Randy McCullar Murder: Where Are Shonda Johnson and Timothy Richards Today?

Where Are Shonda Johnson and Timothy Richards Now

Randy McCullar Murder: Where Are Shonda Johnson and Timothy Richards Now? – In Jasper, Alabama, a passerby discovered a dead person next to a parked automobile in November 1997 and immediately called the police. When Randy McCullar was discovered dead, his wife, Shonda Johnson gave the police the location. The following day, everyone was surprised.

Timothy Richards was one of the three husbands Shonda had at the same time. The second case of “Deadly Women: Two to Tangle” on Investigation Discovery focuses on how Shonda persuaded Timothy to murder Randy. Let’s investigate what occurred, shall we?

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Timothy Richards
Timothy Richards

Who Are Timothy Richards and Shonda Johnson?

Shonda has a history of relationships and has dropped out of high school. When she was 28 years old, she had already gone through two divorces and been simultaneously married to three other men. Then, in June 1995, Randy and Shonda got married. Months after their split, Shonda started dating Bill McIntyre, whom she eventually wed while still legally married to Randy.

After a second brief romance, Shonda wed Timothy in May 1997. After some time, Randy learned about her multiple marriages and accused her of bigamy. In addition to all of that, he sought custody of their little son. The police thought Shonda wanted Randy killed in order to prevent him from testifying against her in court. So, after months of planning, she requested Timothy to murder Randy.

Shonda and Timothy were eating supper at his sister’s house a few days before to the murder. They discussed carrying a rifle and going “headhunting” at the time. The sister also overheard the duo discussing Randy raping Shonda. According to the investigation, Randy was also present when Shonda and Timothy went to a nearby bar on November 29, 1997.

Timothy slashed Randy’s automobile tyre, and they subsequently discovered Randy turning into a church parking lot. Randy and Shonda had a brief argument before the latter turned around. Timothy later testified that Shonda yelled at him to shoot Randy as she handed him a hunting weapon. Randy was hit in the back of the head by Timothy after he complied. After that, the couple threw the pistol into a river from a bridge.

Shonda Johnson now
Shonda Johnson

Where Are Timothy Richards and Shonda Johnson Now?

The police were also informed by one of Shonda’s ex-boyfriends that she had discussed killing Randy with him. To prevent Shonda from receiving the death penalty, Timothy helped the police and provided evidence against her. After entering a plea of guilty to murder, he was given a life sentence with the chance of release in February 2000. Shonda was found guilty of murder in the first degree in October 1999, and the death penalty was later imposed.

Timothy Richards now
Timothy Richards

When Timothy was just over a year away from becoming eligible for parole, in April 2012, he broke out of an Alabama minimal security facility. But a few days later, he was apprehended at an apartment in Canton, Ohio. He is still detained, according to prison records, at the Hamilton Aged and Infirmed Center in Marion County, Alabama. In 2027, Timothy will be given parole consideration. However, Shonda is still incarcerated in the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women in Wetumpka, Alabama, where she is facing death.

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