Where Are Matt Wright and His Wife Kaia Today?

Where Are Matt Wright and His Wife Kaia Today

Where Are Matt Wright and His Wife Kaia Now? – An Australian wildlife reality show on Netflix called “Wild Croc Territory,” also known as “Matt Wright’s Wild Territory,” follows Matt Wright and his team. The Australian television show, based in the Northern Territory, follows the cast as they hunt down and save wild crocodiles who go too close to populated areas. The team wants to relocate the animals successfully without harming them.

The show focuses on Matt Wright and his wife, Kaia Wright, aside from the thrilling scenes with perilous crocodiles. Fans learn about the couple’s preferences for spending time together and their future goals through the television series. The sitcom’s first season introduced viewers to many endearing moments in Matt and Kaia’s lives. Viewers are understandably curious about the couple’s present whereabouts, and we are here to provide that information!

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The Journey of Matt Wright and Kaia Wright Together

On Australia’s Rottnest Island in 2014, Matt and Kaia had their first encounter. At the time, Kaia Hammond had finished her degree in communications and was preparing to go to London to pursue a corporate position. Her choice was far from final, and she was still determining if it was the best course of action for her. Kaia was having fun with her pals on a yacht docked off Rottnest Island when she was interrogated about her dating life because she had been alone for a while. She said that she was done looking for a boyfriend and hoped that an angel would fall from the sky after a few glasses of champagne.

Coincidentally, Matt Wright went to Rottnest Island that same afternoon to locate one of his colleagues to handle a forthcoming assignment. So Kaia’s interest was undoubtedly aroused when his helicopter touched down close to where she was partying on the Rottnest beach. Both believed that a chat was more than appropriate given their frantic and, to be honest, odd encounter. After some time, the two swapped numbers and were saved as “Big Kid” and “Kaia Legend” on each other’s phones.

Since their fairytale encounter, Matt and Kaia have kept in touch and started dating soon after. The latter decided to be married and proposed to his fiancée on November 6, 2016. In the late afternoon, Matt took his chopper to Pee Wee Restaurant in East Point, Australia, and proposed. Kaia joyfully said yes.

On November 10, 2017, the happy pair exchanged vows at Western Australia’s Empire Spa Retreat. The ceremony was undeniably stunning and filled the happy couple with delight. In August 2019, Kaia and Matt welcomed their son Banjo, who quickly increased their family. After their stay in “Wild Croc Territory,” we are certain that the readers are curious to learn more about what the Wrights are doing now. Here is what we know about the subject at hand.

Where Are Kaia and Matt Wright Now?

As of this writing, Matt and Kaia are a happy couple. In August 2022, their son Banjo turned three, much to the joy of the delighted parents. The fact that Matt and Kaia are expecting their second child may be known to viewers of the Netflix series. Their daughter is due soon and is expected to arrive within the next several months. Chris “Willow” Wilson, a close friend of the couple, tragically died in a helicopter accident in February 2022, and they mourned him bitterly.

Currently, Matt is the proprietor of Tiwi Island Retreat and Top End Safari Camp. The former is a crocodile sanctuary that provides visitors with various outback activities. On the other hand, “Wild Croc Territory” detailed the beginnings of the Tiwi Island Retreat. The exclusive beachside home on Australia’s Bathurst Island is a lovely getaway location for those who enjoy the ocean.

Additionally, Matt is the owner of the Helibrook Commercial Helicopter Company, and the Matt Wright Explore the Wild Group. The crocodile expert has taken on the role of the face of the Northern Territory as one of the most important figures in the area. In addition to assisting Matt with his profession, Kaia uses her social media following for advertising various brands. We send the happy Wright family our best wishes for a wonderful life and a bright future.

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