Bethany Hill Murder: Where Are Jack Williams and Kayleigh Woods Now?

Where Are Jack Williams and Kayleigh Woods Now
Jack Williams, 21, and Kayleigh Louise Woods, 23, were sentenced to at least 26 years behind bars.

At a flat they all shared, a young woman was “brutally murdered” by her former boyfriend and his girlfriend. Bethany Hill’s hands were taped before Jack Williams, and Kayleigh Woods repeatedly hacked at her neck, eventually severing her jugular vein. After killing Bethany Hills in the house they shared in Stratford-upon-Avon, Kayleigh Louise Woods, 23, and Jack Williams, 21, were sentenced to at least 26 years in prison.

When police were called to an apartment in Warwickshire, England, to investigate a possible suicide, they were taken aback by what they saw. The discovery of Bethany Hill in a pool of her own blood prompted an investigation into what had happened.

Kayleigh Woods and Jack Williams, Bethany’s roommates, murdered her in cold blood, according to one of the cases on Investigation Discovery’sDeadly Women: Twisted Desires.’ So, shall we investigate what transpired?

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Bethany Hill
Bethany Hill was found in the bathroom of the flat the trio shared

Kayleigh Woods and Jack Williams: Who Are They?

On February 3, 2016, shortly after 7 p.m., Kayleigh Woods, a transgender woman, contacted 911 to report her closest friend and roommate dead in the restroom. Kayleigh stated at the time that she had gone to work and then returned home to find the horror. After that, Kayleigh claimed she cleaned up before phoning the cops. Bethany had been suicidal and had most likely killed herself, according to her. What the authorities discovered there, however, contradicted Kayleigh’s story.

Bethany was discovered dripping in blood in the bathroom. Duct tape had been used to bind the 20-year-wrists old’s and ankles, and she had many slashes across the back of her neck. Her throat had been slashed repeatedly with a knife, with one of the incisions severing her jugular vein. Furthermore, Bethany had been dead for a few hours, and the authorities suspected that her roommates were aware of her death.

Bethany was living with Kayleigh, and a man called Jack Williams at the time of the incident. Bethany and Jack had dated briefly when they were younger, and then she met Kayleigh at Stratford University in England. Bethany introduced Kayleigh to Jack, and the two became fast friends.

Bethany Hill and Kayleigh Woods
Bethany Hill and Kayleigh Woods

Authorities later indicated that Bethany and Kayleigh’s relationship was tumultuous. Jack was dating Kayleigh at the time of the 20-year-death, old’s, and the three of them shared a home. The couple slept in the living room while Bethany occupied the bedroom.

Because Bethany had planned to have a child with Kayleigh at one point, the equation the three shared appeared to be complicated. The prosecution then claimed that the couple killed Bethany for “perverted pleasure,” claiming that Jack arrived home from work at about 1 a.m. on February 3, 2016, and the two then murdered her. In Kayleigh’s grandmother’s attic, officials discovered a doll in a box that belonged to her. The doll was bound and gagged, and its hair was the same colour as Bethany’s.

where is Jack Williams today

What Has Happened to Kayleigh Woods and Jack Williams and Where are They Now?

Jack’s counsel argued at his January 2017 trial that he was suffering from mental health concerns and had blacked out before to the murder. Kayleigh claimed that she was afraid of Jack and hence went along with his scheme. Around the time the murder was suspected of having occurred, a neighbour testified to hearing moaning and the sound of a head hitting a wall.

Another witness claimed the pair had been looking into demonic practises. Both were found guilty of murdering Bethany in the end. Kayleigh (then 23) and Jack (then 21) were given life sentences with a minimum of 26 years in jail. Kayleigh was imprisoned at HM Prison Gartree in Leicestershire, England, according to a report dated 2019. Jack likewise appears to be doing his term in an English correctional prison.

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