John and Joyce Sheridan Murder: Where Are John and Joyce Sheridan’s Sons Today?

Where Are John and Joyce Sheridan’s Sons Now

Mark and Matt Sheridan Now: Where John and Joyce Sheridan’s Sons Now? – The high-profile case of John and Joyce Sheridan’s killings is investigated in WNYC Radio’s ‘Dead End: A New Jersey Political Murder Mystery.’ Authorities first ruled the couple’s death a murder-suicide after they were discovered dead in their bedroom under strange circumstances.

They suspected John of murdering his wife before turning the gun on himself. Mark, Matt, Dan, and Tim, the couple’s four kids, disagreed with the conclusions and initiated a campaign to get them modified. So, if you’re curious about their whereabouts today, here’s what we know!

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Who Are John and Joyce Sheridan’s Sons
Photo: New York Times / Sheridan Family

Who Are John Sheridan and Joyce Sheridan’s Sons?

John and Joyce Sheridan were married for 47 years and had four kids, including twins Mark and Matt, as well as Dan and Tim, two more brothers. Matt was living with his parents at the time of the incident, but he was on a fishing trip. Matt called his twin, Mark, around 6:45 a.m. on September 28, 2014, to inform them about the fire. Mark was in New York City, New York, with his wife, celebrating their anniversary.

So Mark went straight to his parents’ house, and by the time he got there, he had learned of their demise. On the way, Mark picked up Tim, and Dan was already there. Mark, as a lawyer, intended to gather as many facts as he could while holding his emotions at bay. “They’re asking us a lot of questions, but we’re not getting a lot of information,” he noted at the time. In another twist, when Matt arrived, the cops discovered cocaine in his car and detained him. The charges, however, were later dropped.

When the family learned that John and Joyce’s deaths have ruled a murder-suicide by the authorities, they expressed their displeasure loudly. Mark wrote a letter to the acting state attorney general at the time on behalf of himself and his brothers. He chastised the medical examiner’s office and pointed out its accreditation problems.

“The medical examiner’s system in New Jersey is a mess, an embarrassment,” Mark continued. MEs should not be under the jurisdiction of the attorney general or the police. They should not act as state agents.”

The manner in which the crime scene was handled also disappointed the brothers. An insurance agent discovered a fire poker in the bathroom by an insurance agent, and an expert later concluded that it was possibly used to inflict blunt-force injuries on John.

In addition, the brothers later discovered a piece of resolidified metal beside John’s remains. It could have been a piece of the armoire that fell on him, or it could have been a knife that stabbed him; the weapon had not been found.

Mark filed a lawsuit in 2015, requesting that his father’s cause of death be changed to “undetermined.” John could not have killed Joyce and then killed himself, according to the family, because there was no indication that he was suicidal until that point. Matt even mentioned that the family was exploring the idea that Joyce, who was known for her fury, had sparked an outburst.

We’ve had some awful conversations among ourselves about the various options,” Matt said, “but we’ve had them.” But, considering Joyce’s height and health issues, they concluded that she could not possibly have attacked her husband.

Where Mark and Matt Sheridan Now

What Has Happened to Mark and Matt Sheridan and Where Are They Now?

When the authorities changed John’s cause of death from suicide to uncertainty, the brothers were able to complete their mission. Mark wrote to the Attorney General in January 2022, requesting that any links between his parents’ deaths and another comparable murder that occurred in May 2014 be investigated.

The suspect, who had a kitchen knife in his possession when he was captured the day after the Sheridans’ killings, was apprehended the next day. In his letter, Mark claimed that a knife had gone missing from his parents’ kitchen.

After graduating from Rutgers Law School in New Jersey, Mark is a partner with Squire Patton Boggs, a law firm in Summit. He’s been in that role for over a decade and previously worked as a counsel for the New Jersey Republican Party. Matthew, a stockbroker, used to live with his parents, but he now resides in Belle Mead, New Jersey, according to our information.

Dan is currently the President and Chief Revenue Officer of a New York City-based human resources organization. Tim, on the other hand, appears to live in Bound Brook, New Jersey, and owns a home restoration business. The brothers have now sold their parents’ house, but they have kept the blood-stained portions of the wall for further examination. For the time being, it is kept in a private laboratory.

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