Where Are Warren Jeffs’ Wives Today? How Many Wives Do FLDS Have?

Where Are Warren Jeffs’ Wives Now1

Where Are Warren Jeffs’ Wives now? Let’s find out some on them now. Warren Jeffs, who was once on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list, was found guilty in 2011 of sexually assaulting two of his “kid brides” and was sentenced to life in prison plus 20 years. His religion states that a man must have at least three wives in order to be saved. Girls and women in the group, as well as his male followers, were subjected to various forms of control under Jeffs. According to ABC News, disobeying Jeffs might result in expulsion from the community.

Warren Steed Jeff was born on December 3, 1955, and is the former leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), a polygamous Mormon denomination and one of the harshest religious groups in the United States. Warren grew raised in the FLDS community and witnessed the practise of polygamy, or plural marriage, being practised.

He even served as the principal of Alta Academy, an FLDS private school in Salt Lake City, Utah, for more than 20 years, where he was renowned as “a stickler for regulations and discipline” and insisted on order.

Warren was placed on the FBI’s most-wanted list in 2006 for arranging marriages between his adult male followers and underage girls in Utah, and when evidence of sexual assault of underage girls was discovered during a raid on the FLDS compound in Texas in 2008, Warren was extradited and found guilty of sexual assault of a child, receiving a life sentence plus twenty years.

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Where are Warren Jeffs' Wives now

Who Are Warren Jeffs Wives?

Rulon Jeffs, Warren’s father, became the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in 1986, changing the entire structure of the community and eliminating the council in order to become the single leader. Rulon is claimed to have had roughly 50 wives and 60 children, one of whom became his successor, Warren.

Warren was given the official titles of “President and Prophet, Seer and Revelator” as well as “President of the Priesthood” in the FLDS after Rulon died in 2002. Warren advised his father’s widowers to carry on as if he were still living, and within a week, had married all but two of them.

One of them had refused to marry again and had been barred from doing so, while the other had abandoned the compound. Rulon’s favourite wife was Naomi Jessop, who was one of the first of Rulon’s wives to accept Warren as her husband.

Warren had several spouses in addition to his father’s. He is said to be married to over 87 women and to have fathered more than 50 children. Because he was the sole leader, he had the right to choreograph and perform marriages; as a result, he not only allocated spouses to men, but also transferred women and children to others in order to maintain discipline.

He ripped families apart, excommunicated young male members of the church, and married young girls. He even forbade socialising, the use of most technologies, and communication with the outside world.

Warren Jeffs’ Wives: Where Are They Now?

Some of Warren Jeffs’ wives were thrilled when he was sentenced to life in jail plus 20 years in 2011 for raping youngsters, but others stood behind him to support him. After his imprisonment, his 65th wife, Brielle Decker, who had fled after being forced to marry him at the age of 18, was given the keys to his 3-acre property in Colorado City, Arizona. She then went on to establish The Dream Center, a global non-profit sanctuary organisation.

'Brielle Decker' Attempts To Assist Others In Getting Away
Brielle Decker

‘Brielle Decker’ Attempts To Assist Others In Getting Away

Warren Jeffs’ 65th wife, Brielle Decker (born Lynette Warner), opened up to Fox 10 Phoenix about her traumatic existence inside the cult and the aftermath of her husband’s conviction. Her father handed her up to Jeffs on her 18th birthday, after she had been a member of the church since birth. Decker thought Jeffs wasn’t “actually that interested” in her since he favoured ladies who weren’t of legal age.

“He acted strangely even though I was only a small child. ‘You’re going to marry Warren Jeffs,’ people have told me since I can remember, “Decker told Fox 10 Phoenix about the situation. Decker eventually made his way out of the complex.

She encountered Krystyn Decker and the Sound Choices Coalition, a group dedicated to helping women recover from and escape polygamy, after calling authorities. Lynette Warner changed her name to Brielle Decker only after Decker adopted her.

Brielle Decker acquired the keys to a property Warren Jeffs had owned in Colorado City, Arizona, after his conviction. She converted it into a shelter for The Dream Center, a global non-profit that converts buildings into shelters, and now devotes her time to assisting those in need.

Mildred Blackmore
Mildred Blackmore

Mildred Blackmore has Decided to Stay

Warren Jeffs’ followers did not all abandon their fundamentalist roots. Mildred “Millie” Blackmore, who married Jeffs in 2004 when she was 13 years old, is said to have fled to another polygamist compound in Canada after her husband was imprisoned. In 2016, her brother, Brandon S. Blackmore, told The Salt Lake Tribune that she was living in Bountiful, British Columbia, with their mother.

Despite the fact that he did not contact her, he stated that she was dressed in “the same FLDS clothing” when he spotted her and that she admittedly remains Jeffs’ loyalist. Following the meeting, he told The Salt Lake Tribune, “I haven’t addressed her since she wouldn’t talk to me anyway.”

Millie was one of at least two other teenage girls from Canada who were married to Jeffs. The location of the other two verified Blackmore sisters, Alyshia Rae and Nolita Colleen, are now unknown.

Warren Jeffs' Wives Who Persisted

Warren Jeffs’ Wives Who Persisted

Other former brides of Jeffs have stayed at the FLDS compound, including two who were nabbed in 2016 attempting to smuggle contraband (a microphone hidden within a hollowed-out watch) to him while visiting the Texas prison where he is currently incarcerated. Another of his wives was denied entry at the same time after a metal detector picked up something hidden in her hair. However, she left before prison officials could figure out what it was.

Tthe Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints still has 10,000 members who live in Utah, British Columbia, and numerous states across the American southwest, including Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, as of August 2021.

Warren Jeffs appears to retain some control from behind bars, even in the wake of his horrible scandal, and some of his wives remain devoted to the convicted child sexual abuser.

Unfortunately, it is unknown how many of his wives remain loyal to him or how many of them recognised an opportunity to start a new life for themselves.

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