalized with a $1000 fine in 2016. Joseph, on the other hand, was convicted of two charges of kidnapping, two charges of aggravated murder, and one charge of conspiracy, earning him a life sentence without the possibility of parole, as well as an extra ten-year sentence in 2016. Chad South was also guilty of aggravated murder and kidnapping in the same year, receiving a 15-year to life sentence for the first accusation and a 10-year jail sentence for the second.

Joseph Rosebrook is currently incarcerated at the Marion Correctional Institution in Marion, Ohio, as the release is out of the question. Chad South is being held at the Ross Correctional Institution in Ross County, with a projected release date of 2043. Carl Jeffrey Rosebrook, on the other hand, has kept a low profile since the tragedy and avoids the public eye. it looks like he lives in East Liberty, Ohio, where he has a life with family and friends.