Where is Warren Jeffs’ Daughter ‘Rachel Jeffs’ Now?

Where Is Rachel Jeffs Now? – Warren Jeffs, the leader and chosen “prophet” of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), was convicted of two charges of sexual abuse of a minor in 2011 and sentenced to life in prison plus 20 years. Rachel Jeffs, one of his oldest daughters, mustered the strength to abandon the faith, which many perceive to be a cult, not long after. She continues to speak out against the FLDS and her father now.

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Who Is Rachel Jeffs?

Rachel is one of Warren Jeffs’ hundreds of children from his dozens of spouses throughout the years, and as such, she was expected to “stay sweet” and follow in the footsteps of the other ladies for years. She eventually escaped with her five children after experiencing sexual assault at the hands of her father and witnessing atrocities within the FLDS.

Warren Jeffs, the well-known head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, made waves in the media when his ‘spiritual sexual practises’ were made public. He was condemned to life in jail, and his passionate supporters believe he is still leading the FLDS movement from behind bars.

As more members of his family, including his former wives, took centre stage in the years following his incarceration to describe the sexual and mental abuse they had suffered, Rachel Jeffs, Warren Jeffs’ daughter, stepped forward to offer her side of the story.

Where is Warren Jeffs’ Daughter Now
Rachel and her biological father, Warren Jeffs, on the FLDS compound.

Rachel Jeffs left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2015. As a result, she has moved on from her previous beliefs in order to create something new in her life. Her book, ‘Breaking Free: How I Escaped Polygamy, the FLDS Cult, and My Father, Warren Jeffs,’ was published in 2017 and gave many people a true look into the lives of FLDS cult members after Jeffs’ conviction.

Rachel has given multiple interviews to give people an accurate picture of what it was like to grow up as one of Warren Jeffs’ 50-something children. She recalls having a very pleasant upbringing because she was surrounded by many members of the community. All of that changed, however, when Warren Jeffs’ own daughter became a victim of his predatory sexual behaviour. She was sexually abused and molested beginning at the age of eight and continuing for several years. She said in an interview with Today:

“He would take me in there [bookstore] when I was a small child and either sit me in the children’s department or bring me a book and compel me to look at photographs of, yeah, pornography.”

Rachel summoned the strength to confront her father through a letter she wrote him, expressing her displeasure with what he had done, and it all came to an end. However, at an early age, she was married off to Richard Allred, who already had two wives.

She remembered him being nice, but she realised it wasn’t the kind of life she wanted. Under her father’s and his religion’s dictates, she was nevertheless subjected to brutal punishment. Rachel Jeffs and her five children fled in 2015. She sought refuge at her grandparents’ home, who had previously left the FLDS beliefs.


She married her current husband, Brandon Blackmore, who was also a former FLDS member, not long after. They even testified against Blackmore’s parents for attempting to persuade their adolescent daughter to marry Warren Jeffs while she was still a minor. “I truly had an opportunity,” she added, recalling the fate of her numerous sisters who were not so fortunate. My sisters don’t even have a means of getting out.” This comes after only a few of them have been able to free themselves totally from the grip of a religion that goes well beyond faith.

Rachel Jeffs: Where Is She Now?

Rachel Jeffs shares a home in North Idaho with her husband, Brandon, and all of their children. Rachel and Brandon are the parents of five children. The family now appears to be settled and content in a life that they earned by breaking out from the FLDS cult.


To their already large family, they recently welcomed their eleventh kid. Her children from her marriage to Allred have grown up and appear to be content in their lives apart from the type of environment they grew up in.

They also have a dog, who appears to be smitten with the newest addition. Rachel Jeffs is still concerned about the welfare of her siblings and other FLDS members, whom she hopes will find their way to freedom. She expresses her gratitude to all those who have had the guts to leave a cult on her Facebook and Twitter profiles.

She continues to play the violin and appears to be preoccupied with sharing photos and anecdotes from her family’s time in quarantine. Overall, she’s come a long way and appears to be on a mission to inspire others to do the same.

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